Ubisoft has released patch notes for the next Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update. Patch 1.0.4 is released on November 26th and fixes a number of issues and bugs! Check out the upcoming changes below!

This is the second update of the game, including the Day-0 1.0.2 patch. Update 1.0.4 is 4.3 GB for PC and will launch at noon GMT on November 26, 2020.

This patch does not provide new content, unlike patches for AC Odyssey. The first big post-release update for AC Valhalla is a collection of bug fixes filled with a number of quality-of-life improvements and some cool changes to the game mechanics.

Some of the coolest improvements include Odin’s Sight’s new increased radius. On top of that, the highlighted enemies will also stay highlighted a bit longer now.

Some players have reported issues with duplicate equipment in their inventories. This issue is now also resolved. After updating your game, be sure to stop by inventory and check to see if anything that is duplicate (if you had duplicates) is gone, but at least a copy remains.

You won’t have to click like crazy when you switch skills now. With this patch, you will be able to click directly on a primary skill node and all passives on the path to that skill node will be automatically marked and points spent. Of course, later you will have enough skill points that you don’t have to change builds and have everything you need, but until you beat the game, every time you want to try a new style of game you will have to respec your tree.

If you’ve played the game long enough, you know the chaos that rises when the runes start to pile up and you’re afraid to sell them to dispel the mess. Update 1.0.4 introduces rune categories for Armor And Weapons, which will at least help you determine which rune on which object should be used.

A number of balance issues are also resolved. There were some passive items that were not affecting your performance properly, and some pieces of equipment apparently did not have correct stat values. Now this should all be fixed. I wonder if this will mean a nerf or a boost to my favorite builds and items.

As with any patch note for any game, there is a line that indicates that the game’s stability and performance have been improved. In about 110 hours of playtime so far, I’ve had a few crashes, but nothing fancy, really.

However, the problem with cloud backups was major. I literally never got to load my game from a cloud save without getting an error warning. I’ll have to wait and see if this is finally fixed in version 1.0.4 tomorrow, but at least the save files in the game’s save and load screens will be more clearly labeled now to help us easily tell if it s. is a local backup or a cloud one.

The Combat section in the patch notes details some cool improvements that, if done right, will definitely increase the level of immersion. Soldiers will respond better and more appropriately to your actions, Zealots will be less chaotic and stop healing while you’re there (that doesn’t count for their healing mechanics, of course).

If you enjoyed talking to NPCs with a question mark above their head (experienced travelers, they are called), now you will see more. In case you’ve never spoken to them, these NPCs will mark a place of interest unknown to you on your map. It could be a new piece of armor, a new resource, or anything else worth checking out and profiting from.

Below are the full official patch notes taken from the Ubisoft Launcher.


  • Added a new background image to the title screen.
  • Added various VFX to improve visuals.
  • Added an option that will automatically assign all nodes on the path when acquiring a central skill.
  • Added rune categories to the runes menu. All runes are now categorized as weapon and armor runes.
  • Added warning when switching from a language that supports TTS to one that does not.
  • Cursors can now be moved with left / right arrows on M&K and controllers.
  • Increased tissue limit to 82.
  • Added fabric to traders once settlement has reached level 6.
  • Added requirements for altars to the world map.


  • Updating the quality of equipment and equipment to their correct values.
  • Added assassination damage stats to the character stats page.
  • Duplicate equipment has been removed from inventory.
  • Heavy and Light Attack stats will now adjust correctly based on skill nodes acquired.
  • Heavy attack modifiers will no longer be applied to ranged attacks.



  • Improved stability and performance.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue with VRAM / RAM leaking when alt tabbing on the desktop.


  • Fixed some cases where Load Game would not display saves correctly.
  • Renowned Cloud backups to distinguish them from regular backups.(Previously, cloud save was only highlighted with a cloud icon. Now it will be called, for example, “Manual Save Cloud”)
  • Delete Cloud recordings from the Record menu. This will ensure that it cannot be inadvertently overwritten.
  • Added notification when a cloud backup recovery failed.


  • Solved various graphics issues at all levels.
  • Solved various currency exchange issues.
  • Fixed various clipping issues.
  • Fixed various visual issues with Eivor’s cloak.
  • Fixed various animation issues for players or NPCs.
  • Fixed various audio issues.
  • Fixed various lighting issues.
  • Shading resolution on High will now use correct values.


