There are eleven legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Each is located in a specific region of Norway and England. Defeating them will give you a special trophy for each of them, which you can take to your colony’s hunter for rewards. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the legendary animals of AC Valhalla – where to find them, how to defeat them, and what you get in return!

What are the legendary animals in AC Valhalla

In previous Assassin’s Creed series titles, you also had a number of legendary beasts to look for special trophies, exclusive rewards, and achievements.

In AC Valhalla, it’s no different. There are ten (plus one) legendary animals available and discoverable on the maps of Norway and England as “Mysteries”. Before you find their exact location (by exploring or following this guide), you’ll see them marked with little light blue dots on your map.

Once you’ve approached them and used your Odin’s Sight to scan the area, the locations will change their icons to ‘paw’ and notify you that in this closed arena you will have a legendary beast to hunt and hunt. conquer.

Why should you hunt legendary animals

Each of the legendary animals will grant you +2 skill points. Defeating the Beasts will also give you rewards at your Colony’s Hunter’s Hut. last, but not least, there is an achievement in defeating them all.

To get the rewards for the skin of each animal, you must first build the hunter’s hut in your colony. The hut will be located next to the Ravensthorpe longhouse. It becomes available from the first expansion of your colony.

Check out this step-by-step guide if you want to learn more about how to extend and improve your settlement in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Legendary Animal Longhouse Decorations

In addition to the other rewards, you will also see new decorations appear as an interior in your longhouse. They will be legendary animals slain, of course.

Where to find and how to beat legendary animals

The locations of legendary animals are indicated on your map by a small light blue dot. As you approach the location, it transforms into a legendary animal symbol that resembles a paw.

These are bosses and not recommended for low power players. While you can defeat them at almost any point in your adventures, I suggest you acquire at least some of the skills and abilities I recommend in the guide below before trying them out. Especially if you play the game higher Combat difficulty level.

The sections below contain information on where to find the beasts and useful tips and strategies for defeating them. If you are missing any of the skill abilities mentioned in your arsenal, you can find detailed instructions on how to get them in this guide: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skills and Abilities Guide.

Elk of the Bloody Peaks

The elk roams a small flat area called Elgrfors in the Rygjafylke Mountains of Norway. You will find it near the pool of a small waterfall.

Here are some tips and suggestions for your fight against the Elk of Bloody Pieaks:

  • The giant animal is extremely violent and will not wait for a special invitation to attack you as soon as it smells, hears or sees you.
  • I had the best success in my several tests using Brush with Death to avoid his kicks and slow down time. I use this skill almost anywhere on any opponent, but it’s worth mentioning.
  • The moose is able to hit you from all sides including kicking with its hind legs, using its horns and it struggles like mad.
  • Calling a pet for support and as a distraction helps a lot. This is why I recommend that you obtain the ability of Man’s Best Friend.
  • Momentum’s weak spot for ranged attacks is its lungs.
  • Poison and Fire deal bonus damage over time to the beast and can be useful if you’re struggling.

The reward for defeating this animal is a “Skratii” tattoo for your left or right arm.

Arm Skratii Tatoo

Black shuck

You’ll find this one among a few ruins in the southeast corner of East Anglia.

Black Shuck Card

Check out some of my recommendations for this fight:

  • This thing is incredibly fast. He is jumping and running like crazy all the time. But is alone, not added.
  • I haven’t tried it, but a dedicated remote build should come in handy against the Black Shuck. Probably your best option. Unfortunately, I don’t like ranged builds, so I chose to test them with different versions of melee.
  • The poison works wonders on this legendary animal. Build it up and let it do its damage while the animal runs and you chase it.
  • Brush with death. Again. Yeah.
  • If you allow it to start munching on you, press the LMB or primary attack button on your controller to get rid of it quickly.
  • because of the snacking, I recommend having Grit from the way of the wolf skill tree.
  • If you have Gungnir its very long range will give you a great advantage.
  • Because the animal is running like mad and not constantly chasing you, use the time it is away to shoot at its weak spots, then perform a stun attack for massive damage.
Legendary Black Shuck Animal Guide

The reward for defeating this beast is a back tattoo from the Skratii collection.

Skratii Back Tattoo for defeating the legendary animal Black Shuck

Corpses feeders

This challenge requires you to defeat three wolves. A large gray wolf, a medium black wolf and a small white. They are in Perie, northeast of Buckingham in Oxenefordescire.

