The Assassins Creed Valhalla Mystery tour has begun. Mysteries are a new in-game feature in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here’s an explanation of what they are, where to find them, and what the benefits of solving the mysteries are. This guide is suitable for novice players and more experienced Viking veterans, looking for a bit of guidance on their way to full completion!

What are the mysteries of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The mysteries of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are additional locations and items of interest that you interact with to solve a unique puzzle and earn a reward, usually XP or skill points. They are optional and vary widely in terms of types, design, and time required to resolve them.

Every time you open your map in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will see silver dots on the screen. But that doesn’t tell you exactly what they are, so the only way to figure out what these points mean is to mark them on your map, go upstairs, and head over to the marker.

Once there, it will become clear what exactly it is. This could be one of eleven types of minigames you can play to take a break from the main story.

The eleven types of mysteries that you may encounter are as follows:

  • Global events
  • Animus anamolias
  • Steal
  • Fly agaric
  • Standing stones
  • Cairns
  • Altars
  • Legendary animals
  • Drengr lost
  • Treasures of Great Britain
  • Lerion girls

Global Events in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

World events are the biggest mysteries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And the quests you get are reminiscent of the smaller side quests from previous installments of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It usually starts with an NPC asking you for something and it can be anything. Find a missing pig, meet orphaned children or chase a cat.

Quests do not appear in your quest log, however. And other than the initial silver dot on your card, you won’t get directions on how to complete them.

Many quests involve finding an item and in order to complete it, the only real point here is; listen to what the NPC says. This should give you enough clues on where to go and how to complete it.

mysteries of the assassin's creed

What is Flyting and how to earn it

Flyting is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s new mini-game. Flyting is essentially a Viking rap battle where whoever has the best rhyming mind wins the match.

Flyting opens up additional dialogue options and can get you out of possible volatile situations where you fight to the death or end up overpaying someone an incredible amount of money. Flying, using your charismatic spirit, can get you out of it.

the getting started guide to AC Vallhalla has already given a decent explanation on what exactly Flyting is and how it works. But for those of you who missed it, here it is again:

So what exactly is Flyting. Flyting is pretty much the Viking equivalent of a rap battle. Which is pretty awesome, especially if you’re into rap music.

To win, you must choose one of three options after starting the NPC. Your answer should rhyme with what the NPC said a moment ago, it should be of equal length and should be the greatest personal insult possible. This is how you win the Flyting!

There is a time limit, so don’t waste time answering. So unleash your inner Viking rapper and win these Viking rap battles and earn your honorary trophy which will be in the Valhalla Hall of Fame alongside your honorary Viking name.

If you complete all Flyting Battles you will get a small reward and Flyting Battles count towards your Completeness Obsessions!

mysteries of the assassin's creed

How to solve the mysteries of the standing stones

If you are familiar with Stonehenge, you probably have an idea of ​​what the Standing Stones are. These are basically Neolithic stone circles all over England. Each of the centers of the standing stones has a pattern engraved on the stone and accompanied by a note.

Using your “Odin Sight” you will reveal blue splatter spots on the stones around you. Just make sure you are in the right position to watch them so that the splashes organize themselves to match the partern of the main stone.

mysteries of the assassin's creed

The Standing Stones are a bit easier than the Fly Agaric puzzles, but in this case you need to be in the exact position to solve the puzzle and it can get a bit tricky.

If you are slightly off the wall, just try to put yourself in the right place by testing what it should be. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the right place right away, it takes a little while to get there. Standing stones reward skill points once you resolve them.

Solve the mysteries of the standing stones in AC Valhalla

How to Solve the Mysteries of Fly Agaric Magic Mushtooms

Fly Agaric is also a new minigame in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Fly Agaric is basically a magic mushroom, a mushroom that gives you hallucinations or a mushroom with hallucinogenic properties to put it more eloquently.

In Assassin’s Creed, Valhalla Eivor can inhale Fly Agaric in certain areas and trigger the start of a puzzle. The screen will become all blurry and you will walk around without saying a lot of coherent sentences but the psychedelic view makes the panoramic view complete. Once ingested, a series of vortices will appear in the area. In order to meet these challenges, Eivor will need to go through the correct doors or through all the doors in the correct order..

