This guide will help you learn about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla challenges available and how to complete them. The article specifically details the Uplay challenges available on the Ubisoft Connect PC platform, but the challenges are the same and grant the same amount of XP to console players, as Ubisoft Connect translates to consoles as well. So here’s how to complete the challenges of the game and get rewarded!

What are the challenges in AC Valhalla

Each Assassin’s Creed game comes with a collection of challenges or achievements if you prefer. These are specific actions that you must perform or tasks that you must perform.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla currently offers over thirty challenges and they vary from very easy and related to the main story to some that take longer and may involve a bit of work to get.

Completing the challenges rewards you with XP. However, this is not in-game experience. It is XP for your Ubisoft level. Leveling up in the Ubisoft platform grants you a specific currency, called “Club Units”.

Club units are different from Helix Credits, which you can buy for real money and spend Ubisoft store.

Ubisoft Club Points allow you to purchase items for your favorite games, in our case Assassin’s Creed. These points are for all Ubisoft games. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can purchase mount and bird skins or a weapon from the Rewards tab.

Ubisoft AC Valhalla Reward Tab

How to find the list of challenges in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla challenges are available on the Ubisoft Connect platform. These are the same for PC and console players. Thanks to TOR-rob12 to confirm this to me. This guide focuses on the challenges of the Ubisoft Connect PC platform since I play the game on a PC and have used it as a source.

Open the game page in Ubisoft Connect and go to the challenges. You can do this both in the client or in-game via the Overlay function (SHIFT + F2 on PC).

Assassin's Creed Challenge List & Guide

List of all challenges in AC Valhalla

Below is a complete list of all available Assassin’s Creed Valhalla challenges. I have listed them in the other one which I have completed. This is probably how most of you will end them as well. It doesn’t matter which challenge you start first and which one you leave for later.

There are Core and Time-Limited challenge tabs. The guide currently only lists and explains the main challenges, as there aren’t any limited-time ones in the game (yet).

Below that list, I have a more in-depth look and tips on how to complete some of the most interesting and… stimulating challenges. The ones that are self-explanatory, I leave them with only the brief description in the table.

Tips on how to overcome challenges

In this part of the guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the challenges. I’m going to share some tips and suggestions on what to do, how to do it, and where and when to help you with some of the most interesting and difficult challenges.

Murdered by the words

Flyting is one of the mini-games available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s not hard to understand and it’s an old version of today’s rap battles. You have to beat your opponent by insulting him with rhymes.

You can find Flyting challenges all over the maps of Norway and England. There are, however, a few tips for winning. Manfred explains all the details of how to win Flyting games at AC Valhalla in his guide.

Tree of life

To complete this one, you must first arrive in England. In your payment there will be a big tree right in the middle. You can customize it with different skins by interacting with the dragon shaped book stand in front of it. There are a number of skins that you can get by playing the game or purchasing Settlement Decoration Packs from the Ubisoft Store.

The mighty warrior

I have a thorough guide to all Assassin’s Creed Valhalla abilities you can check out what they are, how they work and how to unlock them. In short, abilities can be unlocked by completing certain quests and finding Lore Books scattered in secret locations hidden all over Norway and England.

Amonet’s gift

As you explore the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla map, you will find all kinds of places and points of interest. Artifacts are initially displayed as white dots and when you approach them they change to a specific icon.

For this challenge, you are looking for Roman artifacts. These are usually Roman masks and you usually find them in or around Roman ruins.

If you build the museum in your colony, you will be able to hand over any artifacts you find and get a reward for it. The rewards are usually tattoos or cosmetics.

The thousand eyes

This quest will bring Reda to your colony. The Reda Shop is a wonderful place where rare and very powerful equipment appears alongside pretty cosmetic items.

Everything Reda offers is from the Ubisoft store and can be redeemed not for Helix credits, like in this store, but for an in-game currency called Opal.

Find out more in the guide: AC Valhalla: Reda’s Shop and How to Get the Opal Guide


Offer altars are available in several places on the map. Their location is marked with a unique icon and they look like a giant stone sitting upright with food and other leftovers around it.

Old fashioned social network

To complete this challenge, you have to find a mystery location called “Cairn”, where you will find some stones that you have to place on top of each other vertically to reach a certain height.

Manfred’s Guide to how to find and solve mysteries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will give you a great explanation on how to stack stones vertically to solve these puzzles and complete the challenge.

The Saxon Slayer

Monasteries are only available in England. You cannot complete this challenge until you venture this far on your main story quest. Monastery raids are indicated by two red axes on your map. Be careful, however. Each region of England has its own power level recommendation, and you should not attack monasteries that are in a region of a much higher level than your current level. Don’t forget to loot everything for resources!

Jomsvikings Brotherhood

The Jomsvikings are your companions on raids and other party-related content in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They are generic NPCs that are only different in visual appearance. Since the launch of the game, you cannot modify or upgrade them. You can choose a captain and choose his outfit after building the barracks in your colony.