The corpse feeders map

Here are some tips you might need to fight Night-Wulf (the middle), Hwit-Wulf (the little one), and Eald-Wulf (the big one):

  • Three against one is not cool. Use fast mobile construction. Wolves are very fast.
  • Don’t let them move behind your back. Always keep an eye out for them.
  • Focus on one of the three and remove it first.
  • Don’t let the wolves eat the dead bodies, it heals them.
  • Avoid getting bitten by wolves. If someone bites you and pulls you into the pack, they will heal you.
  • Do not go to the roof of the small building, it is not there. The little white wolf is very nervous.
  • Brush off with death and the quick double dagger building might be your best bet. Large and slow weapons are not the most effective way against fast and agile animals.
  • Poison Strike with a fast double dagger build would do a lot of damage to animals.
  • The Miasma skill can be useful if you follow my previous advice and use a Poison version.
  • Throwing Ax Fury can be used as a crowd control tool during combat.
  • Wolves cannot kick you when you are on their backs. Spin (dance) around them constantly
  • A man’s best friend ability can be useful in distracting at least one or two of the bosses for a short time.
Night-Wulf, Hwit-Wulf and Eald-Wulf - Legerndary Animals - The Corpse Feeders

As a reward for defeating the Three Wolves, you receive the Skratii chest tattoo:

Skratii chest tattoo

Beast of the hills

The Beast of the Hills is actually locked in an ancient underground Roman ruin and… drunk! In the image below, Eivor stands at the entrance to the ruins. The beast is actually underground.

Legendary Animals of Valhalla - Map of the Beast of the Hills

You will find the entrance to the arena a little east of the mystery marker, at the ruins of Uriconium.

Legendary Animals of Valhalla - Entrance to the Ruins of the Beast of the Hills

Here are some tips to beat this bear:

  • It is a closed rectangular arena. The bear is quite big and does not move too fast.
  • Do not allow the beast to drink and to heal.
  • Poison Build works great for this boss.
  • Stay behind the monster and hit it. Avoid and dance constantly, trying to stay in a safe place behind the bear.
  • Hitting his weak spots is worth it for the stun attack. As usual, this will take a large chunk of boss health and have a cool animation (all stun attacks have them and they differ from beast to beast).
  • I don’t mention this in other segments of this guide, but make sure you collect as many +1 Adrenaline Slot skills in the skill tree. It really opens up your forehead to use abilities against special and difficult opponents. This is a general tip that I have also shared in several other guides. Whichever build you choose, pick up the three extra Adrenaline Slots ASAP.
Legendary animals of Valhalla

Defeating this giant drunken bear gives you a head tattoo from the Skratii range.

Legendary Animals Valhalla - Skratii Head Tattoo


You’ll find this big wolf in the Roman ruins south of Grimsby in Linconlscire.

Legendary animals of Valhalla - How to find Gemad-Wulf

To defeat this legendary animal, you might want to take a few of these suggestions:

  • The wolf is very fast, so a slow weapon is not a good choice against him.
  • A spear will do well. Gungnir is a great option.
  • The boss occasionally jumps over the ruins and calls for support – a progressively increasing number of normal wolves joining the fight.
  • Due to the total number of animals you will be fighting, Miasma is a fantastic skill to have in the Raven skill tree.
  • Wolves are pretty fast, and it’s not a good idea to use abilities with long animations and “channels.”
  • Poison Strike is a great tool for this fight, in combination with the miasma mentioned above.
  • Fast and agile builds tend to do good against this boss. However, a strong bear build with a weapon monster like Excalibur would also be great for AoE. However, you need to be aware of your stamina in this case. Of course, any other great sword will do just fine, but if I have to name something, I prefer to name the best.
  • As usual, Brush with Death is a highly recommended skill.
how to defeat the legendary animal leader of Gemad-Wulf

Your reward for defeating Gemad-Wulf is a brand new bow – Petra’s Arc:

Legendary Animals of Valhalla - Petra Bow Stats

Aelfred’s Battle-Sow

This giant sow is the Tuicca farm, directly south of Lunden in Suthsexe.

Legendary Animals of Valhalla - Aelfred's Battle-Sow Card

Here is the advice I have for you for this fight:

  • Be careful when the sow is running towards you. The attack of its horns is very powerful, but easily avoidable – dodge.
  • If you are using a melee build, a spear and brush with death would be a good choice. As always, Gungnir has an advantage here, due to the very long attack range.
  • The build-up of fire and poison is a great way to wear down the beast.
  • In the last moments of the fight, the sow gradually becomes more aggressive and chaotic.
  • The beast can hit you when you are behind it. Dance and whirl around him to avoid as much damage as possible.
  • Ranged builds would be good, but its weak spots are hard to hit from the front, so if you want to use a stun attack on the boss, find a way to aim it from the side, like when it’s running chaotically for example. .
  • There are other animals around, but they did not participate in the fight at all. Even after hitting and killing one of them. It could be a bug. In case this is a bug and Ubisoft fixes it, I would recommend you go for Miasma Skill and rely on a Poison version for combat.
Legendary animals of Valhalla

Returning the skin to Petra and the hunter in your colony’s hunter’s hut will give you another colony decoration: the iron inferno.

