Ubisoft is far from over with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the January content update with a ton of improvements and fixes proves it!

At the time of writing, we have already received update 1.1.2 (released January 10). He brought a new free quest “Girls of Lalaia”, two new levels to the Mercenary system, a new set of armor and a naval pack to the in-game store, the workshop of Hephaestus, where you can learn and improve your engravings, new levels of mastery, leverage scaling and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

By the end of the month, we will also have the second episode of the first paid DLC The Legacy of the First Blade – Shadow Heritage, a new boss of the world cyclops – Arges and another pack of armor and navals.

Now that I have caught your attention, let’s do as usual and divide each new feature into a separate paragraph and talk about the details!


The second episode of the first paid DLC at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Legacy of the First Blade – Episode 2: Shadow Heritage, will be released on January 15.

You will investigate a blockade initiated by the Order of Elders around the port city of Achaea. You will discover a group of stranded citizens whose lives are threatened by a fierce naval commander, the Storm, who is in charge of the blockade. Steal the most secret weapon of the Storm, help the citizens escape and destroy the blockade once and for all … with your ship! An epic sea battle awaits you in the Aegean Sea.

the First episode chased, was added in December and offered a ton of quests, a strong focus on cinematic storytelling and a whole new “cult” group to track down and take down.


The “Girls of Lalaia” are already available for you to play. In the video above, you can check out my full procedure.

The first quest in this mini-series is called “A Gathering Storm” and is available in the Phokis area. You can recover it if you have finished chapter 5 of the main scenario. Don’t worry, you won’t be spoiled for future events if you haven’t finished your Odyssey yet until the end.

In Daughters of Lalaia, you agree to help the women of a small village and train them, so that they are not helpless and defenseless against attacks by marauders, thieves and * spoilers *.

Later in January, another addition to the Lost Tales of Greece will be available – Poet’s Legacy. You will meet there the most scandalous poet of Greece. During this series of quests, you will learn that she is not quite what she seems by becoming more and more involved in her risky performances.

The first quest in the chain is called “Praxilla Admirer” and you must be at level 34 or higher to complete it without much difficulty. In other words, you will have to complete Chapter 5. The quest giver is in Boetia.


If you’ve already climbed to the top (level 1) of the Mercenary system and are bored of killing random mercenaries for loot and … because they are chasing and chasing you all the time, don’t be afraid! Ubisoft added two additional levels to the 1.1.2 update:

  • Tier S1 – War contracts and bonuses provide 35% more XP, drachmas, and crafting materials.
  • Level S2 – Hephaistos reduces the price of his education by 20%.

These two new levels become available after reaching level 1.

If you want to know more, check out my guide to the mercenary system.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey - January Update - Dyonisos Armor Pack

One of the two new naval armor and goodie packs slated for January has already been released in the in-game store.

The Dyonisos character pack is available now. It contains the sacred bull (Phobos skin), the leopard skin of Dyonisos, the robes for the ritual, the veins of the vine, the belt of wine, the creeping strikes and the tears of Dyonisos (daggers).

The Athena character and the naval pack will be released later in January.


Hidden at the bottom of a cave in the northernmost corners of the map, you will find a new special NPC. Hephaistos is located in the Myson Cave (see the video above for detailed instructions on how to find it) in Malis.

Hephaistos is ready to “sell” any engraving of your choice from the wide selection of engravings available in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It will cost you drachmas, and many of them!

The prints you buy will be as high as your character’s current level. Hephaistos will also be willing to upgrade your prints to levels 6 and 7 (again for a high price), but you have to reach level 5 on your own thanks to the gameplay and level.

You can of course engrave your weapons here as well.


January Assassin's Creed Odyssey Update - New Level Scaling Options

Players have been complaining a lot since the game came out that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is not sticking to real and classic RPGs with its inclusion of a system that constantly upgrades your opponents and matches them to your current level.

To respond to change requests, Ubisoft decided to take a rather unusual and unexpected approach. A new option has been added to the in-game menu. It allows you to switch between the following four modes:

  • Default – The content will be defined according to the level of difficulty selected
  • Heavy – The content will remain at your level.
  • Medium – The content is about two levels below your level.
  • Lightweight – The content is about four levels below your level.

Level scaling settings can be found in the Gameplay tab of the Options submenu.

This option is not available in the Nightmare difficulty mode in order to maintain the difficult nature of this mode.


January Assassin's Creed Odyssey Update - Arges Cyclops Map Location

A new world boss is also added to the game. Arges is among the fire and ash of the volcanic islands. There is a quick travel icon that will take you directly to the location once you find out. You can also reach the island by sea with your ship. It is east of Anaphi and north of Pephka.

Arges can use the environment to its advantage. Be careful, the fireplaces around you are real and will burn you if you fall or walk on them.

Arges is expected to be added to the game later in January. Defeating him will grant you an impressive reward – the Hammer of Hephaestus.


Below are the full and official release notes for the January 1.1.2 content update from Ubisoft forum message.

Patch sizes:

Xbox One: 3.9 GB
PlayStation®4: 4.0 GB
PC: 3.3 GB

Check out the most notable changes with 1.1.2 below.