Fly Agaric puzzles are not all the same and they vary a lot. Pay attention to the clues that are given. Sometimes it’s very obvious and some are very subtle. And every puzzle is different. Sometimes the doors are the clues instead of the object of the puzzle. While it can be hard to see what’s going on while you’re in this psychedelic state, be on the lookout for clues.

Once you have walked through the correct door in this type of jigsaw puzzles, it will light up in a bright white color.

If you have to go through the gates in a certain order, look for signs pointing to the gates. It can be a number of items next to each door equal to the order in which you need to go through it. Sometimes you only have to go through some doors, not all. In other cases, you will have to light cauldrons in front of statues and so on.

Much like standing stones, completing a Fly Agaric puzzle will reward you with a skill point like some thoughts of Eivor after he or she comes out of their journey. While they quickly become a chore, the payoff alone is well worth it.

Cairns, the art of stacking stones

Cairns is a mystery that involves standing stones. The only difference is that you stack the stones most literally on top of each other.

You can find cairns on top of hills and mountains. Activating a mystery cairn will zoom the camera into a pile of rocks which you will then be instructed to stack on top of each other.

The Cairns puzzles are pretty straightforward. Just like the Jenga game, you just stack up without the stones falling apart. Just like the previous mysteries mentioned, Cairns puzzles will reward you with one skill point.

A fictional plane appears on your screen as you solve Cairn’s puzzle. This is the height you should reach with your stones. Sometimes the key is to rearrange the stones, other times you have to place a stone in an upright position and sometimes it is important to place the foundation stone – the big stone that you start to build your mini tower on does. is not all boring, you know.

cairn mysteries assassin's creed

Altars for offerings and sacrifices

Altars are the simplest of mysteries. You get the quest and you do it. That’s it. That’s all we can say about it. All altars will require a sacrifice. It could be anything, from a dead animal, a fish, or just money. Determine what the altar wants and bring it right side up and sacrifice your offering at the base of the altar.

The curious part of the mystery of the altar is that it sets off a new world event. Some of them are quite interesting, like a conversation with a couple of kids who live in the forests and who won’t tell you where their parents are or how they ended up stealing from the altar.

The Altar gives Eivor a little more depth so don’t overlook them.

The Lost Drengr, the group of brothers who lost their goal

The Lost Drengr are members of a legendary band that flourished under the leadership of King Ragnar Lothbrok. However, after the war, many of these lost Drengr roam around and have no purpose in life. These warriors want to die and join their brethren in Valhalla and they have chosen you to make sure they can pass through the gates of Valhalla.

The lost Drengr are scattered throughout England and Norway, and accepting a request from one of them will result in a fight. Don’t let their old age fool you, they are still great, fierce fighters which makes these fights extremely difficult.

Make sure your power level matches theirs or higher before facing them. The rewards are amazing so don’t skip them and give these old warriors what they want: a one-way-worthy death for the gates of valhalla.

Drengr warriors can reward you with a shiny new weapon for defeating them. Do not miss!

What are the mysteries of the girls of Lerion for

If you know Shakespeae and King Lear, the Lerion Daughters are something that should sound familiar to you. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Lerion is a dark wizard slain by the nobility of England. However, her three daughters survived and went into hiding, taking their father’s secrets with them.

The girls, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, are actually boss fights and are probably the toughest in the game. Each fight goes through two phases and their attacks are going to hit hard and hurt you. Be prepared, max out your ration bag, and upgrade your gear and weapons before you pick them up.

Completing the quest will give you some of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Thor gear. So it’s worth doing!

To start the boss fight Interact with this poor person who appears in the image above. There is one in each arena. Les Filles de Lerion’s locations are in no way indicated on your map. You need to find out the location or use the guide linked above.

They are part of a larger journey, which when completed will give you one of the most powerful armor sets and weapons in the game.

The bosses of Les Filles de Lerion are designed as EndGame content. I suggest you hit at least 250 power levels if you try them at a higher combat difficulty level than Easy.

How to resolve Animus anomalies

The animus is a nice break from the main story but it’s also boring as it picks up the pace of the game. Sometimes, though, you just need it. And while they’re not as boring as in previous episodes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, they still can be because of the forced interruption.

