Assassin’s Creed Valhalla divides Eivor’s special moves into two categories: abilities and skills. This guide will explain what skills and abilities are, how they differ from each other, how to learn and master them, and which are the best to take right from the start!

This guide does NOT contain story spoilers. It only shows and explains what you need to know about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla skill and ability systems and that you need to learn as quickly as possible to gain an advantage and a little more depth in your Eivor build.

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What are Skills and Abilities in AC Valhalla

Skills and abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are special moves that you can perform in certain situations and under certain conditions. They follow a similar formula to previous games in the Origins and Odyssey series. To some extent, however.

Skills are earned by spending skill points. You earn skill points by exploring the world, fighting, and completing quests. Abilities are acquired by finding books of knowledge in the world or by completing story quests.

How skills work in AC Valhalla

Skills allow you to perform a certain action under specific circumstances, but the action is free. You don’t spend any resources on it, which means you can perform these actions endlessly if you get the chance.

How Abilities Work in AC Valhalla

Abilities require adrenaline. Adrenaline is a familiar feature from previous games in the series. You build it during combat and with a few specific perks and passives that you can earn or use, you can increase the building process. Adrenaline also fills up on its own over time.

What is adrenaline in AC Valhalla

You start with an adrenaline bar and can add more through the skill tree system. Each ability you use expends adrenaline. Some abilities spend an adrenaline bar, while others may spend less than one.

ac valhalla ability guide

AC Valhalla skill tree and skill overview

The skill tree is hidden at the start and you discover its segments by spending more and more skill points. Each time your level indicator at the top right of the skill tree fills up, you receive 2 skill points

Overview of the skills screen

When you start the game, you start in the middle of the skill tree. The way the skills are located around the starting point really makes it look like you’re moving through a skill tree, visually.

ac valhalla skills guide

To access the skills screen, click on that word in the top menu bar. In the upper right corner, you see an empty box that fills up when you complete quests or perform in-game activities such as raids, explorations, or mini-games.

When the symbol fills with blue, you gain 2 skill points. To actually learn an active skill from one of the trees, you need to spend a certain number of skill points on passives. Small icons are passives, while large icons are skills.

At the bottom middle of the screen, you see your current power level rank. This is equal to the number of skill points you’ve spent so far on the skill tree above.

You can reset all or a single skill node at any time. Right click on the node to reset it and grab the skill point to move it elsewhere or click the button in the lower right corner to reset all skills at once and create a new version.

At the bottom left, you see a number of currently unspent skill points. If it displays a zero, it means that you have no more points to spend at the moment. Play the game to earn more.

Skills are separated into three different colored skill trees or segments. I have explained each of them below.

Differences between the 3 skill trees

Skills and Passives give you different types of buffs and perks depending on your current gear. If you wear a raven armor set and prefer to play more stealthy melee, Revan (yellow) skills are your best bet to start.

Each of the three paths offers different types of skills and liabilities. Be sure to wear the type of gear you are investing skill points in.

Bear icon All skills from the bear skill tree

The path of the bear is marked in red. The passive and core skills in this category focus on improving your melee combat performance. If you’re the type of Eivor who doesn’t hesitate to face head to toe in a brutal fight, this is the tree you start with.

Below is a list of the 14 main skills in this tree with a description of what they do.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Bear Skills Tree Names and locations of skills
This is not a recommended version, just one that allows me to display all of the core skills.

The description: When an enemy falls to the ground, press R to stomp on their face

Double exchange
The description: While dueling, hold SHIFT + T to swap weapon hands

Adrenaline upgrade
The description: +1 adrenaline slot

Berserker’s Mettle
The description:

Double heavy weapon
The description: You can use two heavy weapons. This will change the stats and handling of each weapon

The description: After a Paralyzing Finisher, nearby weak enemies may curl up in fear

Lightweight bow combo
The description: Consecutive shots with a light bow inflict additional damage

Perfect attack
The description: Pres LMB on a weapon swing to do more damage on the next hit

Parry damage
The description: Successful parries also deal damage to the attacker

