This guide will walk you through the combat mechanics, tactics, and strategy for defeating Basim in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is one of the more interesting boss fights and involves specific mechanics and moves that you must perform rather than depleting Basim’s health!

Please note that this article contains spoilers for the events leading up to this boss fight. If you are here because you need some advice on how to support Basim, then you don’t have to worry.

Who is Basim

Basim is a member of the Hidden Ones organization. You meet him at the very beginning of the game. He joins you in several quests and also introduces you to his colleague and student Hytham, who settles in your village Ravensthorpe and also has an important role throughout the history of Assassin’s Creed. Valhalla.

Basim Ibn Ishaq is the son of an architect, who built the Great Mosque of Samarra, but was exiled and died in poverty along with someone else who stole the credit for his creation. Basim frequently visits the large library in Baghdat.

At 870, Basim meets Sigurd, Eivor’s half-brother. They become friends. It’s through Sigurd that you meet Hytham and Basim at the start of the game, shortly before leaving for England.

Basim is a mysterious character and doesn’t reveal much about his true ambitions and goals until the very end. Sigurd takes you back to Norway to reveal a secret temple and what turns out to be a fake Valhalla, in which he wants you both to stay forever.

Why you have to fight Basim

At the beginning of the story, Basim believes that Sigurd is the man he needs for his purpose. Towards the end, after all he has seen and learned, Basim realizes that it was Eivor he was looking for.

The events leading up to the boss fight Basim begin in Norway, in Hordafylke. Sigurd takes you to the old temple, where you see the old tree. This turns out to be an ancient mechanism that somehow teleports you to what turns out to be a mock Valhalla simulation created by this machine.

Eivor passing through the doors of the Great Hall of Odin

Eivor realizes this and attempts to return to the real world, but meets Odin himself at the gate, who refuses to release Eivor.

After a short fight, Eivor realizes that he has to drop his ax to escape Odin’s grip and rushes to the door, where his family awaits and helps him.

Eivor at the door

Eivor manages to get out of this machine only to realize that his brother is now being held by Basim, who threatens them both.

Basim holds Sigurd captive

Basim’s ultimate goal is to save his family. The methods he uses are very extreme and you will learn more about them later in the story as it unfolds before you after this boss fight.

Here your fight with Basim begins and it’s broken down into a few distinct stages.

How to beat Basim

The fight takes place in a few separate phases where you have to do different things against or around Basim to beat him. This boss has no health, so the fight doesn’t end if you just beat him using your weapons and raw power. You have to know what to hit and how to hit at the exact moment to progress and reach the end of the fight and defeat it.

In this fight you will see screenshots of me using Odin’s spear. He is at your disposal to recover it before this fight. To find out how, see my guide on how to get Gungnir. In my first fight against him I used my favorite Assassin hybrid build and it was a little more difficult because of the distance factor. Odin’s spear has a much greater range than any other melee weapon.

Phase 1: Basim nails you

In the first phase of the fight, Basim will run around you on the upper levels of the platform and jump on you. You can dodge those jumps and deal damage to him, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Basim running on the beams above

Be aware of its ranged attacks as well as its smoke bombs. He does that a lot. It looks like the cutscene can only be triggered after you hit him a bit, and then Basim jumps from above and nails you to the ground.

Once Basim has pinned you a few times, a cutscene will be triggered and you will move to phase 2 after it plays.

Basim Pinned Eivor - Phase 1 Cinematic Ended

Phase 2: Stun Basim

Shortly after the cutscene, Phase 2 begins. The platform you are on begins to climb. During this time, it seems that nothing you do to her is having an effect. Basim doesn’t perform any special moves during this time either. it can still launch attacks from a distance. He might not have a health bar, but you do. Keep yourself saved.

When the platform reaches the top, you can stun basim. Once he’s stunned, approach him and perform a stun attack on him. This will take you to the next phase. My tests show that almost all attacks will stun Basim once the platform stops moving.

Stunned basimn

Another short cutscene unfolds in which Eivor sneaks forward and removes the hidden blade from Basim’s left hand.

Eivor lashes out and removes the hidden blade from Basim's hand

Basim drags Sigurd into the conflict, as he himself announces in the movie scene. Basim throws another smoke screen bomb and disappears. A transition phase follows.

Transition: from Parkour to Basim

During this phase, you must hunt Basim. It’s a linear path, so little or no chance of getting lost. There is a lot of parkour involved. As you run after him, you might want to scoop up any food sources you pass if you need to replenish your health.

Phase 3: The Final Fight

Once you’ve reached the platform with the giant machine, a short cutscene unfolds in which Sigurd tells Basim that he’s an Oath Breaker and must die here.

Just as Basim tries to cut off Sigurd’s head, Eivor intervenes with the words “I am your reward, Basim. Come! ”You fight Basim one last time.

To finish the fight, all you have to do now is shoot Basim with an arrow in his now glowing left hand. He immediately goes to the ground, ready for the final cutscene and his fate.

Note that you have to hit it in your left hand inside the shiny white circle on this platform. If you do this outside of the circle, the cutscene will not trigger.

Once Basim is on his knees, approach him and perform a stun attack.

The cutscene unfolds and shows how you hook Basim onto this machine and bring him to the fake world …

What happens to him then, I let you discover by continuing the story.

This concludes my guide on how to defeat Basim in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. What follows is quite interesting, so I strongly suggest that you come back to the game and continue its story!

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