The Animus is far not perfect and it shows when reality tears the simulation apart in the form of Animus anomalies. These are nothing more than problems in the virtual world landscape.

You trigger the Animus Anomalies by approaching the Anomalies and then switch to Layla (or Basim). The one who relives the memories and that you saw in the previous episodes Origins and Odyssey.

Anomalies will display a set of platform holographic sequences for you to complete. Some other platforms revolve around a beam of light that you can adjust so you can use them for travel. At the end, you will see a video that will contribute more to the story, giving the vast story even more depth. So it is really worth doing them.

Solving the anomalies is always a puzzle of approaching the right path and making sure the blue characters are stable, so you can get past them. If a figure is not stable, it blinks or appears dark gray. To stabilize it, direct a beam of light towards it. Light beams are placed at strategic places inside these puzzles. You cannot fall to the ground while solving the puzzles or you will fail and start over.

Legendary animals, folklore tales coming to life

Just like its predecessor, there are legendary animals that only existed in folklore and fairy tales, you can hunt them down and earn a huge reward.

In order to get the rewards for defeating the legendary animals, you will need to build the hunter’s hut in Ravensthorpe and talk to Wallace who will give you new cosmetics and access the special stash of weapons he keeps when you hand them over. animal skins.

There are a lot of good items you can get, like a Special Predator Bow and a Vord’rs Bite. You will also get trophies that you can put in your longhouse as a reward for your success. So even more decorations you can earn alongside the amazing weapons that will be available.

Check out the Legendary Animals Guide for details on where their locations are and how to defeat each one. Note that some of them have a very high power level (up to 400).

mysteries of the assassin's creed

What are the treasures of Great Britain and which tablets you get

Great Britain wouldn’t be Great Britain if it didn’t have treasures. Not to mention the mysteries of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

The treasures are scattered all over Britain and if you want the Excalibur sword you will need to complete it. Excalibur is of course the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur.

Finding Excalibur is extremely difficult and you will need to find ALL tablets in Great Britain to get there. Which means you will have to enter forgotten caves and labyrinths.

Vulkk has written a comprehensive guide to help you find the Legendary Sword! You can find out how to get Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla while reading it.

mysteries of the assassin's creed

What mysteries are available in each region

To find out how many mysteries are available and to find out how many you have left, open your map and check the black box in the lower right corner. Below is a full list of all regions and the number of Mysteries in each.


  • Rygjafylke (level 1) = 13 mysteries
  • Hordafylke (level 280) = 7 mysteries


  • Ledecestreswire (Level 20) = 16 Mysteries
  • Grantebridgescire (Level 20) = 15 Mysteries
  • East Anglia (level 55) = 18 mysteries
  • Lunden (level 90) = 4 mysteries
  • Oxenefordscire (level 90) = 10 mysteries
  • Sciropescira (Level 130) = 14 Mysteries
  • One hundred (level 130) = 11 Mysteries
  • Lincolnscire (Level 160) = 10 Mysteries
  • Essex (level 160) = 12 mysteries
  • Suthsex (level 160) = 14 mysteries
  • Eurviscira (level 190) = 16 mysteries
  • Jorvik (level 190) = 5 mysteries
  • Glowecesterswax (Level 220) = 11 Mysteries
  • Snotinghamscire (Level 250) = 15 Mysteries
  • Wincestre (level 250) = 4 mysteries
  • Hamtunscire (level 340) = 14 mysteries


  • Vinland (level 0) = 7 mysteries

Seer’s hut (dreams):

  • Asgard (level 90) = 9 mysteries
  • Jotunheim (level 190) = 8 mysteries

Note that some of the mysteries like Legendary Animals, Lerion’s Daughters, and a few others can far exceed the recommended potency level for the regions you find them in. It’s normal. You may have to come back for them later. Once discovered, their marks will remain on your map. offers a ton more User-friendly guides for newbies to Assassin’s Creed without spoilers for the history of the game. Here you will find useful information about how leveling works, how to manage your payment, how the equipment works, what skills and abilities are.

Some of the most interesting and popular guides are the Armor set locations and Weapon and shield locations guides. Armor and weapons do not fall from the sky in AC Valhalla. You have to find them or earn them!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below! Thanks for enjoying the content we’ve created for you here on!

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