This guide will help you find out how to get Thor’s armor and hammer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you’re looking for the most authentic EndGame items of any Endgame gear, Thor’s armor set and the incredible Hammer Mjolnir will satisfy your thirst for grind, challenge, and accomplishment! This guide will explain why and how you can become England’s most powerful Viking!

What is Thor’s gear set

In Assassin’s Creed, Valhalla armor sets provide a unique look to your Eivor character, but also provide special and unique set bonuses if you equip more than one piece belonging to the same set.

Thor’s armor set and the hammer are also available in the game and getting all the parts is a bit of a grinding party, but it’s definitely worth the time invested.

Thor’s armor belongs to the Bear category. All red passives increase your Bear equipment. Skill tree will directly increase the stats of this armor set. This is a high level armor set. You can, of course, increase it even more.

The Thor set offers the following set bonuses:

  • (2) Increase speed when stunning an enemy.
  • (5) Additional Stun increase.
Benefits of Thor set

The numbers in parentheses indicate how many pieces in the set you must equip to get the bonus perks. It doesn’t matter which pieces of armor you install as long as they belong to the same set.

Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir is the last piece in this set you’ll get (you need the armor set to get the hammer, but more info below). Its benefit reads as follows: “Each hit has a chance to deal stun damage to all enemies around.

Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Perk

When can you get Thor’s set and hammer in AC Valhalla?
Thor’s armor and hammer are designed to be your ultimate reward for completing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Overcoming the obstacles and the grind that are involved to win or find the coins is not an easy task. You will need to invest a lot of time in the history of the game, improve your Eivor a bit, and be prepared to take on the toughest opponents. All five pieces are available in England. And to get them, you will have to defeat many opponents, including some of the special bosses of very high power level (up to 340).

When should you get Thor’s set and hammer in AC Valhalla?
As with everything in AC Valhalla, there is no exact limit on when you should get it. I guess if you’re skillful and keen enough you can do anything I’m about to describe at power level 250 or even lower (~ 150 gp Easy difficulty). However, going lower would likely mean that for some of the times involving battle bosses, you might have to consider lowering the combat difficulty or facing a really big challenge.

Thor’s Set and Gear visual presentation

In the video and images below, you can take a closer look at the armor and weapon from all sides.

How to get Thor’s armor in Valhalla

Thor’s armor set contains five pieces of armor. Three of the pieces in the set are loot from the Daughters of Lerion. One is hidden in a secret dungeon. Another is a reward for completing a long chain of quests and the hammer is the conclusion of it all.

Fun tip: When you hover over regions of the map, you will sometimes hear strange sounds. A typical example is the chanting of monks when you fly over a monastery. Well, something similar happens when you hover over an area where one of Lerion’s daughters is located. Their locations are unknown and unmarked at the start. They only reveal themselves if you approach them.

The following sections of this guide will take you step by step through all the obstacles to get the items and get the full set. I’ll start in the order I think is best. Daughters of Lerion first, then members of the Order, then Helm and Hammer.

How to get Thor’s Battle Plate

Thor’s chest armor set in AC Valhalla is loot from one of the Mystic Sisters. This one is called Regan and is located in Walsham Crag in the northern part of East Anglia.

Regan Sister Thor's Battle Plate Card

Here are some tips for fighting this boss:

  • Don’t leave the arena or the boss might heal. This should be fixed in patch 1.0.4 on November 26, 2020. I’ve done this before and if you get too far away from the boss outside of the arena, she can heal completely.
  • Fire resistance is useful here. The boss fight is split into two phases, with the second starting when the boss drops to 50% health.
  • In the first phase, the boss usually only performs normal attacks and shadow attacks. Shadow attacks happen when the boss rushes over to hit you, but clones and you are actually attacked by a real opponent and a shadow. You can parry.
  • Parry is king in these boss fights for Thor’s set!
  • In the second phase, the boss’s shadow clone will drag fire behind him. Don’t get caught up in the fire is tantamount to the ever-popular ‘don’t stay stupid’ classic.
  • Harpoon Aptitude works great for this boss and if you time her accurately you can even hit her multiple times while she recovers from pulling (improved ability perk)
  • Grit is a great skill to have. I combine it very well with a double poison build (speed is king in this game, in my opinion)
  • Brush with Death is also very useful to have, but it’s a bit trickier to use here given that there is a shadow clone of the boss that attacks you as well.
  • Ranged attacks do decent damage. Very useful in the second phase when the fire trails start.

