This guide will show you how to get Excalibur in Assassin’s Credd Valhalla. The Legendary Sword is an incredibly powerful weapon, but it’s enclosed behind a pretty big puzzle, including visiting several secret areas and finding special items or taking them from powerful enemies. I have done my best to show you a step by step instruction for each location and item so you can get your amazing Excalibur Greatsword!

It’s a fairly long and detailed guide. I suggest you use the table of contents below to browse it and find what you are looking for. It is designed to take you step by step through all the places until you finally have Excalibur in your hands!

What is Excalibur according to the legends

Excalibur is the name of the legendary sword of King Arthur. According to legends, this weapon had magical power when used by the rightful ruler of Great Britain. There are two tales – one tells about Excalibur and the other “the sword in the stone”. Not everyone believes that the two swords are actually the same.

In Welsh, this weapon is called Caledfwich, which is also the name you will come across as you approach the location of this weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Excalibur great sword sits deep in a massive cave system near Stonehenge, which isn’t according to legends, but it at least creates an incredible journey that you’ve been about to take since reading this. guide! Enjoy. And patience.

What is special about Excalibur at AC Valhalla

This Greatsword produces insane power and will strike harder than any other weapon you can find. Although I call it Legendary, the weapon is in its last Mythic level and cannot be upgraded further. You can however improve its statistics:

  • Attack: 108
  • Speed: 40
  • Stun: 99
  • Critical Chance: 76
  • Weight: 16

The description under the sword name reads: “A legendary sword that can only be used by someone with the makings of a king. Legends say it can break everything.

The unique advantage of this weapon is as follows: “Heavy finishers and critics blind all enemies around.

The weapon itself looks a bit like Excalibur, but the extra detail around the grip makes it look more like an “old machine” type of an item from an Assassin’s Creed game, which it is. Below I have a video showing the sword in all its glory along with some high quality footage of the weapon.

Excalibur Great Sword AC Valhalla Guidee
Excalibur Great Sword AC Valhalla Guidee
Excalibur Great Sword AC Valhalla Guidee
Excalibur Great Sword AC Valhalla Guidee

When can you get Excalibur at AC Valhalla

Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is meant to be an EndGame weapon. He’s extremely powerful and when you find and get him he reaches his highest level with only a few levels up for grabs to improve his stats.

You can technically try to get it earlier, but the Zealots you need to defeat will have a very high power level and that could be a stopping point. You can visit places labeled as ‘Treasures of Britain’ earlier.

I don’t know of any doors or mechanics that prevent you from going earlier and exploring. However, I must point out that I got this sword after doing the story quest in Hordafylke and by that time I was already at power level 250+.

If you want to test yourself on a lower level and face some doors, like the one that keeps you from get Odin Gungnir’s spear sooner than expected, please let me know, so that it can be included in this guide as a note.

How to get Excalibur at AC Valhalla

There are eight tablets that you must find in hidden places and three more to take from the Zealots (members of the Order of the Ancients) traveling the roads of England. Below I have step-by-step instructions on how to find and collect them before you can get Arthur’s legendary Excalibur Sword in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Where to find Treasures of Britain tablets

Out of eleven tabs, eight are hidden deep in caves, dungeons and otherwise secret places all over England. This part of the guide will show you how and where to find these tablets before you can move forward on your quest to obtain Excalibur.

The locations of the eight tablets are indicated on your map with this icon:

You’ll know you’re near a tablet when you see it on a wall and a “Read” sign appears. This text always says what you need to do to get the tablet.

Note that I am only mentioning the power level of the slots on these tablets for fun. There is no real fighting in these eight locations.

Graves de Grimes tablet

This tablet can be found in Grime’s Graves, East Anglia, a power level 55 region in England.

The entrance to the underground cave is right where Eivor is on the map above. Take a leap of fate to the bottom. There are three passages around you. Two of them lead to a little booty and are quite short. Take the third.