Adrenaline Fiend
The description: When 1 or more Adrenaline slots are filled, you gain increased damage and attack speed. The effect increases with each filled slot

Sprint Bash
The description: Unlocks the ability to hit through breakable objects and push NPCs to the ground while sprinting

Volley Arrow
The description: Unload all charged arrows at the same time by holding and releasing R with a light bow. each volley of arrows has an endurance cost

Cremation of the battlefield
The description: Enemies that perish as a result of one of your fire attacks will continue to burn, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies

Warrior’s Takedown
The description: Attempt a SHIFT + LMB takedown on an unconscious enemy with your melee weapon. It will alert all the enemies around you but fill your adrenaline for all of them

Raven icon All skills from the Raven skill tree

Raven skills and passives enhance your stealth assassin playstyle. If you prefer to play like a real member of The Hidden Ones organization, invest points in the yellow sector.

Below is a list of the 14 main skills in this tree with a description of what they do.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Raven Skills Tree Skills Tree Names and Location
This is not a recommended version, just one that allows me to display all of the core skills.

Stab in the back
The description: Hitting an enemy directly on the back will deal increased defense damage and cause them to stagger

Brush with death
The descriptionDodging right before an attack hits gives you heightened senses, causing others around you to seem to move slower for a while

Predator Bow Combo
The description: Consecutive headshots with a predatory bow deal bonus damage

Counter roll
The description: Dodge towards an enemy’s runic attack just before they land to jump directly behind them

Guided arrow
The description: Your mastery of the predatory bow allows you to achieve incredible feats of precision. Press R to adjust the trajectory of the arrow as it flies

Explosive corpse
The description: Trap a corpse to injure anyone investigating it. Hold F near a corpse to charge it with explosive powder

The description: Enemies that die from one of your poison attacks will unleash a poisonous cloud around them, infecting those who enter

Assassin’s Cantrip
The description: Following a successful parry, quickly press F to throw a smoke bomb at your feet and disappear

Adrenaline upgrade
The description: +1 adrenaline slot

Chain assassination
The description: After successfully completing an assassination, throw an ax at a second NPC standing nearby

Automatic loot
The description: Loot an enemy automatically after melee murder or stealth withdrawal

The description: Eivor automatically rolls when landing from a dangerous height, reducing the amount of damage taken

Missile reversal
The description: Send it directly to them. Catch and return virtually any projective to its emitter by pressing Q just before it hits you

Advanced assassination
The description: Unlocks the ability to assassinate high-level targets with a timing-based attack

Wolf icon All skills from the wolf skill tree

Do you like your bow too much? Do you prefer to stay at a distance and take your enemies safely and without blood on your fingers (literally)? To live the dream of being a hunter in AC Valhalla, spend points in the blue sector of the skill tree.

Below is a list of the 13 main skills in this tree with a description of what they do.

ac valhalla abillities guide
This is not a recommended version, just one that allows me to display all of the core skills.

Stealth recognition
The description: Automatically highlight enemies when crouched and undetected

Sprint attack
The description: Press LMB while sprinting to do sprint attack

Last Chance Healing
The description: When your health reaches a critical state in conflict, everything around you will seem to move more slowly, giving you time to heal or flee

Adrenaline upgrade
The description: +1 adrenaline slot

The description: Recover the “red part” of your health bar when you land melee hits on enemies

Lightning bolt of the battlefield
The description: Press E to pick up the nearest discarded weapon and automatically throw it at an enemy in sight

Loaded bolt
The description: Shoot two charged arrows by pressing R with the Hunter Bow. This attack cannot be canceled

Melee Bow Link
The description: Alternating between bow and melee attacks deals bonus damage for a short time

Emergency goal
The description: Holding RMB will attract your target to an enemy when it detects you, giving you the option to kill them and not be detected

Hunter’s Bow Suit
The description: Release your arrow when you have finished drawing it so that the next one draws faster

Stealth adrenaline
The description: When stealthy, gain adrenaline by looting a chest or pickpocketing in a restricted area

Boom reinforcement
The description: With this skill loose arrows will never break and can be picked up from fallen enemies

Arc stun finisher
The description: Press R when aiming for the head of a stunned enemy to trigger an Arc stun finisher

Best skills to acquire early

Whichever skill tree you prefer, find it +1 adrenaline point and get it ASAP. Having an extra adrenaline bar will allow you to use your abilities more frequently and greatly increase your performance.