  • Addressed various texture or object placement issues.
  • Fixed some cases where the player could get stuck in specific locations.
  • Fish in Norway will now spawn in bad weather. Yeah, we must have read this one twice too.
  • Crows will no longer drop randomly from the sky in Asgard. Bad omen, eh?


  • Fixed various bow aiming issues.
  • Improved behavior of NPCs and bosses at all levels.
  • NPCs will now react to player theft… so think twice before flying!
  • Fixed an issue where dogs would start to levitate when Eivor started petting them.
  • Blocking Springald projectiles will now consume stamina as intended.
  • Fanatics who were hit with a sleep dart can now be stunned. Sleep well.
  • Fanatics will no longer heal when they are near the player.
  • Guards who clearly saw Eivor shooting at their ally will now become hostile. press the emergency button
  • The guards will now hear the impact of corpses falling to the ground.
  • Improved guard response to whistling.
  • Improved disguise behavior in areas of distrust.
  • Archery from the longship now consumes arrows.
  • Players will now be able to air assassinate sleeping NPCs. Wild…
  • Improved reeling behavior of fish.
  • Fixed an issue where the horse would not use the gallop animation in combat.
  • The crowd will now be applauding during the drinking games. You’d do better.
  • Reworked sliding mechanism.


  • Fixed an issue where the assassination sequence would not play for some targets.
  • Addressed various texture issues during cutscenes.
  • Addressed various issues related to quests or world events that were preventing players from completing them.
  • Players can no longer use the Fishing Tool or Horn while Drunk Walking with Tewdr – you are drunk, go home.
  • Subquests will now display the correct “Part of” parent quest.
  • Memory stream can now be chosen when starting a new game if the Hold Alternative option is set to ON.
  • Increased frequency of experienced travelers.


  • Fixed various issues with UI / HUD.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Resolved various mouse and keyboard typing issues
  • Secrets will now be discovered when syncing a point of view. (This does not apply to the Pathfinder difficulty)
  • Experienced travelers are now highlighted on the world map and on the compass when they are nearby.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the map from updating after players received information from a seasoned traveler.
  • Increased Odin’s sight radius and enemies will now be highlighted for longer.
  • Improved the radius in which Synin reveals keys.
  • Reduced Synin’s view distance of materials.
  • Improvement of the behavior of the objective beam.
  • The beams of settlement buildings can now be seen using Odin’s Sight.
  • Improved the locking mechanics of enemy targets.
  • “Sell All Trinkets” will now be grayed out after selling all Trinkets. Cha Ching!
  • Boss power levels will now be displayed on their health gauge. This does not apply to regular enemies.
  • Normal brightness settings will no longer apply to HDR exposure settings.
  • Codex will no longer announce or spoil certain events.
  • (A11y) Entries and desktop content on Layla’s laptop are now commented out when menu narration is enabled.
  • (A11y) Colorblind filters are now correctly applied to the mini-quests log and the raid tutorial.


  • Fixed an issue where players could no longer use abilities when the Dive of the Valkyries ability was interrupted.
  • NPCs or friendly horses can no longer trigger body traps. Some people just wanna see the world burn, eh?
  • Fixed a display issue where the Toxic Powder Trap could become invisible after using Synin.
  • Adjusted chain assassination behavior. Players will no longer be able to assassinate a tackled target.
  • The secondary hand slot will no longer be available when a two-handed weapon is equipped (dual-use pre-heavy skill).
  • Flaming powder traps now explode when stepping on the arrow.


  • “Force Open” will now be displayed correctly even if nearby allies are in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where allies would not help Eivor open a door during raids.
  • Allies will now return to the longship once the raid is over.
  • Added a timer until players can restart a raid that just ended.


  • Effect values ​​can now be adjusted with the arrow keys or WASD.
  • · The no filter option will now work correctly.
  • The Territory panel is no longer displayed in photo mode.
  • Editing filters will now work as expected.
  • Addressed an issue where an Online Service error could temporarily occur when viewing photos on the world map.
  • Snow FX will now focus on the camera instead of the player in photo mode.


  • (PC) Updated readme files to show correct PC specifications.
  • Added additional checkpoints to some boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue that caused controllers to vibrate constantly.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on a black screen after closing the menu with start.
  • (PC) Auto-detection configuration update for Nvidia Geforce 1650 S.