At the end of the Parkour section, you’ll see a little treasure on the left and a wooden table in the back with a few pots on it. Eivor will mumble “another”, referring to the tablet, but you won’t see it. smash the jars on the right side of this table to reveal the tablet and take it.

Grime Tombs Tablet

Cave of Trials Tablet

It is located in Hundred, a power level 130 area in the south-east of England. The location is called Cave of Trials and can be found here on the map:

Cave of Trials

The entrance is a well leading deep underground to a system of caves. It starts from a small house right where Eivor is on the map above.

It is one of the longest and most difficult tables to obtain. It involves a bit of Parkour and navigation inside the caves. Parkour in AC Creed isn’t true parkour, so it all comes down to finding the right trails.

To access the tablet you need to get some keys. They are all located in the cave and you have to jump and press the “Pick Up” button to get each of them as they will be hanging on a rope which can only be accessed by jumping and can be obtained by jumping.

The first key is on your way. All you have to do is reach the first locked door, turn around, jump and grab the key that unlocks it, then go through it.

Tip: You will find all the keys hanging from ropes in the different areas of this cave system.

Behind this door are the other keys. You have to find the entrances to each adjacent small area where the keys are located. Using Odin’s Sight will display the keys on your screen. This will help you find the direction to take and the height of the entrance. All roads start from this area. The door leading to the shelf is at the very bottom. You can always take this rock formation that looks like a “peak” in the middle of the area as a starting point. Turn around and you will find the entrances to other areas nearby.

One of the keys is in the area to the right of the image below. Go through this wooden archway. There is a giant stone-headed statue staring at her. Jump from its top to the terrace. This path leads you to the key to agility.

Key to Agility

Back to the starting point”. Another is to the left, through the stone arch. This is the key to balance.

Key to balance

Back to the starting point”. And another takes you through this giant statue of the Roman head looking at a side entrance with a wooden terrace. This is for the key to dexterity.

Key to Dexterity

Now that you have all the necessary keys, drop to the bottom of the “starting area” and go through the two iron gates. Pick up the treasure on your right and go through this door:

Follow the tunnel. At the end, jump on the rock on the other side. Now move the boulder to the other side to the other end of this corridor, where another obstacle will prevent you from passing, so you have to jump over it. This is repeated several times.

Here is the Cave of Trials Tablet!

Santlache mine tablet

The next tablet is in the Santlache mine in Suthsexe, southern England – power level 160 area. It’s near the border with Cent.

The entrance to the mine comes from this passage:

As you enter, there is a low stone wall to your right. Explode.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a room with a moving object and a wooden ladder. Move the object a little to the right to be able to climb on it and reach the ladder.

When you are standing, turn right and take this passage through some arches on wooden beams. At the end of it, pull on the weak point of the wooden ladder to extend it down and climb on it. Follow the path and slowly go up until you come to this place:

There is a vertex in front which is just above the screen view of this image. Access it by taking the path on your left.

At the end of the rope you will find yourself in a room with a weak stone wall in front of you and a small dark room with flammable pots to your left. Blow up the wall.

Follow the tunnel to reach a room with water. Swim to the end of this room, then dive in and follow a long tunnel underwater.

Make sure you have your full breath before you dive. It’s a long swim, but you’re only following a narrow path with no distractions, so that won’t be a problem.

When you surface, the area in front of you with the waterfall is where you will find the Santlache Mine Tablet.

Old cellar tablet

The Old Cellar tablet is quick and easy. It is in Essex, a 160 power level region.

The location of the entrance is a little south of Colcestre, through this cave.

There is a bit of racing here, but nothing complex. Just follow a narrow path through a few hoops and jumps to find yourself in the old cellar.

Inside, pull the barrels into the red spots to pour in enough wine for the tablet to surface from the stem in the middle of the room.

When Eivor tells you enough is enough, go get him.