For any stealthy assassin, the Advanced assassination skill is a must. When attempting to assassinate a stronger target, this ability will allow you to do so in one go without having to finish off the opponent in open combat.

Another great addition for the same playstyle is the ability to chain assassinations. It’s called Chain assassination and is close to advanced assassination in the skill tree.

Yet another great addition from the same tree is the Assassin’s Cantrip. When you parry an attack, you throw a smoke bomb on your food and disappear. This further increases the mortality of your Eivor character.

the Sprint attack is one of my favorites. It’s a low level skill and can be learned early and gives you a nice mobility option. Plus, it has cool animation.

If you are playing with higher difficulties and you are not yet an Assassin’s Creed master, Squeak can be useful to recover early as this will allow you to restore some of your health in combat.

the Perfect attack The Red Tree Skill is great if you like open combat and fight multiple enemies a lot and often. This will help you do more damage by not doing anything too complicated or depending on various circumstances.

AC Valhalla Capability Overview

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s abilities are divided into two sections: Melee and Ranged. You can have up to four abilities for each of the shortcut bars. A total of eight capacities can be inserted at the same time. You can freely remove and replace abilities in slots.

Ranged abilities are on the left side, melee abilities are on the right side of your HUD

To add an ability to an empty ability slot, open the ability screen and click on the ability. A pop-up window will appear asking you where you want to place the selected ability. Press the corresponding number from 1 to 4 (on PC) to place this ability there.

ac valhalla abillities guide

In combat or before the start of combat, use this same shortcut to activate this ability. Some abilities require a target, others can be self-boosting or grant you certain perks and bonuses for a short time.

There are 11 abilities for the scrum side and 11 for the distance side. Each ability can be found and improved later.

Ability screen preview

To open the Abilities screen, click on “Abilities” at the top left of the menu bar.

On the left side you see ranged abilities, on the right side you see melee abilities. Each has two small dots below. Once you discover a new ability, you get it at level 1. You can discover the same ability later to upgrade it to level 2 for additional bonuses and better performance.

If you hover over an ability, it will display detailed information and a short animation of what exactly that ability does for you and a hint on how to use it.

To learn a new skill or improve an existing ability, you need to find something called the Book of Knowledge. These are hidden in many different places across Norway and Endlang.

What are Knowledge Books and How to Find Them

The Book of Knowledge is an item you can interact with in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to learn or improve an ability. It looks like a pedestal with a book on it.

The Books of Knowledge are usually hidden in dungeons, churches, crypts and caves. Some of these are easy to find, while others can involve parts that are hard to reach.

When you approach a Book of Knowledge, the golden dot on your map and radar changes to a guestbook icon, notifying you that you are near a new ability or upgrading to a new ability. news!

It doesn’t matter which book of knowledge you learn about first. The next segment of the guide will give you the location of all the books of knowledge, but ignore my numbering “1” and “2”. No matter what you choose, you will always get level 1. No matter what the second one, you will get the same ability upgrade.

Remote capabilities overview

Sleep thor
Effect: An arrow marked with the Svefnthorn symbol puts targets to sleep almost instantly.
How to get it 1: Found at the southern end of Rygjafylke, in Gryttirsand. On the lower level, break the low wooden terrace with an arrow to open the access to the ground floor where the book of knowledge is located.

Thor of Slumber Card 1

Focus of the Nornir
Effect: Use the power of the Nornir to aim and shoot at your enemies with fateful speed
How to get it 1: In the crypt of Offchurch, in Ledecestrescire.

Nornir card focus 1
Nornir Map Focus 1

The men’s best friend
Effect: Sic your world on an enemy

Piercing shot
Effect: Shoot an arrow with enough force to break through almost any obstacle
How to get it 1: In Templebrought Fort, north of Ledecestrescire.