As a reward for defeating Regan, you receive a piece of Thor battleplate armor and a unique item called Regan’s Dagger. This dagger is used later in this guide. It’s a quest item, not a weapon.

Thor Battleplate Statistics
Regans Dagger

How to get Thor’s Gauntlets

Thor’s Gauntlets are loot from another special boss encounter, again located in East Anglia. The exact location name is Berkelow Bog, northwest of Theotford.

Here are some tips for the boss, whose name is Cordelia:

  • This boss deals a lot of lightning damage and has a special AoE lightning attack, which can be interrupted.
  • Like Regan, Cordelia also has a shadow clone and her special attacks feature it often.
  • If you parry a hit from the real boss (not the clone), you’ll have a brief moment to land a few unbroken hits.
  • There are flowers that you can eat for health in the arena.
  • Note when the boss glows red and dodge these attacks.
  • The same skills, abilities, and general approach I suggested for Regan still hold true here, except for Lightfastness.
  • Cordelia loves to send her clone towards you in a frontal linear attack. When you see a bright line pointing towards you, dodge to the side.
  • Lightning attacks start in phase 2 – after 50% health. Interrupt the boss with a melee or ranged attack.
  • The weak spot of ranged attacks is on the boss’s back, same with the other two (in case I forget to mention it here).
How to beat Cordelia AC Valhalla Guide

When you defeat the boss, you automatically loot two items from his corpse: Thor’s gauntlets and Cordelia’s Dagger quest item.

Thor's Gauntlets Statistics
Cordelia's Dagger

How to get Thor’s panties

Thor’s boots are Goneril’s booty. She is the last of the three girls and I personally have had the most problems with her for some reason. She is in Grantebridgescire at the location shown below (Spalda Fens).

Here are my tips for defeating this boss:

  • Goneril uses poison and I highly recommend poison resistance in your build.
  • She loves sending her shadow clone to hold you while she stabs and cuts you. This attack cannot be interrupted, but can be avoided – don’t let the shadow catch you.
  • The Shadow cannot be interrupted. The same goes for the shadows of all bosses.
  • I recommend the same set of Skills and Abilities for this as well as for the other two sisters – DoT Build. Spear of Odin may be a good solution, but I still stick to my favorite dual daggers for a quick build up of poison.
  • In phase 2, the boss will create poison clouds. Her shadow also drags a poisoned line behind her as she moves towards you. Pretty nasty. And hard to spot what is where.
  • There seemed to be fewer flowers and mushrooms to eat during the fight. Prepare yourselves. Build up adrenaline if you can.
  • Parry is a great mechanic against all the sisters and Goneril is no exception. Just watch out for his bad red attacks.

Defeating Goneril will give you Thor’s panties and the third dagger quest item that you’ll soon need for the next piece of armor and the next puzzle.

Thor's panties statistics
Goneril's Dagger

How to get Thor’s helmet

I bet during your explorations in East Anglia you came across this mysterious equipment icon in the south eastern part of the region. And you wonder how to get there. This is the location of Thor’s helmet and it is intended to be accessible only after obtaining the three daggers from the three daughters of Lerion.

In the previous part of the guide, I showed you how to get these daggers, so let’s put them in their place and collect the helmet!

Thor's hammer card

The entrance to this underground dungeon is about 160 m due north among some ruins.

Enter through the narrow crack in the wall and follow the hallways to the large stone statue with the three holes in the back.

Approach and an Interact button will appear. Use it three times – one for each dagger. Once you’ve placed them, a short cutscene will be played showing how the statue explodes and a staircase below will be revealed. Go down and follow the narrow dark passage to reach the chest at the end.

Thor's Helmet Statistics

How to get Thor’s cloak

Thor’s cloak is the item you will have to do a lot to get. It is a reward from Hytham for defeating every member of the Order of the Ancients. This includes all Zealots. Some of them have a power level above 250.