Old cellar tablet

Wiccan Cave Tablet

This tablet is found in Wiccan Cave, west of Jorvik in Eurvicscire, an area of ​​power level 190 in England.

When you enter the cave, just follow the path. Remember that you cannot climb frozen rocks. Always look for proper ledges and other ways to climb through and forward.

Soon you will come to a small area with a note and a wall of ice to its right. Shoot an arrow to break the ice and go through the opening.

When you cross it. The door in front of you leads into the room with the tablet. It’s forbidden.

Go around to the right. Destroy the weak wooden wall to reveal a view inside the barred room. Shoot the flammable pot to smash the stone wall just behind.

Make your way to the other side of the locked room, where you just blew up the stone wall. There are two wild boars you need to take care of. Through the opening, pull the locking mechanism on the door and you can finally enter this room.

Deoraby Spar Cavern Tablet

The next tablet is in a cave north of Memthorpe in Snotinghamscire. It’s a power level 250 area. The exact location is called Deoraby Spar Cavern and you can find it here on the map:

Deoraby Spar Cavern Map

The entrance is from the south.

Entrance to Deoraby Spar Cave

Once you’ve entered, go up and look back and above to find a ledge that you need to jump on.

When you reach this room, take the key that is at the bottom of the statue in the middle of the image below. The door is to the right of the statue.

Pick up the key

In this next large area you have to climb and jump through the statues on the other side. No stuff, just find a way. Hint: the path goes through the right statue.

Deoraby Spar Cavern Tablet

Red Lichen Cave Tablet

The Red Lichen Cave is located a few hundred yards west of Wincestre, in the Hamtunscire – Power Level 340 area.

This tablet is very easy to handle. All you will need is your trusty … torch. The entrance is on the northeast side of the small hill.

As you cross the terrain inside the cave, watch out for the green clouds. They are poisonous. Throw a torch at them to disperse the poison for a brief moment to get you through. The tablet sits in a cloud of poison itself at the end of the cave tunnels.

Wocig tablet

The last eight tablets are in the same area of ​​power level 340 – Hamtunscire. It’s in Wocig, which is right next to one of the sync locations (a little west of it).

Wocig Map

The entrance to the cave is on the north side of the canyon.

Wocig entrance

Once inside, follow the path until it leads you to the underground lake with a boat waiting for you. Take it if you want to speed things up, but note that exploring on your own can bring you “fortunes.”

When you reach the barrier, exit the boat. Swim across the next part of the lake on the opposite side and jump to climb it. Again, there are some treasures in this room that you may want to pick up before continuing.

When you reach the panel with the “instructions” on what to do, slide through the opening in the wall on the other side.

On your left there is another passage to a dark room with a lot of flammable pots. Blow away those in the far right corner to reveal the entrance to the room with the tablet.

Where to find and how to defeat the Zealots

After collecting all eight tablets from the Treasures of Britain segment of this long journey to obtain Excalibor in AC Valhalla, you must next find and defeat three Order of the Ancients Zealots. Once you’ve defeated them you’ll earn the usual medallion as well as a tablet from them.

How to use the command system menu to find Zealots

If you learned their identities through the “Order” system in the menu, you can simply click to tag them and follow the red helmet marker on your compass. Otherwise, follow the instructions below. Each time you “teleport” from one location to another, the Zealots appear in a different location. If you tag them through the Orders screen, they’ll still show their location, but it will be different each time you go through a loading screen, to keep it simple. When you approach a Zealot, you will hear a loud sound of horn alerting you to his presence.

How to scout and scan land for Zealots

To find a Zealot, head to the area where he’s known to patrol (described below) and wander the main roads until you find him. To identify a Zealot as a member of the Order, scan the areas you pass frequently with Odin’s Sight. When they are nearby, they will be marked on your map. Fanatics usually patrol the main roads in their areas, they do not go into the wild.

