Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a number of challenging boss fights. This guide will show you how to beat the giant builder boss in Asgard. I have a detailed look at his attacks and moves during both phases of the fight and some great strategies for different builds and approaches to win this fight!

Who is the builder in Asgard

The Builder is an NPC that Loki allows Asgard to show his gratitude for helping him save his son. The builder promises to build a shield that will protect Asgard from Ragnarok.

He turns out to be a traitor and when you expose him to the truth, he reveals his real self – a giant from Jotunheim. He built a tower not to protect Asgard from outside invaders, but to keep the Asgarai locked up.

The constructor Codex AC Valhalla

In Indre Holm, on the ground floor of the tower he built, you must now defeat him. It’s not the most difficult fight in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but one of the most versatile when it comes to the approaches available and possible versions to use.

This video below shows the boss fight gameplay (hard difficulty). I use a Assassin hybrid build with Mentor Set, Yngling Seax and Suttingr’s Claw. If you can’t see the video, your AdBlocker may be blocking it. Please consider the whitelist to support the site. Thank you!

In the next segment, I’ll tell you more about the special attacks and abilities the boss has, and then I’ll share some strategies and builds you can use to beat the builder.

Mechanical Builder Boss

The fight is divided into two phases. The first phase lasts until the boss drops to about half their health. From 50% to zero is the second phase, which is more difficult and interesting.

Phase 1 builder capabilities

In the first phase, the boss will mainly spin his giant hammer. It is, however, quite slow and easy to avoid.

The Smash Heavy Hammer attack will leave a rippling effect of circles emanating from where the boss hit the ground with his hammer.

how to beat the builder

Interact with the center of this spot, where the little white dot is used to temporarily boost your attacks.

how to beat the builder

The boss also has the ability to get close to you quickly. He will use this move if you are too far away from him. And he tends to do it often.

how to beat the builder

When he stomps the ground with his foot, all you have to do is avoid that area. A quick dodge or just springing up when you see him lift his foot will suffice.

how to beat the builder

Phase 2 builder capabilities

When the boss reaches half his health (congratulations: P), a brief cutscene is triggered. The builder will move to the middle, mock Eivor with a cheasy, silly line, and bring his giant hammer into the ground, starting phase 2.

how to beat the builder

Almost immediately in phase 2, the builder will use their signature move for this phase – a hammer blow to the ground, which will create a small, closed circle.

how to beat the builder

You can either run around the small circle as it disappears, or you can be aggressive and fight the boss inside. The second includes a lot of quick movements to avoid his attacks.

If you’re fast enough, you can roll or run away and not get stuck in that circle. If you’re not inside the circle, it disappears in a second or two.

Like every builder’s special attack, this one also leaves a small glowing dot that you can interact with to increase temperature damage.

When the builder raises his hammer above his head and you see a circle of light around Eivor, an uprising attack is brewing. In a moment you will be lifted high into the air. When falling, it would be an opportunity to hit the weak spot at a distance from the boss – his head.

If you’re quick enough, you can also step out of the circle and completely avoid the lift-up attack. The beam of light will appear and disappear without lifting you into the air.

Constructions and useful strategies to defeat the builder

This boss can be approached with several different builds and each will be effective against a specific part of the boss’s arsenal of special abilities and moves.

I had the most fun with my favorite Assassin Hybrid version. Equip two daggers and the Mentor set, then adding additional speed and poison bonuses, will allow you to quickly maneuver around the builder without allowing it to hit you.

Using weapons with a longer range like the Spears will also give good results. I suggest Gungnir and a Bear Build in this case, because you’ll be hitting hard, fast enough that you don’t feel awkward like with a 2H ax or a great sword and be able to damage the builder from a greater distance.

If you don’t have Odin’s spear yet, any other spear will do. Just keep in mind that Gungnir’s advantage gives you a great advantage due to the longer distance this spear can reach your opponents.

A Wolf Build would rely on hitting the boss’s head, where his weak point is. When the boss lifts you into the air, hit him with as many arrows or with your greatest ability at your disposal as you fall to the ground

Grit is a good skill to learn. Combining it with a Poison construct, it will allow you to heal yourself immediately after your hit, provided there is a Poison DoT on the boss at that time. Poison Strike is also a great skill to use with a Poison build.

Brush with Death is a must-have for all battles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I love the slowing effect it provides. This makes my Double Daggers Assassin Build work wonders on just about any opponent. And quickly too.

Hope this guide on how to beat the builder Jotun in Asgard has helped you. Discover the impressive collection of AC Valhalla Guides available on to find out more!

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