In the next few paragraphs, I have some useful information to help you find and defeat all the Zealots. After doing this, go back to your payment Ravensthorpe and talk to Hytham. Give him the last fifteen medallions and he will give you Thor’s cloak as a reward.

How to find and defeat members of the Order

Some members are tied to story arcs and will be directly or partially involved in the quests you do.

Others that you will need to find out first. To do this, you must explore the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and find clues. The first clue you find on a limb will give you directions to the second clue. And so on until the identity of that member is fully revealed and you can follow them.

Most of the limbs on the inner parts of the chain are one-shot. The hardest part is figuring out who they are so you can follow them. Carefully read the clues on their individual pages and visit the regions where they ask you to find the next clue.

The Last Member is part of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla story epilogue and to get there you will need to complete all of the individual story arcs in England, return to Norway, and then return to England for a final chapter of the game. ‘history.

How and where to find Zealots

The greatest time lost would be the Zealots. These are the fifteen special mini-boss NPCs that are pictured outside on the left and outside on the right in the image above. They are not directly involved in any story and to defeat them you will need to find them first.

Before giving you the regions of each of the Zealots, let me first tell you how to search for them:

  • Fanatics always travel on the roads, never in the desert.
  • Some Zealots ride on horseback.
  • Often times when you teleport and use a spawn point to travel quickly, the Zealot you are following may change positions.
  • When exploring an area in search of a Zealot, drive your horse in a car and follow a road.
  • Listen to the sound of the loud horn. This is the notification that a Zealot is nearby. Usually between 100 and 150 m
  • Fanatics can suddenly appear on the map even if you are not very close to them. As you explore and search for them, open your map often. As soon as you see a white helmet (zealot icon), click to mark it and you can follow it on your compass.
  • Fanatics always travel alone, but will call for help if there are any passing soldiers.
  • Fanatics vary in power level recommendations. The higher ones reach the recommended power level of 340. You can still beat them at a much lower level, it will just be more difficult.
  • Fanatics will always attack you as soon as they see you. Attack them first.

Below is a list with information on where and how to find each of the Zealots. The order is from top to bottom.

On the top corner left:

  • Woden – Cent, power level 220
  • Heike – Essex, power level 250
  • Bercthum – Hamtunscire, power level 340
  • Hrotgar – Suthsex, power level 280

At the bottom left:

  • Cudberct – Oxenefurde, potency level 160
  • Horsa – Oxenefurde – Power level 130
  • Osgar – Lincolnscire, Power Level 220
  • Kendall – Grantebridgeswax, power level 90

Top right:

  • Beorhtsige – Glowecestreswax, power level 280
  • Wealdmaer – Sciropswax, power level 160
  • Cola – Lincolnscire, Eurviscire, Snotinghamscire, power level 90
  • Callin – Eurviscire, power level 280

At the bottom right:

  • Eorforwine – Grantebridgescire, potency level 90
  • Redwald – Ledecestrescire, power level 90
  • Wuffa – East Anglia, power level 160

How to get Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

After collecting all five pieces of armor from Thor’s set, you can go and get the hammer. No kidding, it’s a requirement to actually equip the armor. It is also said in the description of the pieces of armor.

Thor’s Hammer is located in Hordafylke, Norway.

The hammer is housed in a rock in what I would describe as a small crater at the top of the mountain.

The exact location of the hammer is not marked on your map, even when you approach it.

What’s even more fun, the hammer blinks and blinks remotely, but if you haven’t equipped all of the pieces in Thor’s Armor Set, the Interact button won’t appear when you get close to it.

Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Statistics

Congratulations on completing the Order of the Ancients, completing all of the game’s history, and obtaining the most iconic and legendary gear available. The set of Thor and Mjolnir may not be suitable for any build, but they are certainly brilliant and extremely powerful. Association of Mjolnir with Excalibur would be a very deadly combination (I tried it, of course).

Hope you found my guide on how to get Thor’s Armor and Mjolnir Hammer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla useful, fun, and easy to follow. Enjoy your end of the game and don’t forget the Season pass. There will be many more opportunities for you to test Mjolnir in the game.

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