Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes a slightly different approach to leveling up your character and gaining experience to become more powerful as you progress through the story. This guide details the many options you have for gaining experience and explains how the upgrade works, what power level means, why it is important, but not a requirement or limitation, and how to earn power. experience faster early in the game!

This guide does NOT contain Assassin’s Creed storyline spoilers. It’s safe to read on if you’re a new player and want to learn a bit before you jump in without ruining your fun.

How to level up in AC Valhalla

The Assassin’s Cred leveling system is quite different from the previous two games in the series AC origins and AC Odyssey.

In AC Valhalla you don’t level up as you progress through the storylines and explore the vast open world of Norway, England and… wherever the game may take you.

What are experience points

The experience in AC Valhalla is exactly the same as in any other game. You earn XP points for performing various actions. Further down in this guide, I have an overview of what you can do and how much XP you can get from each activity.

Open the Skills screen in the in-game menu to see your current XP progression to the next power level. It is represented by an empty square rotated at a 45 degree angle, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

XP counter in AC Valhalla

As you gain XP, this number will start to fill with a light blue color. It appears in the upper right corner when playing the game whenever you gain XP with something, but is only constantly visible in the Skills screen. When the figure fills up, you gain +2 skill points.

In the lower left corner of the skills screen, you will see the number of skill points you haven’t spent on learning skills and passives yet.

Skill Point Counter in AC Valhalla

Whenever you gain a skill point, you can see it in the upper right corner as you play the game. It looks like this:

I have a very detailed guide on how skills and abilities work in AC Valhalla. Take a look to better understand the skill trees in the game and how to build your character to make him as strong as possible and which skills and passives are the most important and will give you great benefits by getting them early.

What is the power level

You gain experience points to increase your power level, which makes your character stronger and allows you to gain more skills.

Whenever you gain enough EXP to fill the square figure, you gain +2 skill points. Power level is the total number of points you have earned. Your power level increases as you spend skill points. Earning these points without spending them will not increase your power level.

You can see your current power level by opening the inventory or skill screens, as shown below:

Power level indicator

Some special activities, like exploring the world and finding super secret places involving puzzles will reward you with +1 skill point. These points are directly added to your pool to solve a puzzle to obtain a unique item.

The “Treasures of Great Britain” sites you must visit for get Excalibur, the biggest and most powerful greatsword in AC Valhalla. Visiting each of these locations and getting the tablets will grant you +1 skill point for it. This is true for solving other Mysteries scattered all over the map.

How to gain experience in AC Valhalla

Almost everything you do in the game rewards you with experience points. Depending on the actions you take, you gain different amounts of XP. Some activities give you much more than others.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll list some of the more popular ways to earn XP, but they are NOT the only ones available. I will order the activities based on how much XP you get and the level of entertainment you gain by doing them.

Story quests

The main story arcs in each region of England will definitely get you the most XP. They are usually structured into a few linked quests. You earn XP for each of them, of course, and for completing the story arc and reporting to Randvi at the Alliance table back in your payment you earn a ton more.

Story quests are also the most entertaining for the vast majority of players. You don’t play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for the “death toll”, you play it for the story and for exploration, of course! More on that last thing in a moment!

Reda contracts

Reda’s Shop arrives at your colony as part of the game’s main story at some point. I won’t reveal when exactly and spoil your fun.

To everyone coming from AC Origins, Reda will seem a little too familiar. This is the exact same black market merchant, who sold you unique and rare items in Ancient Egypt. No, he sort of reappears centuries later in England.

I have one detailed guide to the Reda store, but what is important to mention here when it comes to XP earned is that the Daily and Weekly Contracts you get from Reda and his associates in every big town and city will also reward you with a good amount of XP for completing them. And they’re generally pretty quick and straightforward.

Explore the world

While I said earlier that the game’s story was its best feature, I personally loved the exploration element. The previous two games also had good exploration features, but this is where I had the most fun.

It must be related to the fact that the best treasures, special items and equipment in AC Valhalla come from exploring hidden caves, old ruins and mysterious ancient places.

AC Valhalla still offers traditional synchronization points for the series, placed high on the map, but here the navigation is also very very involved. Just navigating through rivers from one location to another also helps you discover large parts of the surrounding land and each new region or location you discover brings you XP.

Defeat the enemies

Would you believe it if I told you that defeating enemies doesn’t reward XP? Strangely enough, this is true in AC Valhalla. In some cases…

While hitting the heads of random soldiers as you walk or cruise through England and Norway is fun, it’s the least rewarding in terms of experience points.

Defeating the Zealots rewards you XP in AC Valhalla
Defeating one of the toughest opponents, the Order Zealots, rewards you with lots of EXP, among other things.

