This is a complete rundown of all the Berserker Packs you receive in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla bundled into the so-called Ultimate Pack, which is part of the game’s Ultimate Edition (or higher). I have reviewed each article in as much detail as possible!

Please note that this article contains some very minor spoilers. To be able to explain where and when you get the Ultimate Pack items and how to equip them, I need to include a little bit of information about your current progress. Don’t worry, there is nothing to worry about

What is the ultimate pack in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launched on November 10, 2020. It is available for PC, Playstation, and Xbox in a few different editions. From the Ultimate Edition, you will receive the Berserker Packs for free as part of the “Ultimate Pack”.

The Ultimate Pack is a collection of items that alter your character’s appearance, increase their stats, and provide alternate visuals for your revan and mount.

This set is very valuable because it is not that easy and often you will find new armor and weapons in AC Valhalla. So you can use this set from the very beginning for at least ten hours or even longer depending on your pace of exploration and ambitions. The pack contains the following digital items:

  • The Berserker Gear Pack, featuring the Bearded Ax, the Ursine Guard’s Luminous Shield, a new skin for your raven, the fierce Hati Wolf mount, and the Berserker set for Eivor.
  • A set of runes to sharpen your weapons or upgrade the equipment of your choice.
  • The Berserker Longship Pack, which contains a majestic longship with a unique figurehead and a set of new sails.
  • The Berserker Settlement Pack, which includes new ways to customize your settlement.

The Ultimate Pack comes with your Ultimate (or higher) edition of the game, but can also be purchased from the Helix in-game store later separately.

Where to find the Ultimate Pack items

Ultimate Pack content is granted to you as you play the game and unlock new game features.

Shortly after starting the game you will receive a notification that a number of items have been added to your inventory. Open inventory to see what you can equip locally.

Very early in Norway (after talking to Valka) you will receive the Berserker pack. As soon as you build your colony in England, you will have access to the Berserker Settlement Pack. Build your Shipyard to access the Berserker Ship Pack.

Note that some content is related to game features not available at the very start of the game. The items associated with them will be available as soon as you unlock this feature.

The Berserker Armor Pack

As soon as you reach your own village, you will have access to the Berserker Armor Pack. This is a set of armor pieces, an ax and a shield. All belonging to the same set.

In Valhalla, you will again have armor sets with set bonuses. The Berserker set is not an exclusion. Here are his bonuses:

  • (2) Increase speed when taking damage until you heal (up to 5 times)
  • (5) Additional increase in attack and armor

The numbers in parentheses indicate how many pieces in the set you need to get the bonus. This set bonus only applies to pieces of armor.

The Berserker set, like any other item in AC Valhalla, can be upgraded multiple times. Each item has a number of upgrade levels available increasing its stats and performance bonuses.

Here’s a full rundown of the set in high quality pictures and videos. This is the basic Berserker set without any additional upgrades. The runes are included. More information about them later in this article.

Overview of the complete set

The power of our modern hardware (yes, even the latest 2020 editions) is not yet at the level required to properly display all that fur in its glory and natural detail, but what Ubisoft has managed to achieve with the overall appearance is amazing. The fact that Vikings don’t wear that much fur is something we pretend to ignore at this time.

Berserker Helm

AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Helm
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Helm statistics

Berserker hood

If you choose to hide the helmet while wearing this hood, it will look like the first image below. If you choose to wear the helmet, it will look like the second image below.

AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Hood (low)
Hood down
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Hood (low)
Hood up
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Hood Statistics

Berserker armor

AC Valhalla Armor - Berserker Pack - Berserker Armor
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Armor Stats

Berserker’s Bracers

AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Bracers
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Bracers statistics

Berserker pants

AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Briefs
AC Valhalla Armor Set - Berserker Pack - Berserker Brief Statistics

Bear claw ax

AC Valhalla Weapons - Berserker Pack - Berserker Bearclaw
AC Valhalla Weapons - Berserker Pack - Berserker Bear-Claw Stats

Ursine Guard Shield

AC Valhalla Weapons - Berserker Pack - Berserker Ursine Guard Stats
AC Valhalla Weapons - Berserker Pack - Berserker Ursine Guard Stats

Hati Wolf mount skin

The Wolf mount skin can be “equipped” in a stable. Stables are available in almost every village. You can also get it from your own colony in England as soon as you build the Stables Building.

The frame is purely cosmetic. He looks like a fearsome wolf and surely shatters all historical details, but looks so cool! He also moves very elegantly and naturally… for a wolf I mean.

Muninn raven skin

Your bird companion in AC Valhalla is a crow. Very fitting considering that we are playing as a Viking and a member of the Raven clan.

As with the mount, you can change the raven skin in any stable, including your own colony, as long as you have already built the stable building, which is quite cheap and easy to do from the start. .

Muninn raven skin
Muninn from above
Muninn from below

Berserker boat pack

To unlock the ship cosmetics from the Berserker Ship Pack, which is part of the Ultimate Package, you must first build yourself a Shipyard in your Settlement Ravensthorpe in England.

Speak to Expert Craftsman Gudrun, who will modify your longship to your liking, provided you have the appropriate cosmetic items available.

Berserker shell

Berserker shell

Berserker Veil

Berserker shields

Berserker figurehead

Berserker tailpiece

Full preview of the Berserker Starship Pack

Here are some pictures of the cosmetic items as they actually appear on the ship in the game.

Hull and shields
Sail from behind
Navigate from the front

Berserker Settlement Pack

The Settlement Pack, which is part of the Ultimate Pack, contains some cosmetic landmarks and item skins that will change their appearance. These items are purely skins and do not improve the rules in any way, except visually. They help create a theme around your own character. In this case, it’s the Berserker theme, which is a bit striking and dark, but if you like it, it’s up to you to decorate it!

Decorative pylons for colony decorations in AC Valhalla

To place these decorative items in your village, find these pedestals (or pylons?) That look like a shelf. Interact with them to open the menu with the different decoration options that you can place. There are two on the platform. Another in the middle of the camp, where the giant Landmark tree is.

Berserker’s Rest landmark tree

The tree is located in the middle of Ravensthorpe. Here are some pictures of what that specific skin looks like. You can use it as soon as you establish your establishment in England. No need to update or upgrade buildings.

Berserker Bear Totem

Berserker practice

Berserker Arsenal

Set of runes

As part of the AC Valhalla Ultimate Pack, you receive a set of runes. They are available in any saved game at any time.

  • Rune of rage (light blue color, weapons, shields) – Increases attack
  • Shadow rune (dark blue color, armor slots) – Increases stealth damage
  • Rune of life (green color, armor) – Increases health

The runes in the game are used as gems that you can insert into your gear to boost its stats with whatever the specific rune provides you. High-quality items of equipment will have one or more rune slots available.

I suggest you then focus on leveling your settlement to at least level 3. You might want to check out the AC Valhalla: Hidden Character Set & Codex Pages Guide for a good walkthrough and help getting that awesome set of armor and dagger, as well as completing a very interesting and Easter Egg-filled quest related to the set and places you visit .