This guide will help you learn the mechanics and discover the possible strategies to defeat Suttungr in Jotunheim, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Who and what is Fenrir in AC Valhalla

According to legends, when two treacherous dwarves murdered Suttungr’s parents, he set out to avenge them. In return for saving a lifetime, the dwarves offered him a magical mead, which he hid in a vault inside Hnitbjorg Mountain. With his daughter Gunlodr, he guarded him jealously, until the day when Odin came to look for him …

Many legends have a nugget of fact at their heart, even though the tale itself is fantastic. Mead, in particular, seems a metaphor for something else. Likewise, Suttungr may be a portrayal of a powerful ruler from unrecorded Nordic history.


In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you encounter Suttungr in Jotunheim as part of Eivor’s Dreams after drinking potions from Valka the Seer. You participate in a feast that he organizes for you and during this feat, you sneak into the mountain’s hidden cave to steal the mead. The giant grabs you and that’s where you fight with the giant blue guy! For more on how to beat Suttungr, check out the next section of the guide!

How to beat Suttungr in AC Valhalla

Suttungr is not a very difficult boss to beat. He’s very tall, but not very fast, and his special attacks are mostly easy to predict and avoid.

When Suttungr runs towards you, he will try to grab you with his hand. This attack is easy to avoid by running away, passing behind it, or dodging.

Suttungr has a weak spot in his left knee. If you want to use ranged attacks this is where you should aim.

His right elbow is also a weak point. You have to wait for them to be revealed in specific positions the boss takes.

In general, for any melee build, the best place to be is behind the boss. Its movements are not very fast and its rotation is slow enough that you have enough time to move as it tries to turn to face you.

When Suttungr raises his left hand and you see this animation (image below), an ice shower will start right after this short channel.

Suttungr will stick his sword into the ground. When the ice rain begins, look for the “safe place”. He is near a lit cauldron. There are several cauldrons of fire around the battle arena, but not all of them will be lit. Only the enlightened ones will cover you during the ice rains.

As long as the rain lasts, a few seconds, you will have to fight the boss in this narrow area, marked on the ground.

At 50% health, the boss will enter phase 2, after a short animation. He will pick up a long icy ax from the environment.

how to defeat suttungr

Suttungr will then throw this ax into the cauldron of fire and destroy it.

The boss will start using a new special ability thanks to his ax. It will throw lines of ice coming towards you. Dodge or run to avoid their hit. Go to the next lit fire cauldron. Ice won’t get to you there.

how to defeat suttungr

Suttungr will always rush towards you, but this time instead of grabbing you (both hands hold a weapon), he will throw his long ax at you. Again, an easy attack to avoid by dodging.

how to defeat suttungr

When Suttungr throws his ax into the cauldron to break it, advance to the next one in preparation for one of the boss’s special ice attacks.

how to defeat suttungr

When you run in the ice rain, your movement will be slowed down. You will constantly take damage over time until you reach the safe zone. There are only four cauldrons of fire, so you’ll have to finish the fight before Suttungr destroys them all.

This boss fight is pretty short, but the “safe zone” mechanic makes it more fun in my opinion. It makes it unique and different from others boss fights in AC Valhalla.

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