Normal soldiers will grant you a very small bonus to EXP while “yellow” soldiers, known as elites, will reward you five times that amount. It doesn’t matter your power level and who your opponents are. They will always reward you with a static amount of EXP depending on the type and level of the enemy you defeat.

Defeat soldiers in a raid in AC Valhalla

Now for the boring part! In certain times such as during sieges and story-related raids (not normal ones), you won’t earn XP for defeating soldiers. This is because opponents will keep appearing over and over again.

During story quests and story raids where you have a specific objective that doesn’t involve killing enemies, you won’t earn XP per kill.

You can very easily determine whether defeating opponents will give you XP during a quest. Just fight and defeat someone and notice if a + XP notification pops up in the top right corner of your screen as soon as you’ve defeated the soldier.

Please note that, as with previous games, you do not earn XP for killing civilians in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you do it too many times in a short period of time, you will even get out of sync.

Best way to gain XP and power levels in AC Valhalla

If you skip this guide I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the most important part of it – what is the best and fastest way to gain XP and power levels in Assassin’s Creed. Valhalla!

The most efficient and rewarding method is to make the story arcs for each region on your map. Visit Randvi at the Alliance Table in Ravensthorpe, engage in a region and go do his main quest chain.

Randvi's Alliance Table in Revansthorpe

A perfect and very rewarding alternative is to explore the game world. AC Valhalla has a vast, beautiful and wonderfully full map just waiting for you to explore.

The most valuable items in this game are hidden in many places and are not available as loot from defeated enemies. Of course, a fair amount of gear is rewarded for you with quests and shops, but the best items are left for you to explore the world and find on your own.

I have a lot of guides detailing the locations of Armor sets, Weapons and shields and other interesting places.

There is a connection between power level and gear in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It works both ways. None of them is, however, a limiting factor. Just a recommendation. You can always create an extra level of challenge for yourself by venturing into a high power region with decent gear, visit a low power region with low gear, or take the worst of the two and go fight. enemies that are much stronger than you with a set of gear that doesn’t match the few skill points you’ve earned and spent.

More information on how gear and power affects and modifies your gameplay in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the next few paragraphs!

How equipment affects your power level

As you progress through the game, you will earn or find unique pieces of equipment. Each piece of armor, weapon or shield in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a unique name. You cannot get random loot from a poor soldier you just defeated.

Each piece of gear has up to four quality levels and can be leveled up to ten times in total. Some items you will find in a higher level and level than others. It depends on where and how you got them.

Equipment in AC Valhalla does not directly influence your power level. However, if you have a high power level and try to fight naked a Zealot (members of the Order of the Ancients), you will likely fail quickly and dramatically.

Fight the Fanatics in AC Valhalla

You should always strive to match your power level to your gear. It is vitally important to use your skill points correctly depending on the equipment you have equipped.

If you have a lower power level, but have taken the time to get a rare and higher level armor and weapon / shield set, then you will still have a decent chance of defeating tough opponents.

It wouldn’t make much sense to have the Hidden Ones Armor Set and say, Gungnir of Odin’s Spear as your weapon and only invest in the way of the wolf skill tree. The armor I gave as an example is Raven (yellow) category gear, while the spear is a bear (red). Many passives from all three skill trees will increase your stats for gear that matches that category. If you spend skill points primarily in world path (blue), you are wasting a certain amount on wolf gear, which you don’t see in this example.

How the power level affects your gameplay

The power level directly affects your gameplay. This is even more true for the higher combat difficulties. The higher your power level, the more skills and passives you have and the better your performance in combat.

The example I gave with unparalleled equipment and skill points also applies here. To maximize the potential of your construction, you need to select elements that benefit each other.

In addition, you must carefully choose the benefits of each item. If you go for an Assassin Build that relies on stealth and speed, it would make sense to supplement your gear with Speed ​​Runes.

To check a region’s recommended power level, hover over it on the world map to see this info box in the lower right corner.

There is another aspect of the power level and how it can prevent you from enjoying your game. If you get too low and venture into an area of ​​high power level, enemies will be able to defeat you with much less. effort than originally planned.

This does not mean that you cannot and should not visit higher power level regions sooner than expected. Just pay attention to your purpose and goals. The game gives you plenty of tools, from skill trees and abilities, to the right gear choices that you can overcome what may seem like an impossible foe at first glance. Just be wise and strategize before you go up against an enemy with a red skull next to their health bar (notification that they might be too strong for you).

Hope you found this AC Valhalla leveling and experience guide easy to understand, useful and entertaining. There are many more like this in the AC Valhalla Guides section here on If you are a new player, I suggest you take a look at one of these:

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