How to find and defeat Woden

Woden is on patrol in the Cent area. It is recommended for versions with power level 220 or higher. Woden is the Zealot at the top left of the Orders screen.

Cent Card

Here are some tips for finding and defeating Woden Zealot:

  • It travels the main roads of Hundred in the South West of England.
  • His head (only while rolling) and his right foot (still) are his weak points for ranged kicks.
  • Rage of Helheim and Throwing Ax Fury work great on him.
  • Brush with Death is a good skill to have for melee combat.
  • It throws smoke bombs and shoots arrows at you if you stay away.
  • I had great success against him with my Assassin Build made for speed and many quick hits.
  • Woden only uses a Greatsword and no shield. Its attacks are quite slow and easy to dodge or parry.
  • If you stun him, he is a bit slow to recover and get up. You can deal a lot of damage during this phase.

How to find and defeat Heike

Heike is in Essex. Power level 250 Zealot is recommended.

Heike Zealot location

Here are my tips for fighting it:

  • Heike may not be in the location shown above, but he’s still in Essex as far as I know.
  • He has a poisoned sword. with each hit you take, you also create a poison debuff.
  • Harpoon and Rage of Helheim are great abilities to use against him.
  • His weak points at a distance are his back and his left knee.
  • He can throw poison bombs at you if you stay away from him for too long.
  • He uses a big, heavy sword and an even bigger shield, so he’s not very fast.
  • Brushing with Death Skill is incredibly useful against him.
  • You may want to use Spear of Odin to get away from the Zealot and strike him “safely”.
  • He can call for help if there are other soldiers nearby.
Guide of Heike Zealot

How to find and defeat Hrothgar

Hrothgar is a power level 280 Zealot on the left side of the Order menu. He wanders in the south-eastern parts of Suthsexe. Here are the tips to beat it:

Location on the map of Hrothgar
  • It may not be in the location shown above. All Zealots patrol the roads of their respective regions.
  • He likes to drink to heal himself often. As soon as you see him doing this, hit him quickly to interrupt the healing process.
  • Hrothgar’s ranged weak spots are in his shoulders.
  • He will often throw poison bombs at you.
  • Rage of Helheim is a great ability to oppose him.
  • Precise and quick movements to avoid his hits and slow down time thanks to Brush with Death Skill are very useful. He is tall and rather slow and clumsy.
  • I had the best success against him using Assassin construction listed at the end of my skills and abilities guide.

How to find the location of Excalibur

Once you’ve collected all eleven tablets (eight from the Treasures of Britain locations and three from the Zealots), you can finally head to the final location, where this massive sword is hidden.

Make your way to Stonehenge in Hamtunscire, then head west to find the entrance to the huge underground cave system. It’s not shown on the map, but it’s here:

Excalibur Sword Cave Location Map

The entrance is a small, narrow crack in the wall right next to a very small pool of water.

Entrance to the Excalibur Sword Cave location

After entering, go through various obstacles and follow the linear path until you are in this area:

Jump in the water

Take a leap of fate. The darkness below is actually water, it’s too high to be seen. Once under the water, dive deeper and use Odin’s Sight to illuminate the area and spot the stone arch on the side. Go through.

Surface on the other side and find yourself a path until you reach a giant cave with twelve stone pillars in a circle and a sword in the middle. You found it!

There are twelve pillars, but you only have eleven tablets. One is already placed on your arrival. Who placed it and when, it remains unknown. Place the rest of the shelves. There is no difference in the order in which you do them.

Finally, turn around, go to the middle and take out the legendary Excalibur great sword – one of the most powerful weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Yeah, the path to Excalibur is very different from Legends, but… well. You have at least one amazing new weapon to play with. Even empty swings with this sword create a scary sound of a very heavy object moving through the air!

Congratulations! You’ve completed one of the most complex, long, and rewarding journeys Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has to offer. Hope you found my guide on how to find Excalibur useful, easy, and fun to follow!

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