Warning: Please note that these release notes contain major spoilers.


  • Added in-game support for episode 2 Shadow Heritage and the upcoming Lost Tales of Greece
  • Level scaling option added
  • Addition of two levels of mercenaries and advantages
  • Addition of the Hephaestus workshop
  • Addition of new mastery levels
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Home Sweet Home from completing
  • Myrrine will continue to travel to her destination in A Mother’s Prayer and The Blockade of Paros
  • Players can now interact with Roxana to accept combat with Roxana
  • Players who miss their Odyssey Bow in the Quest Log after speaking to Herodotus during the Serpent’s Den will now be able to continue their journey
  • Fixed various issues with prints not increasing statistics as expected
  • Fixed an issue preventing the camera from moving to photo mode


Episode 2 Shadow Heritage – Legacy of the First Blade

  • Added in-game support for Shadow Heritage
  • Will be available for download on January 15

Lost Tales of Greece

  • Added support for A Poet’s Legacy
  • Added support for A Brother’s Seduction


NEW! – Level scaling option
Players can now customize enemy scaling levels (quests, NPCs):

  • Default – The content will be defined according to the level of difficulty selected
  • Heavy – Content stays at player level
  • Way – Content can go up to two levels below the player’s level
  • Light – Content can go up to four levels below the player’s level

Warning: Please note that adjusting the level scale has an impact on the level of loot, but not on the quality of the loot.

NEW! – Hephaestus workshop
Addition of Hephaistos workshop to the game

  • Learn Displays all existing prints and allows players to purchase any benefit for a price
  • Upgrade – You can upgrade your equipment to Tier 6 & 7 Engravings. The challenges for engravings up to level 5 must be completed in order to further upgrade
  • Engrave You can engrave material at the workshop of Héphaïstos
  • Located in the cave of Myson in the region of Malis
  • You can quickly go to the site of the Ruins of Artemis for easier access to the workshop

NEW! – Additional levels and benefits of mercenaries

  • Addition of two mercenary levels (S1 and S2) to the scale
    • Unlock once players reach level 1
    • Tutorial added for new ranks
  • Addition of two Mercenary benefits
    • S1: War contracts and bonuses offer 35% more rewards
    • S2: Hephaistos reduces the price of its education by 20%

NEW! – Additional mastery levels

  • Poison effect
  • Damage after Parry
  • Damage after Dodge
  • Adrenaline on Parry
  • Damage and health during battles of conquest


  • Successes / trophies added for the next lost tales of Greece and the heritage of shadows
  • Donor icons for Lost Tales of Greece Quest now appear at the top of the fog on the map
  • Addition of zoom button indications on the world map
  • Procedural Quest NPCs can now be recruited
  • Gameplay icons will now take priority over photos on the map


  • Improved legendary set bonuses for Hades and Nemean gear
  • The XP required to win a Master Level has been reduced and any progression through the Master Level has been reset to Master Level 1
    • 30 skill points will be awarded to all players who have reached level 70 before this title update
  • Headshots no longer guarantee critical hits and base headshot damage has been increased
  • All benefit damage increases are now additive (some were previously multiplicative) to reduce high damage spikes in specific equipment situations

Bug fixes

DLC hunted

  • Stealth music will no longer be played when all soldiers are defeated in a red zone
  • Neema / Natakas will keep his word, walking away after saying “See you soon” in Into the Storm
  • Fixed an issue in Mysterious Malady where the magistrate followed the player anywhere on the map to fight him after performing a save / load action
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Darius to appear in the hideout even if he were not to
  • Fixed a problem in More questions than answers that led Neema / Natakas to run on the hunting grounds during the cutscene
  • Fixed various issues in Protector of Persia that caused completion issues or prevented other quests from recurring

Main game


  • Fixed an issue preventing the arena from responding when accepting a mercenary challenge when using Ikaros
  • The damage of the advantages of the Assassin ability will now work as expected: the capacity damage of the advantages is now correctly added to the number of capacity damage displayed in the Abilities menu.
  • NPCs with shields will increase more slowly when level 3 shield breakage is used to initiate combat.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some enemies from reducing the damage from headshots.


  • Resolution of various cases of blocking or falling of players on the map
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the forge
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with the temple gate after a quick trip to the Medusa Temple
  • Fixed an issue where the level of mercenaries exceeded the maximum level (71)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the site of Olouros Fortress from being completed
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Lavrio silver mine site from closing


