Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers some intriguing and sometimes difficult puzzles. If spending more time solving them isn’t your top priority, this guide will show you how to solve Ivaldi’s puzzles, which are part of the main story arc of Asgard!

As you progress through the main quest chain of Asgard’s story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will have to face a few puzzles. Since reading this guide, you’ve probably already used my guide on how to unseal the Urdr well for a previous quest in the chain. Now is not the time to solve Ivaldi’s puzzles!

Speaking to Ivaldi in his Forge in Asgard, he will entrust you with the task of collecting unique and strange items to help him forge the Gleipnir Magic Cord for you.

Ivaldi gives you two puzzles and gives you two tips to solve them. The two items that you can use to solve the puzzles and answer its puzzles are available in your inventory.

The first puzzle is a quest titled “A Feline’s Footfall”. For this you need to collect a cat’s footsteps.

The clue for this riddle is a note available in your inventory, which reads:

“Above the door of the great Nordic hall,

A golden cat sits patiently, gazing at several tall towers,
She will flee when she is found,
But follow without fear.
Look, jump and go down,
Once she leads you to the end
She can ghost on the ground,
Also land and quickly steal its sound.

how to solve ivaldi puzzles - Cat's Foot Note

If that sounds strange, it’s because it’s meant to be. These are actually step-by-step instructions on how to find the cat and pick up its sound, literally.

We will start from the location of the timing point above the Great Norse Hall gate. This is the fastest way on the Asgard map.

Jump down and at its foot, then climb up the stone colonnade to the northwest. You should find yourself at this point on the map, ready to chase the cat.

Now look northeast. The cat is actually a golden statue, sitting quietly on top of a column, overlooking the towers to the northeast – as the riddle text says.

The Golden Cat Statue

Interesting note: this is a real cat statue. You will find it there even after completing the quest.

When you get close to it, it flashes in a bright blue light and disappears. It will always move in the direction it is facing.

You can find the statue a little further away and it will stay there waiting for you to catch up with it before it moves again, so it’s a chase, not a race.

The next cat position is two hops below on this column:

Then go down and go to that location for the golden cat to teleport to its next location again.

Then head over to the edge of this platform and slide down.

Do not slide all the way down. The cat breeds on this small stone platform atop a column. Release your grip and jump to continue the chase.

Turn west and jump to the next location where the cat is now:

Then turn southwest to see the cat on top of a golden statue

The end point is the one in the image below:

From there jump down and landing you will collect the cat’s footsteps.

When you land in the hay pile below, you will automatically receive an item called “Cat’s Footfall”.

How to get the root of a mountain (Take root)

Ivaldi’s next riddle is also your next quest before you can get back to him. The quest is called “Take Root”. The item in your inventory that serves as a clue to finding the item is called “Potential at its peak”. Its description reads as follows:

“Cradled in the rock,
At the highest height of Asgard,
A seed sleeps in Ymir’s cold grip.
Heat it up, bring it to the water,
So that old bones are reborn with new life.

Once again, the text above is a well-hidden but very detailed instruction on what you need to do to solve the puzzle. First of all, let’s get to where you need to be.

The highest peak in Asgard is at the southwest end of the map. Search for UItangarm Chasm. There is also a synchronization point at the very top of this mountain. However, since I didn’t have it, my path led me through the camp of some hostile “blues”.

The location you need to reach is near the sync point, where the map marker is, now where Eivor is currently in this screenshot.

You literally have to climb to the top. Synin shows you the way!

Climb until you reach this place with this little rock.

Throw a torch at him to pull the hay around him. This, as the puzzle text suggests, will wake him up.

You can now approach it and pick it up. There is an extended ledge nearby, indicating where you need to throw it from. Approach the edge and throw the object. It will tumble down the bricks and fall into a pool of water below, which is what you need.

Take a leap of fate and follow the boulder into the pool of water below.

Finally, approach the root and interact with it to retrieve it and complete the “Take Root” quest.

Now that you have this item in your inventory, a new quest appears asking you to return to Ivaldi.

Hope you found my guide on how to solve Ivaldi puzzles easy to follow, fun, and useful! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and help them too. For much more, check out AC Valhalla Guides from collection. Below is a list of all the armor and weapon sets available in the game, if you’re in the mood to collect them all!

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