Legendary animals of Valhalla

The blood pig

This large boar is isolated on a small island with water on all sides and tall grass all around the area. The arena of the legendary animal Blood Swine is located in Eurvicscire.

Tips for combat:

  • The area is filled with tall grass except for a small segment at the southwest end of the arena.
  • The boar likes to run back and forth, but is not very agile and quick to turn.
  • The safest place for melee combat is on the animal’s side. He has frontal and rear attack that you need to be careful with.
  • Just for fun: I suggest Poison and a lot of it to drain the beast’s HP while it’s spinning like crazy. Detonate a Poison Strike bomb on her face and keep hitting her to add to the Poison effect.
  • For quick results: I suggest solid ranged build with ranged damage abilities. A hunter’s bow like Arc of Elan or the Hunnish Bow.
  • Tall grass will make it difficult for you to see the weak spots of the beast for a ranged attack followed by a stun attack, but the dirt it pushes into the air as it runs around the arena makes it easier. to identify.
Blood Swine Legendary Animal Guide

Returning the head of the beast to the hunter’s hut will give you the carved priestess decoration.

Blue water bear

The bear is found on a small, flat island in Hordafylke, Norway.

Legendary Animal - Blue Water Bear Card

Here are some tips and suggestions for your bear fight:

  • It’s quite big, but also slow and clunky.
  • The bear has no attack on its back, as does the elk.
  • Sensitive to fire attacks and poison.
  • The Searing Powder Trap works well against him.
  • Hitting the bear in the knee joints will eventually stun it and allow you to do a stun attack for massive damage.
  • Very useful to have the Brush with Death ability.
  • Long range melee weapon such as Spear of Odin or any other spear would do well.
  • Ranged build works great on the bear, it doesn’t move quickly.
  • There are tons of arrows and berries around the arena if you need them.
Legendary Animal - Blue Water Bear

To defeat this legendary animal, you get a Hollowed-out monolith decoration for your colony.

Hollowed-out monolith colony decoration

Wild cats of the Weald

These two cats are an elder and a young (family, maybe?). They face off in a fun game while waiting for you to find them southwest of Wincestre on the other side of the Afon River. You will easily find their location by following the animal carcasses on Wincestre Road to the marker.

My advice for the fight:

  • Remote building isn’t good for this, at least I couldn’t get it to work properly, but I’m not good with Wolf Builds anyway. These two cats are very agile and fast. They also tend to jump at you from different sides.
  • I managed to get by with a poison attack and with Odin’s spear in two different attempts while testing this guide.
  • The older one is much more aggressive and dangerous, but the younger is more mobile and in the later parts of the fight they can jump up and eat you alive, literally.
  • Try not to let cats touch you. Constant movement, running and dodging are key.
  • Grit is a very useful skill for fighting multiple opponents as it is easier to get hit while fighting both cats.
  • Using man’s best friend has worked really well for me. It distracted one of the animals while I worked on the other.
  • There are a lot of arrows and berries around the arena. Make good use of it.
  • Try to hit the weak points of the two beasts. The massive damage from the stun attack helps a lot in this fight.
  • You have to defeat the two cats to complete the challenge.

The trophy for this murder is a little weird. This 2-handed Vordr’s Bite Ax has no advantage for some reason when you inspect it closely. I’m not sure if this is a bug to be fixed in a future patch or planned. The weapon has an advantage, actually. And he reads: “Heavy combined finishing hits have a chance to drop a cloud of poison

Bonus: O Yan Do ’Ne

This moose is found in Vinland, the region where you travel without your gear.

O Yan Do 'Ne Map

How to kill this legendary animal:

  • This beast is incredibly aggressive. It works all the time
  • You will need to farm the Vinland resources to purchase the gear set available from the merchants.
  • I suggest you use the Club in your primary hand. It’s more effective against this boss.
  • The moose will often charge you with a non-parryable attack at the end, marked with red sparks (glow). Use Brush with Death to slow down time and hit it with the club.
  • Moose strike the earth which disturbs your vision for a brief period. To avoid this, move away from the animal when it begins to struggle on itself.
How to kill O Yan Do 'Ne

There is no special Hunter’s Hut reward in your colony for defeating this beast.

Bonus: Animal of Asgard

This beast is in Jotunheim, which is unlocked once you complete the Asgard story arc. To get to Asgard, you first need to build Valka’s Seer Hut to access this quest and the new map.

More information soon!
Thanks to TonySk for the location information on this one.

This concludes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla legendary animals guide. Hope you have found it useful and useful on your adventures. There is much more AC Valhalla Guides here on Check them!

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