Piercing Shot Card 1
Piercing Shot Card 1

Mark of death
Effect: Hold LMB to mark sighted enemies. Release to let a deadly volley of arrows fly

Ranged poison strike
Effect: Apply a poisonous concoction to the tips of your arrows
How to get it 1: Reward Hytham for bringing him the Order of the Ancients medals.

Incendiary powder trap
Effect: Attach a small pouch to your arrow that spreads volatile powder wherever the arrow hits. Any movement nearby detonates the powder in flames, Surprise the distraught passers-by!
How to get it 1: It’s in Walden, in Grantebridgescire. Enter the church, the book is on the ground floor.

Incendiary Powder Trap Map 1

Crow distraction
Effect: Use your crow, Synin, to briefly distract your enemies




Melee abilities overview

Launch Ace Fury
Ordinary: Throw axes at all enemies within range
How to get it 1: This one is in Nottfall, in Rygjafylke. On the south side of the village, find the entrance to the cave. The door is locked from the inside. Climb to the left or right side to jump.

Launch Ace Fury 1 card

Helheim’s Rage
Effect: Enter a fit of rage and crush your enemy to the ground, leaving them helpless in the face of a barrage of blows.
How to get it 1: This one is behind Kjotve Fortress in the northeastern part of Rygjafylke. Inside the frozen cave, reach a part of the wall that is made of ice and break it. The Book of Knowledge is just behind.

Rage of Helheim 1 Card

Harpoon Impale
Effect: Impal an enemy with your harpoon and throw it in any direction using WASD. Enemies hitting objects or other enemies will take massive damage
How to get it 1: Located in Venoni, west of your colony, in Ledecestrescire. In the middle of the Roman ruins, find the hole in the middle of a circular colonnade and slide down the ladder. At the end of the corridor in the dungeon, break the weak piece of wooden wall, jump into the water and swim to the other side

Diving of the Valkyries
Effect: Throw yourself in the air and crash into your enemies
How to get it:

Thor’s Revenge
Effect: Hold 1 to concentrate all your forces in an unstoppable attack. The longer you hold, the more powerful the attack will become
How to get i1 1: In Oxeneforda, Oxenefordscire. You need a key, which is in the next building.

Thor's Revenge Card 1
Vengeance of Thor 1 Card

Feign death
Effect: Deceive your enemies by playing dead
How to get it 1: It’s west of Oxenefordscire, in the Leah Villa Garrison. First you need the key. It sits on a table directly against the entrance to the large villa. Head to the location marked on your radar and unlock the door to access the book.

Feign Death Card 1
Feign Death 1 Card

Poison strike
Effect: Apply a poisonous concoction to your right melee weapon. Poisoned enemies take additional damage over time

Rush and Bash
Effect: Hold 1 to continuously rush. Rushing, make contact with any enemy to grab and pick them up. Throw enemies you caught on ledges or hit them against walls for extra damage
Improve: Eivor takes advantage of enemies stunned by a wall slam to end with an additional punishing attack
How to get it 1: Located on the eastern shores of East Anglia, in Dunwic. First get a key on the top floor (near the prisoner). Next to the metal cage, there is a flammable vase. Bring it to the weak stone ground right behind you and detonate it. Go down, move the heavy object to reveal the locked door. Unlock it and get your ability.
How to get it 2: In Ravensburg, in the southern part of Grantebridgescire. the Hunter armor are at proximity. The book is in the round stone house.

Rush and Bash Card 1
Rush and Bash Card 2



Better abilities to learn early

One of the best damaging and easy to perform abilities is the Helheim’s Rage. I would recommend you go there first. His book of knowledge is not hard to find.

If I had to choose a preferred ability, however, it would be the Harpoon Impale. It’s incredibly powerful and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ubisoft nerfs it in the future. Assassin’s Creed patch.

Poison is a powerful weapon in itself, so I recommend you use the Poisoned melee ability as well as. It’s given to you as part of the story at some point, but it’s worth it.

On the left side, I suggest you get Martk of Death. It deals heavy damage to multiple enemies.

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