Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a unique game mechanic revolving around you to build your own in-game colony. Called Ravensthorpe, this location is an integral part of the game. It not only serves as a resting point but all buildings and bonuses have a function. . So, not just for aesthetics, they’re an integral part of the storyline and character enhancements. This guide will help you better understand how the settlement works, which buildings to build first and why, the bonuses and perks you gain by doing so, and how to unleash the full potential of Eivor’s new home in England!

What is Ravensthorpe

After a short stay in Norway, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes you on a journey to England. This is where you will spend the vast majority of the time while playing the game. You can fast travel (teleport) back and forth at any time at your leisure.

When do you get your payment

As soon as you arrive on the banks, you decide to settle in the old village founded by the sons of Ragnar. You find the place completely deserted and decide to revive it. To adapt to its new purpose and to breathe new life into this place, you decide to give it the name of your own clan – Ravensthorpe.

In order for a colony to function, first and foremost it needs people to populate it, but it also needs a number of important buildings and structures. This is where your actions are needed and your decisions come into play!

Settlement shouldn’t just be a settlement, it should be a place where you feel at home. And that’s what the creators of the game managed to do. Start small, but before you know it you’ll have a full hub where you’ll welcome new people, old people, quests, and whatever comes as you keep raiding for more resources for all bets. level you need.

Explanation of levels and levels of Ravensthorpe

As you play you can both increase and improve your settlement. There are six levels you can go through, starting with level 1, of course. To check the current level and advance to the next level, open your map and hover over the settlement icon. In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see a notification that looks like this:

Upgrading the settlement is done by building structures and completing the main story arcs in England – some of these will directly reward you with settlement experience points. To find out in which regions the History Arcs of England will reward you with Settlement XP, check out the Alliance Table in your Longhouse.

Every two levels you unlock a new level. The levels allow you to construct different types of buildings which serve different purposes for you and for Ravensthorpe.

How to build things in your colony

Before there is a building in your colony, an NPC will show up and ask you to build their building for them, so they can start contributing to the settlement.

Find a large or small cabin and look for a wooden sign in front of it. Click on it to see the requirements for that specific building to build and decide when you can afford it.

Below, an example of a building awaiting construction (the level III breeding farm)

If you click on the sign post in front of the hut, you will see a statistics screen like the one below:

And this is what the entire building looks like:

All of this happens with just the click of a button. Later in this guide, I have a detailed look at each building and how it benefits you and your Colony to have it built and available.

How to decorate your colony

If you want to give your colony an extra layer of charisma and personality, you can decorate it with cosmetic items that you earn by playing the game or purchasing them from the Ubisoft store.

Find these statues across the village, click on them to open an additional menu, and choose the type of decoration you can place nearby. If you would like to discover a few, take a look at the Ultimate Pack overview. The Ultimate Pack is available with the Ultimate Edition from AC Valhalla, but can also be purchased separately.

Preview the old tree in the middle of the colony, decorated with the Berserker tree skin from the Ultimate pack.

These decorations do not bring any bonuses or special benefits, they just make the place more elegant.

Resources you need to improve your settlement

The colony is of the utmost importance, but what materials do you need to construct buildings in your colony?



You can find supplies almost everywhere in the game. These are the easiest to get. You see a golden icon on your map, you can be sure there are supplies in it. Still, the best place to find them in abundance is in Raids.

Raw materials

Raw materials

These are a little more difficult to obtain. You can only get them by raiding. More precisely; you can only get them by looting Monestaries. These are the only places where you can get the raw materials.

While it’s worth raiding for the raw materials early in the game, especially if you want to unlock buildings in your colony, take a look at the power level of the raid locations before heading out. They are displayed on your map in the lower right corner. The higher the area level and the lower yours, taking a hit would deal clod damage, in some cases you even get a hit by a regular soldier.

The three levels through which your establishment develops

When you first arrive in Ravensthorpe, there is nothing but an empty, deserted longhouse and not much more than land. Your job is to take care of the colony and gradually modernize it until it becomes a pleasant place to live and a commercial center.

