Ubisoft brings episode 1 of the first DLC, Lost Tales of Greece # 3, new phantom gear and naval packs and new photo mode features to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey developers have revealed what we can expect to add to the game in the last month of 2018 and a reminder of what the roadmap lists for early 2019. Highlights fall on the first DLC, which introduces Darius – the Persian warrior, who first brandished the hidden blade. Also this month, the third quest in the free series Lost Tales of Greece to arrive at. To top it off, the developers have improved the capabilities of the photo mode, so those of you who like to stop and take a picture of your character would be happy. Even more – two new packs will make you look like a ghost and new weekly assignments should keep you busy!

Now, as we always do, let’s get into more detail on each of these topics!



It’s the title of the first episode of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s first paid DLC. The legacy of the first slide will unfold in three episodes. Hunted was released on December 4. Episodes 2 and 3 are scheduled to arrive in early 2019.

The DLC focuses heavily on history, unlike the DLC from the origins of last year. Here, Ubisoft has chosen not to add new territories. Instead, the action occurs on the same map that you have traveled and explored in the past few weeks.

Darius is a mysterious Persian warrior, whom you will meet almost immediately after the quest begins. He is the first person to possess the legendary weapon of the Assassins – the hidden blade. Darius’ blade, however, springs from the top of his hand and he has all of his fingers.

At first it is not known if he is a friend or an enemy and you will have to find out for yourself.

As the official announcement says – you will acquire legendary abilities and equipment never seen before to fight relentless Persian enemies on land and at sea, while continuing your Odyssey and becoming a real hero. If you choose a higher difficulty and play as a naughty mercenary (build your bonus), you will see Alexios (or Kassandra) in several difficult situations, having to fight for his life.

To play the first episode, you must complete the Naxos quest line in episode 7 of the main game and be level 28 or higher.



After completing the task of an actor in a play and dispelling myths in the first two quests of the series, the third – The image of faith – will send you to speak to a sculptor and find out why a village overthrows you. like a god.

The name of the famous sculptor is Polykleitos and he is located in Arkadia. To start the quest, you must be on Ellis. The title of the starting quest is “Measuring a Man” and is for a level 35 or higher character. This quest is available to you even after certain main story events have taken place, so you have nothing to fear. Feel free to save this mission for later and play it separately at a higher level (as I will: P).

While episode 1: Hunted is part of the pay Season pass, this quest chain is completely free for all players who meet the conditions to unlock it.


Update 1.1.1 is already online, and while it hasn’t offered new quests and story content, it’s one of the best updates for higher-level players. After reaching level 50, you unlock the mastery level system, which allows you to continue spending your ability points very significantly – piling up passive bonuses that increase your stats and combat performance.

Ubisoft has improved and improved the photo mode, making it even easier to create great photos with new filters and effects. The Fog tool will allow you to increase or reduce the fog in the surroundings, so if you are looking to add ambiance to your photo, this is the function to play with. The Bloom function is best used for light sources and will really make their shine shine. Subjects near the enhanced light will also receive this extra glow, so be sure to try it out!
The first official photo mode contest organized by Ubisoft starts on December 10. The theme is the Aegean Sea.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Tyrrhenian ship - Ubisoft Club Reward

A new item is added to the Ubisoft Club Rewards section. You can buy the Tyrrhenian ship design for 30 units. Of course, you must log into your Ubisoft Club account to do this.

Check out the Club for other great rewards before your points expire. Ubisoft should introduce a time limit for your won units before they expire and you lose them.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The Sky Pack

The Celestial Gear Pack gives you a unique new look. it consists of a set of armor, a weapon and a horse.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The Celestial Naval Pack

The Naval pack offers you a new skin for your ship, figurehead and crew.

The new weekly contracts will also present you with new challenges. By asking you to use different types of weapons and approaches for your objectives, these missions will hopefully further diversify your gameplay and get you out of your comfort zone of “My favorite X armor and my best Y weapon “

The mobile game Assassin’s Creed Rebellion has also been released recently on iOS and Android. I am not a fan of mobile games and VULKK.com is not used to covering this front, so I will leave you with this simple announcement Check the link in the “source” section below to find out more on this game and find out if it is something that you will find fun for you.

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