Your primary Jomsviking can be rented from other players. On the docks and in big cities, a random Viking will be waiting for you to hire them. Each will cost you 100 silver coins. To complete the Jomsviking Brotherhood, you must hire ten NPCs.


Mead lover

Would it be a Vikings video game if it didn’t contain drinks and a lot of alcohol? One of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla minigames requires you to compete against NPCs in a booze contest. You can find these types in every big city or town. They are marked on your map with the icon of two crossed horns.

You want to learn to to win drinking games at AC Valhalla? Check out the guide!

The mark of God

As you explore the English lands, you will surely come across Stonehenge and a few other places with standing stones. Somewhere in the middle of these compositions there is an interactive place. Click on it and follow the instructions.

We have more detailed instructions on how to find and solve the puzzles of the standing stones in AC Valhalla, check them out if you need a little more help.

The Eivor saga

Note that this paragrarph contains very minor spoilers on how the story is structured in the game. No disclosures of any kind, of course. But to give you a better idea of ​​what you have to finish and what you need to accomplish, I have to mention some places and the like.

The history of the game is quite long. To complete this challenge, you will need to complete the main quests from Norway to England, complete all regions of England, and then return to Norway for one last epic mission. Note that there are a few standalone stories like the Asgard and Jotunheim Story Arcs that can be completed separately from the main story at any time. After completing the main story of the game, there are a few quests that deal primarily with the Assassin’s Creed-themed epilogue.

How to beat Basim Boss in AC Valhalla Guide

Power on

The Power-Up Challenge requires you to find one of the mysteries known as “Fly Agaric”, eat mushrooms, and solve the puzzle that will appear in front of you while you are in this mushroom trance. These mysteries are marked with a unique icon on your map.

Again, we have more in-depth coverage on the Fly-Agaric mini-game in the mini-game guide. Take a look if you need more advice on how to solve them.

Odin is with us!

Odin is with us! challenge is the one that requires you to complete almost the entire game to do so. You must defeat the fifteen Zealots of the Orders of the Ancients.

These fanatics are involved in other stories and are also part of the journey to get Thor’s gear. You can find detailed information on where to find fanatics and how to defeat them in this linked guide. They are tough opponents, so be prepared. Some of them will also have a very high power level (300+).

The definition of madness

To complete the Definition of Madness challenge, you must find and defeat three special bosses in England. They are called Daughters of Lerion and are very high level opponents.

Lerion’s daughters drop pieces of Thor’s armor set. You can find more information on where to find them and how to beat them in this guide: How to get Thor’s armor and Mjolnir hammer in AC Valhalla. Note: Getting Thor’s gear is a pretty lengthy process, but if you’re only after the challenge and the sisters, you don’t have to do everything else in the guide.

Market inflation

Opal is the rarest and most valuable resource for… one merchant. Reda’s Shop will arrive at your Colony at some point in history and begin to offer you unique cosmetics and very powerful equipment that can be purchased with Opal.

For collecting Opal, your best options are Reda Contracts, although you can find them in small amounts scattered around the game world. I suggest you take a look at my AC Valhalla: Reda’s Shop and How to Get the Opal Guide.

Eye of Muninn and Eye of Huginn

Both of these challenges require you to fully explore England and Norway respectively. You need to visit all sync points (Fas Travel locations) in the game and that includes ports from what I can tell based on my own completion of the challenge (I had a missing port before I did).

Ports and highlights of AC Valhalla

Here is a map of all of England’s ports and highlights:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete map of all the highlights and ports in England

And here is one from Norway:


D20 is one of the funniest challenges. There is a mini-game called Orlog – a dice game (but actually a game of more than just dice). You can find NPCs ready to play against you in almost any settlement.

To complete the D20 challenge, you must win five Orlog matches. I can’t say if this is a fact, but my experience tells me that lower power level regions also offer lower challenge level from city NPCs who want to play Orlog with you. If you are on your own after the challenge and not after the satisfaction of winning all of the Gods Favors tablets, I suggest you try your luck in the starting regions.

Here on, we offer you a detailed overview and guide on how to win at Orlog. It’s a simple game of luck at first glance to some, but it’s actually almost as deep and complex a strategy, similar to what Gwent was in The Witcher 3, if you played it.

assassin's creed valhalla orlog

Smelly but deadly

It is a challenge that I have not yet taken on myself. It’s an incredibly boring fishing festival. If you are a fan of fishing in video games or in real life, you will probably enjoy this way more than I do.

Fishing is yet another mini-game in AC Valhalla. It’s part of a few story quests, but nothing major. To complete the Stinky But Deadly Challenge, you need to catch all of the items listed in the Fisherman’s Hut in your colony. Of course, you have to build this building first.

When you have completed all of this, you will be rewarded with a new weapon called Swordfish. This is where the title of this challenge comes from.

We have a guide on how to fish and what you get out of it in AC Valhalla. Looked. There are also some tips in this article where and how to catch the rare fish needed for this challenge.

That’s all for the moment! Hope you found this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla challenges guide useful and useful! If you have any other ideas, suggestions, tips, or if you would like to request something, leave a comment below.