There are three different building levels in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Ravensthorpe.

You start out small, of course, and then as time goes by and your resources accumulate you will grow and improve. Each building or settlement costs two unique resources which you can collect by attacking towns, monasteries, and other locations in England, as well as exploring the game’s vast open world. More information on resources later.

Later in the guide, I have a more detailed look at each building. Here’s a quick look at the three main levels Ravensthorpe should go through:

  • Level I – The most essential buildings are unlocked and available for construction. You should build most if not all of these buildings sooner or later. The earliest would be best.
  • Level II – another layer of new buildings is unlocked, more expensive and with additional features
  • Level III – Small Farms and Family Houses are unlocked and available for construction, providing additional bonuses to the Party Buff.

Level one

The first level buildings cost 400 supplies and 30 raw materials and these are the base buildings you will need. The list is compiled in order of importance.

  • Smith black – This is the perfect place for your next level upgrades for your gear and weapons.
  • Hidden Office – The Hidden Office will trigger the Order of the Ancients main storyline and grant you the Leap of Faith ability.
  • Stable and aviary – This is where you can get your mounts like the horses or the wolf from the Berserker pack. But also get animal training for more stamina, survivability and swimming, as well as to apply new cosmetics for your mount and ravan.
  • Barracks – This is where you can manage your Viking crew and also create and fully customize a Jomsviking, a special soldier to join you in your raids, or you can recruit others to join you.
  • Commercial counter – You can buy resources such as runes, arrows, equipment and new weapons here, but also sell excess baggage and runes.

Level two

Second level buildings will cost a bit more to build, but it’s worth it. These buildings cost 600 supplies and 45 raw materials. The list is compiled in order of importance

  • Fishing hut – Unlocks the fishing line and you can exchange fish for material resources or keep the fish in your ration bag for later use.
  • Brewery – Increase Eivor’s Feast buff to give them more than 25 health.
  • Bakery – Like the Brewery, this also increases the party buff for over 25 health
  • Shipyard – Customize and buy the aesthetics of your Viking boat
  • Tattoo shop – Unlocks tattoo designs and hair for Eivor.
  • Museum – A place where you can exchange Roman Artifacts for Camp Decorations and to trigger a little story.

Level three

The third and final upgrade level are the following buildings, all of which cost 800 supplies and 60 raw materials.

  • Cartographer – Provides you with maps for materials such as carbon ingots and locations of supplies and raw materials as well as collectibles.
  • Breeding farm – Increases the Feast buff, granting +3 ranged damage
  • Grain farm – Increases the Party buff, giving a +3 bonus to Eivor’s armor
  • Alvis and Holger House – Increases the Feast buff, granting +3.8 assassination damage
  • Poultry farm – Increases the Party buff, granting +3 melee damage

To gain resources, you will have to participate in raids and attack the Monestaries to get the supplies and raw materials you need. Another way to get the supplies is to pay close attention to your minimap and check where the golden icons are.

Overview of buildings in your colony

This part of the guide will give you a better idea of ​​the importance of each building and the benefits you will gain from building it earlier or later in your adventures.

Most NPCs will take you on their own quest soon after you build their establishments for them or if not, they will start giving you special goodies and bonuses. It’s worth building every house and building in your Ravensthorpe settlement, but not all are equally important.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Longhouse

The most important building is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Longhouse. From there you will expand your colony.

Long house

The Viking Longhouse consists of the following rooms / areas:

  • The central party room
  • The throne room
  • Your personal room
  • The Alliance Card

The party room can give you temporary buffs that will come in handy (more on buff mechanics later in the guide). The Throne Room, while not as cool as the Iron Throne, is still amazing. Your personal room is very important, you can do things there. The Alliance Card is the most important piece of the Viking Longhouse in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Personal Room is where there are multiple chips to keep an eye out for. For example, which building still needs to be built like the seer’s house or the cartographer’s house. So if you’re not sure what to build in Ravensthorpe Settlement, just head to your personal chamber and click to see the fleas that need your attention.

Check the status of your settlement and what is recommended to build next

The mailbox is another thing in your room. Mail will be delivered to your room where you can get thank you notes or new assignments.

