Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a huge amount of content of all kinds, from challenging battles to intriguing exploration and fun mini-games to puzzles. This guide will help you solve the Light Beam Puzzle that is part of the Well-Traveled Quest in Asgard, where you have to unseal the well by bringing two light beams into two receivers, but you only have one. light source!

The goal of this puzzle is to bring two lights into the two receivers (bases with crystals on top of their structures). However, there is only one light source.

It’s puzzles like this that make Assassin’s Creed games intriguing. Power and potency level play no role here. However, this game strives to please everyone and fails. There are certain aspects of AC Valhalla that are not to everyone’s liking and solving puzzles instead of fighting soldiers or members of the Order of the Ancients is obviously not the most fun part for you. , because you are here to find a solution to this guide! I’ll do my best to help you unseal Asgard’s Well as quickly as possible.

Let’s start! First, a quick introduction to the three types of pedestals in the room with the well.

Rotating pedestal
Bases with a crystal sphere attached to their top cannot be moved, but can be rotated. Interact with them to freely rotate the beam of light which is reflected by the luminous sphere at the top of the pedestal.
Mobile pedestal
There is only one: a movable base with a floating luminous sphere on top. You can only move this item in a small area, limited by wooden beams on the floor around it.
Receiver pedestals
Near the well, there are two: receiving bases. These are the two targets that you need to bring to light to solve the puzzle with Asgard’s Well. These cannot be moved or rotated. They are stationary.

There are four pedestals with spheres above them in total in the room. You can’t move them around, but you can rotate them and direct the light freely in any direction you want. There are two “receivers” around the well in the middle of the room. There is also a pedestal which can be moved.

If you’d rather watch instead of reading, the following video walkthrough should give you a great example of how to quickly solve the puzzle. If the video is not working properly or is not showing to you, it may be blocked by your AdBlocker. Please consider the whitelist to support the site. Thank you!

I will start this guide from the position at the entrance to the room as you see it for the first time. The light beam emanates from a pedestal on the opposite side of the room as you enter.

how to unseal the well

Quick Orientation: In the image above, Eivor is standing under the stone arch and to its right and back is the entrance from where you entered.

I will use an imaginary clock graph to describe the positions around the well, which is in the middle. The pedestal opposite the entrance, the one from which the light beam begins, which will be our 12 o’clock marker. Let’s call the entry 6 o’clock on this same imaginary clock scale.

Stand behind the pedestal at 12 o’clock and face the well in the middle. The light beam is currently pointing downward in nothing specific.

how to unseal the well

If you look across the room from your current position, you’ll notice a strange diamond-shaped metal module hanging above the arc you came from.

how to unseal the well

Now interact with the pedestal and turn it to direct the beam of light directly at the strange figure at the top of the stone arch.

how to unseal the well

This figure will divide the light into two beams of light, each pointing in a different direction – one to the left and one to the right of where you are.

how to unseal the well

Release the pedestal (shortcut C on PC) and head to your right. Make your way to the pedestal which is around 8 o’clock. A light beam now feeds the sphere on top. But the light that comes out is not pointing anywhere.

how to unseal the well

Interact with this base to turn the light beam to your left and point it at the 7 o’clock base on your left (towards the one closest to the 12 o’clock position).

how to unseal the well

Move to your left and stand behind the 10 o’clock pedestal you just sent the light beam to. Interact with it and direct the light towards one of the two “receptors” near the well.

Then cross the room to the pedestal which is about 5 o’clock on the imaginary clock graphic that we are drawing for this puzzle. Currently, light is reflected to the left in empty space. Rotate the sphere and point the beam downwards, as shown in the image below.

Now jump down and go to the moving object with the crystal sphere on top.

You have limited space in which you can move this object, so you may have to rely on my video, the images in this guide, or imagine the path of the light beam and figure out where exactly you need to move the pedestal. correctly reflect the beam where you need it.

You need to move it to a precise position so that when the light from the 5 o’clock clock pedestal is reflected from the mobile pedestal, it goes directly into the second receiver, which takes off the well and lets you switch to through.

If you need to, go back up to the 5 o’clock clock pedestal and turn it a little more to the left or right until the light beam hits the mobile at the bottom.

This will complete this puzzle and allow you to continue the well-traveled quest in Asgard.

From now on, you can take a destiny leap and get the water that you came for in the first place. Good luck with the rest of your adventures in Asgard and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in general!

Hope you found this guide to solving the light beam puzzle and opening the well.

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