This guide will help you learn the mechanics and uncover possible strategies to defeat Fenrir, Loki’s giant wolf son in Asgard, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Please note that this is a guide for the final fight against Fenrir, not the first one when he’s a full sized wolf. Some of the combat mechanics are the same, but the now giant beast has also developed a lot of new ones that you should be aware of.

Who and what is Fenrir in AC Valhalla

According to legends, Fenrir is the great wolf prophesied to devour Odin during the Battle of Ragnarok. He is the son of Loki, and his siblings are the goddess Hel and Jormungandr, the serpent Midgard. Despite Odin’s efforts to find a loophole in the Threads of Doom, events continue to unfold as planned.

Who is Fenrir

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will encounter Fenrir three times in Asgard as part of Eivor’s Dream Sessions under the influence of Valka’s potions. First when he’s a little puppy. Later, when he became a full-sized wolf (this is also the first boss fight you’ll have against the beast) …

The final boss fight at Asgard again is against the great wolf Fenrir – the beast is insanely large now. It is part of the quest “Binding Fate”, which is part of the story arc of Chapter 5 “The Fate of the High One”. The fight takes place in Asgard and after your journey through Jotunheim.

Fenrir’s abilities and special attacks explained

The fight is divided into three thirds. After taking a third of the wolf’s health, you will need to approach it and attempt to bind it.

This is a triggered command that will appear as an interaction option when you are close to the boss.

Liaison Mechanic for Fenrir

Eivor will throw the rope around the wolf and try to grab it and calm it down. On 66% and on 33%, it is a compulsory mechanic. A short cutscene unfolds and the result is a failure. The fight goes on.

Binding kinematics

After each third of health loss, the Wolf will add a new ability to his arsenal and become even more fierce and angry.

In the first part of the fight, Fenrir will jump and turn around a lot. There is, however, no special and dangerous frontal attack to my knowledge.

The wolf can jump at you very quickly, trying to bite you, but this attack is very predictable and easy to avoid with a quick dodge or throw.

Fenrir will often dig and “swim” underground quickly in random directions, but always making wide, circular turns. It’s a mechanic the wolf used in your previous fight.

In the image above you can see the trail that Fenrir leaves as it moves underground. If this trail hits you, you are knocked back and take damage.

The animation of the wolf surfacing is quite long and you cannot damage it during this phase.

You have to wait for it to drag its entire body and all four legs off the ground before your clues can start to deal damage. Don’t waste your stamina or Poison / Fire abilities earlier.

Sometimes the wolf goes underground twice in a row. If you see him getting up quickly from the burrow mechanic, it is a sign that he will start again right away and keep swimming underground.

If the wolf surfaces where you are, it will throw you in the air, then bite you hard and take a good chunk of your life with you in the blink of an eye. If it starts eating you alive, hit the spam button or light attack button on your controller.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

In the second phase of the fight, Fenrir will gain a new ability. The wolf will bury its head in the ground and dig up a giant log. It will start to whirl it around.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

Fenrir will throw it to you in a moment. Time your dodge correctly to completely avoid any incoming damage.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

Below 33% health, Fenrir will jump onto the rocks surrounding the arena and start throwing large rocks at you. They are very easy to avoid, just keep running. Save your stamina, don’t dodge.

This boss’s most annoying ability is when he runs in a circle, creating a mini tornado. around itself. It is very very deadly if the running wolf hits you while doing this.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

It’s almost instantaneous death (at least on higher difficulties). With each circle Fenrir makes, he widens the radius of the tornado. I couldn’t find a way to stop it. You just have to wait for it at a safe distance.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

During this time, there will be rocks flying out of this tornado in any direction. Their range is limited, so if you’re far enough away during this ability phase, you won’t have to worry about rocks.

When the boss has very low health, the third and final bond will trigger. This is the end of the fight.

It is interesting to note that the three ties are in fact gradually tying you the wolf with the special cord made by Ivaldi. First you wrap its neck and chest, then wrap it around the middle part of its torso and finally around its hind legs and mouth to completely conquer the beast and pin it down unable to move, finally .

Tips for defeating Fenrir in AC Valhalla

Now that you know what Fenrir can do during combat, allow me to share some strategies and constructs you can use to make it easier to defeat the Giant Beast.

A good construction would be a nice, improved and proper arch construction. I would not recommend a Predator Bow. Hunter Bow or Light Bow seem to be the best option.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

Fenrir has four weak spots for ranged attacks. They glow bright green (ish?) And are located on the elbows of his legs. Every four.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

Keep in mind that melee and ranged attacks won’t do anything if the boss just surfaces after an underground swim session or if you are at a point in the fight where you need to perform the link mechanic.

Fighting it from a distance in the third phase is also a good idea as tornadoes can land right over your head and you’ll lose a lot of HP trying to get out of them.

Fenrir is incredibly fast and agile, but not very dangerous up close. Except for the tornado capacity, which is very deadly.

The long range melee weapon seems unnecessary in my experience. The wolf turns and swings very fast and its movements are generally very fast. You won’t get much benefit if you rely on GungnirFor example.

If you’ve read my other Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guides, you know I’m not a fan of arcs in this game (or any AC game for that matter). My best success in my kills while testing the fight for this guide was with my favorite Crow Assassin Construction.

I like having Poison on Fenrir all the time. Grit is a useful skill to have here as usual. Rather brush with death. The beast is just too big and too chaotic to attempt to properly time your dodges.

Try to stay under the wolf and slap its belly or hind legs. The only downside to this style is that you should always be aware of a potentially coming tornado ability from the boss.

how to beat fenrir valhalla

There are lots of arrows lying around the arena and flowers to pick up to replenish your health if needed. If you get the Strengthen Arrows skill, you will be able to pick up any arrows that have not hit their target. It’s an essential skill for any wolf building I would say.