Mail boxes
Read all the new letters and collect the gifts you receive from here.

If you are seriously injured and have run out of rations to heal, get some sleep. Sleep will heal you completely. And around your colony there is plenty of food to fill your ration bag.

Sleep in your bed to restore HP
Sleep in your bed to restore your HP and pass the time.

The blacksmith

The blacksmith is you get your upgrades for your gear and weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Gunnar the blacksmith will keep your gear up to date and when he does, you can personally upgrade your gear yourself a bit more since Gunnar’s job will add more slots for you. As payment, Gunnar will take rare ingots. The upgrades provided by Gunnar are not only more slots that you can upgrade personally, but also increase your gear, as this will also open up more rune slots for you to add to your gear and weapons. .

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Settlement in Ravensthorpe, the Blacksmith

The blacksmith will also be the first thing you build as it is the most important thing to have in your colony. You will need your equipment and weapons to be able to progress through the game without equipment being a problem.

The hidden office

The Hiding Place is reportedly second on the list of buildings to be constructed in Ravensthorpe Settlement for several reasons.

First, it will trigger the Order of the Ancients questline. Just like in the previous installment of the game, you will go and assassinate multiple targets to advance the story. It’s a bit like killing the Cult of the Cosmos in AC Odyssey and the Order of the Ancients in AC Origins.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Settlement in Ravensthorpe, The Hidden Ones

Second, you’ll unlock the Assassin’s Creed franchise brand of Leap of Faith. So basically jumping from crazy heights to fall into a pile of hay.

You can give Hytham (the assassin, who settles in your village and supports your journey with tips and ideas among other things) medallions and codex pages to unlock special abilities.

Unlike previous installments, the Hidden Ones Bureau is truly story essential. You will have to return there fairly regularly.

For fans of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the quest “A story of Brier of the hidden“Is an absolute” must do “. By doing so, you can also get hold of the Hidden Ones armor and weapon set – one of the best armor sets in the game.

The stable in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

With the stable unlocked, you can customize your mounts. So your horses and the wolf if you are the proud owner of the Berserker pack. Even the crow is customizable.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Settlement in Ravensthorpe, the stable

The most important part of gaining access to the stable is that you will be able to train your animals, for example to swim or have better endurance and survive longer under duress. So even if you are being chased by a large crowd of soldiers, you have a chance to fight while you are on the run.

The fishing hut

The fishing hut is run by Merton and his grandson Arth. Once you unlock the Fishing Hut, you will be able to fish. Trading the fish with Merton and Arth will give you runes, ingots, and customization kits.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Settlement in Ravensthorpe, fishing hut

Another advantage of having the fishing reel is that you will always have a full ration bag since you can also eat the fish to regenerate health.

The cartographer

While this might not seem like something you might need, you shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of the cartographer. As mentioned in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Getting Started Guide (Spoiler Free) guide, you will need to gather a lot of resources to continue expanding your colony but also to improve your equipment and weapons.

Cartographer building

I placed it higher on the ‘things to build first’ list because I think most of you will enjoy the exploration element of the game. If you prefer to focus on the story and leave it there. Explore at another point in your trip, the cartographer may not serve you very well.

You can also always check the many Armor sets and Weapons and shileds Guides here on to discover the locations of all the interesting equipment in AC Valhalla. Most of the hidden items of gear can be obtained quite easily and quickly, giving you an advantage in battle.

The Cartographer can also help you as Olsen, the name of the NPC who will join you, will sell you maps with resource and material slots such as Carbon Ingots and Raw Materials hidden in England. It is definitely recommended to get it quickly for the aforementioned reasons.

Commercial counter

Another building that you may find beneficial for your establishment is the trading post. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has gone to great lengths to construct any building in your colony to some extent.

The trading post is no different! Here is a look at some of the collection of items available there. In case you’re wondering if the available gear is cool and worth it, check out the Guide to weapons and shields to see the statistics of the items available in the store.

