This guide will give you an overview of the combat mechanics, tips and strategy to defeat the boss of Draugr Hemming Jarl in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This guide contains spoilers related to the quest this boss fight is a part of and it reveals the mechanics of the boss and a strategy to defeat it. Obviously, if you’re at this point spoilers aren’t your main concern and you’ve probably seen the story so far. It remains only to defeat one of the most difficult bosses in the main story of the game.

Who is Draugr Hemming

Hemming Jarl is one of the NPCs you meet and interact with shortly after arriving at Hemthorpe in Snotinghamscire. This is one of the last regions you need to commit to in England as it requires a power level 250.

According to the Codex, Hemming Jarl was a natural and charismatic leader. It was the bulwark of Halfdan (one of Ragnar’s sons) in their first fight against the Picts. With great effort, Hemming united the Saxons and the Scandinavians and created peace in his day. The challenge was for those who followed to fill his rather large and jarl-worthy shoes.

Where to find Draugr Hemmind

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you first meet Hemming Jarl in Snotinghamscire, in his own longhouse in Hemthorpe.

Unfortunately, the Earl is now in his old age, and although happy to see you, he is ill and has very little left. Shortly after your first conversation, as you continue your other duties in the area, the Jarl falls ill and dies.

As you and the city prepare for the grand celebration and the burning down of its beloved leader, you encounter the spirit of Draugr Hemming at the top of the hill northwest of the city.

The boss fight is the conclusion of the quest “Blood and the Gods”. Right after completing it, you get the next “Under the Skin”, which sends you to talk to Sunniva.

Draugr Hemming Boss Combat Mechanics

There are several boss fights in the main storyline of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The one against Draft Hemming seems to be one of the toughest. Why? Because he uses spears and electricity!

Let me show you and tell you a bit more about his special attacks and how to avoid or mitigate the damage he inflicts on them. Please note that the attacks do not have a name in the game, so I labeled them myself based on the actions performed.

Basic spear poke

This is a standard attack capable of blocking and parrying where he uses his right spear to literally push you with it. During this attack, he greatly extends his right arm forward, exposing his back. If you time him well and manage to slow him down, you can deal nice damage while he recovers.

Basic right spear attack

Talk Poke From Above

This is a variation of the basic spear attack, but the boss will hold the spear in both hands and strike from above. It can also be parried.

Two-handed spear attack

Bouncing Strike with Lightning AoE

For this one, Hemming will jump and land in the position you were in when he jumped. You have a split second to dodge or move sideways to avoid getting damaged by this attack.

Leaping attack

AoE Lightning

The Leap attack is usually followed by a few Lights in the area around the boss. They are represented by vertical white lines and can easily be avoided. Just stay away from the boss for a while and wait for it to end. The attack isn’t literally AoE as the bolts only hit one area at a time, but they do so around the boss.

AoE lightning attack

Disappear on another hill

At around 66%, then at around 33% health, Draugr Hemming will disappear and move to another nearby hill. You have to follow him there. As you travel, it shoots Lightning Bolts that ate you. Because the visuals are quite low in this boss fight, you are warned of which direction the bolt will come from by the standard red markers indicating a ranged attack is in progress.

Remote lightning

I haven’t been able to fully confirm this, but in my experience, ranged lightning attacks only happen when the boss jumps to the top of the next hill and you have to chase him down.

Ranged lightning attack

Red attacks

The leaping attack as well as a special spear attack hem that you will use against you are not possible to be parried or blocked with a shield. You have to get away by dodging or running. These attacks are indicated by a red glow with Viking symbols around the boss.

Red attacks

How to beat Draugr Hemming Boss

There are probably several strategies to prepare for this fight, but I will show you the abilities and skills I chose as well as what worked best for me in my several fights (I had to reload several times to test things to make the guide accurate).

If you run out, check out my AC Valhalla Skills and Ability Guide to find out how and where to get them.

Abilities useful for this fight

My all-time favorite ability, the Harpoon Impalement, does little here. There is no obstacle to throw the boss into and he gets up as soon as you use this ability, so I don’t recommend it.

the Helheim’s Rage is a wonderful option. Especially if upgraded! As always for this ability to work, you need to aim correctly before rushing towards the boss. You can interrupt his red attacks with it, by the way.

Using Rage of Helheim abilities

If the boss is near the cliff, you can use Tire Kick to push it. My tests were weird, showing that the boss sometimes took damage from the fall (high damage), but other times it would just respawn in the middle of the arena and continue fighting. I guess fall distance has a role here, but the area is so hazy it’s hard to tell where you’re facing it when you’re pushing it.

Thor’s Revenge might be useful too, but it’s a bit risky to use it. If you do, I suggest you enter the fight with an appropriate long weapon (two-handed ax, spear, or long sword.

the Diving of the Valkyries and Ax Fury Throw are also good options.

I don’t like playing with bows in Assassin’s Creed Games at all, so they’re not my strong side and I can’t recommend a good bow and strategy for ranged combat. The boss does, however, have three weak points for ranged attacks: the right knee, right hand, and left shoulder.

Draugr Hemming's weaknesses for ranged attacks

Skills useful for this fight

It’s a boss fight, so any stealth surprise isn’t really an option. This boss isn’t that hard to trick you into swapping your build specifically for him, but in the higher difficulties it can be a challenge, depending on your current build and power level. So here are some recommendations from me for the skills to get for this fight.

I recommend not only this boss, but the game in general to collect all three +1 adrenaline slot skills. They will allow you to be much more efficient in using abilities and Rage of Helheim is a wonderful ability against this boss, like I said earlier.

From the bear tree I also recommend you to get Parry damage. You can parry all of his non-red attacks and deal bonus damage while doing so is a pure plus here.

the Perfect attack is also useful, although you won’t have longer windows to hit the boss more than a few times in a row.

Adrenaline Fiend and Berserker’s Mettle are very useful when you allow the boss to hit you so you don’t lose your adrenaline and having more adrenaline in general increases your attacks.

From the raven tree the Stab in the back can be useful as it allows you to deal increased damage to the boss’s back if you are fast and mobile enough to get there in time.

Having Brush with death is incredibly useful all the time, and this boss fight is no exception. Dodging at the right time before the attack lands slows down time and you can position yourself correctly and hit the boss hard before they recover.

Helpful Hints Against Draugr Hemming Jarl Boss

  • On each hill there are a few berries or some other food source. Pick them up if you need to replenish your health.
  • Conserve your stamina when you really need it – dodge Red or Rage of Helheim attacks.
  • Hit its weak spots to deal more damage.
  • Precisely time your dodges to slow down time. It gives you an incredible advantage.
  • The boss is sensitive to Rage of Helheim. Have this ability split and upgraded if possible to deal massive damage in one go.
  • Combat is less difficult if you use a long weapon, such as Spear. The shield will also help mitigate some damage.
How to beat Draugr Hemming Jarl Boss in AC Valhalla

I personally prefer that amazing Assassin Hybrid Build for everything in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is ideal for mobility and quick eliminations. Here in this boss fight, it requires precise movement and is a bit more difficult, as you will have to get close to the boss to land your punches.

If you need some new weapons for this fight or just for fun, take a look at the Weapons and shields location guide. Most of them are really easy to get and involve little to no fighting. And some of the items available from merchants aren’t bad either.

Hope you liked this guide on how to beat Draugh Hemming boss in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. For more information, consult the AC Valhalla Guides section on and keep visiting for more interesting news and content guides on the upcoming game!