With a trading post, you can sell your excess baggage like bows or broken bowls. But also your runes when they have lost their usefulness. You can also buy arrows, food, and crafts. Along with other things like ingots, iron ores, runes, and blueprints.

Each store in the game has the exact same deals and they’re based on your power level. If you want to save time and have a convenient store right in your own colony, you might want to build it earlier. Or you can consider prioritizing the different features and perks of other buildings that will have a more direct impact on your Eivor and the colony as a whole.

Seer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla seer plays an important role in the story. The Seer is used as a plot device to begin Eivor’s journey on a path of (self) discovery that leads to the Old Order. But also gives access to the kingdom of the gods of Asgard and ultimately access to Jotunheim.

You will need to build the Seer’s Hut as soon as it becomes available. The quest chain that opens by constructing this building is separate and can be done at any time, so if you’d rather build something else knowingly delaying a fantastic standalone story arc for Eivor, do so. The story will still be available for you to enjoy, even after you’ve completed everything else.

The cult of a thousand eyes

The Thousand Eyes Cult is a trading post that offers your rare items and collectibles. Beside that, the sect also functions as a prime mover for side shows like assassinations for who knows what reason. But also altruistic missions where you help someone for pure altruistic reason.

Assassin's creed Valhalla Settlement in Ravensthorpe, cult of a thousand eyes

The Thousand Eyes Cult in Ravensthorpe will be represented by Reda. If you’ve played AC Odyssey, you might find this store very familiar. Reda is sort of magically available to you centuries later, after your first encounter in ancient Egypt.

Overview of Reda's store

This establishment is a source of incredible material both in terms of visuals and performance. Learn more about this building and its functions in a separate guide I have on Reda’s Shop and how to find opal in AC Valhalla.

Tattoo shop

The Ravensthorpe tattoo store will open more customization options for Eivor. You will have access to more hairstyle and tattoo options.

All kinds of hairstyles from long to short and everything in between. The same goes for tattoos, you have seen the default tattoos in Norway but there is another reason to explore mysteries and chestnuts – you can find new styles and colors. The shop is run by Svend and Tove.

The shipyard

By unlocking the shipyard, you will have access to customizing your Longboat. You can modify just about anything from the hull, the sail, the shields, the figurehead, to the tailpiece of your ship.

Assassin's creed Valhalla Settlement at Ravensthorpe Shipyard

The museum

The museum is there mainly for aesthetics. You can trade in your Roman artifacts for small decorative statues for your camp. Building the museum will also trigger a small quest line.

What is the party mechanic in AC Valhalla

How do you feast? Well if you take a close look at the “long side” of your longhouse you will notice a big bell. You ring the bell and the people of town will gather for a feast while telling stories about the latest raid or whether or not they should distance themselves during the party.

Other buildings that you can build that don’t have a big impact like the ones explained above are:

  • Mayda’s house
  • Kari’s house
  • Hunwald and the House of Swanburrow
  • Bakery
  • Brewery
  • Poultry farm
  • Breeding farm
  • Grain farm

All of them will add to the buff that you can earn by feasting. Specifically, you will get the following buffs while feasting:

  • Bakery – Health
  • Brewery – Health
  • Livestock Farm – Damage from a distance
  • Fowl Farm – Melee Damage
  • Grain Farm – Armor
  • Alvis and Holger House – Assassination Damage
  • Hunwald and the House of SwanburrowAssassination damage

Here’s a look at what the Feast Buff looks like with some of the level III buildings already built (but not all, damn it!)

Party Buff

You can inspect the duration and bonuses of the buff while it is in effect by opening your inventory. The buff icon is above the bag at the top right. Note that the timer stops when you are in the menus and not playing. Three hours of pure play for 60 pieces of silver is excellent value for money.

How to inspect the Feast Buff

Maybe it won’t seem like it to you at first, but Silver will start stacking up later as you progress through the game world. Remember to collect anything that has a sticker and notification. contextual :)))

Hope you have found this AC Valhalla Settlement Guide useful and entertaining. If you have any questions or want to share your own tips, please leave a comment below. For more coverage, please see AC Valhalla blanket from

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