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Home Sweet Home from completing
  • Myrrine will continue to travel to her destination in A Mother’s Prayer and The Blockade of Paros
  • Players who miss their Odyssey Bow in the Quest Log after speaking to Herodotus during the Serpent’s Den will now be able to continue their journey
  • Players will now be able to complete We Will Rise
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Herodotus from attending the Perikles Symposium
  • Players can now interact with Roxana to accept combat with Roxana
  • Fixed an issue in Caged and Enraged that caused the quest to fail under certain conditions
  • After looting the Pan flute inside Pan Cave, the Roll the Dice objective will now be updated.
  • Fixed an issue in The Test of Faith where a save / load action could cause problems with quest progress
  • Players’ health will no longer be capped at 25% when the Olympos Falx is equipped before Pankration’s fight in The Contender
  • Fixed an issue in Monger Down that caused the Monger to move towards players when it was in a defeated state
  • Spear will no longer disappear after interacting with doors and meditating in Memories Awoken
  • Fixed an issue in Test of Faith preventing NPCs from developing to the recommended quest level
  • If players acquire the spear by eliminating the mercenary in Heavy Is the Spear, the objective will now be updated.
  • [SPOILER] Fixed an issue where players were stuck in the room after defeating Lagos in Judge, Jury, Executioner
  • The treasure will now be salable if We’s Treasure Hunters is finished by eliminating the NPC
  • Obelia’s pirate ship will no longer be destroyed on the high seas by the other ships of We’s Treasure Hunters
  • Although roosters rule the roost, they will now return to their original positions if players flee like farm fighting chickens in Chicken or Egg
  • The doctor will now see you complete after the players acquire the clip
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ashes to Ashes to fail under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the Idiot Hunt quest would not be received
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from talking to the girl from Romancing the Stone Garden
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from looting the chest to complete Blood and Water
  • Fixed an issue that prevented quests from appearing after completing Doing Time
  • Fixed an issue where the legendary boar refused to give the Daughters of Artemis skin
  • If players read the letter during a conflict during the civil unrest, the objective will now be updated.
  • Mercenaries will no longer appear smarter than they actually are, locating location and running after players who were previously in combat during To Kill or Not To Kill
  • Fixed an issue with the Burned Men and Broken Skulls contract preventing it from appearing in the quest log
  • If Deianeira is killed before Damara’s fall is accepted, she will now be over
  • Fixed an issue where an objective could not be found by killing Hycranos without his quest
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to kill Lagos before dialogue and the alternate option was present in Judge, Jury, Executioner
  • Phoibe no longer screams when struck with arrows after her death in And the Streets Run Red – Must show some respect for the dead!

Character and AI

  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect NPCs and spawning of players
  • Alektryon will no longer be a chicken hidden in the arena – from now on, it will take its real name and its position to challenge you – Alektryon the rooster is waiting for you!
  • Although you can still be wary of hugs, tame bears have changed their minds and will now welcome your loving pets
  • Fixed an issue where enemy guards would not be alerted by the player’s arrow if they were shot while the NPC was currently trying to wake up an unconscious guard – That’s why people get shot in the knee!
  • Mercenaries of the map sent to the Underworld will remain with Hades – No more back!
  • Brontes will now feel the full force of light and heavy weapon attacks
  • Hecate has decided that three torches are a little excessive – two are perfect – and will no longer take the torches thrown into the puddles
  • Fixed an issue with reloading that prevented tame animals from dying after dying with players in combat
  • Steropes’ eye will now detect players standing in all areas of the combat zone
  • Ikaros will no longer be able to harass eliminated targets while players transport them to caves or otherwise restricted areas
  • Phobos will no longer try to flee after being called if you run to her

Photo mode

  • Fixed an issue where the camera could not be moved
  • Fixed several texture issues when activating photo mode
  • Fixed an issue in photo mode where NPCs could appear distorted
  • Shy dolphins will no longer shut their mouths when players zoom in using photo mode
  • [PC] Fixed an issue with entering W&S buttons in photo mode which could make it difficult to scroll through presets

Adrestia and Naval

  • Crew skin changes will now remain saved if the player creates and loads a save from the menu
  • Legendary lieutenants will no longer be able to be fired
  • Resources will remain intact when Athenians die during naval embarkation
  • Fixed an issue with the Black Wind Ship skin that could sometimes appear with a bad texture
  • EXP Boost icon now appears in Ship Storage menu

Performance and stability

  • Fixed short-term freeze and stutter instance value on a tablet
  • Fixed several cases of long load times
  • Improved performance and stability during battles, in populated areas or in chicken farming

Graphics, animations and audio

  • Fixed several mercenary attack animation issues
  • Fixed various audio balance issues for weapons
  • Fixed several visual effects issues with weapons and outfits
  • Fixed several camera issues when using special abilities
  • Fixed several weather, water texture and display issues
  • Fixed various visual customization and weapon display inconsistencies
  • Correction of many cases of cinematographic anomalies
  • Fixed various instances of corrupted textures on NPCs
  • Fixed several incorrect animations
  • Fixed various issues preventing audio playback in combat, red zones, etc.
  • Players will now hear audio signals in the visual customization menu
  • Fixed a variety of graphical anomalies of world objects
  • Felucca will no longer try to dive under big waves, causing graphical corruption – I need to know your limits!
  • The Poison effect will now be displayed on the arrowheads
  • Once improved, Rapid Fire now has improved special effects
  • [PC] Fixed an issue with texture quality on armor, weapons, and spear when editing the texture details of the environment
  • Resolution of a texture display problem with the servers of the Layla loft

User interface, menu and subtitles

  • Fixed various user interface / HUD irregularities and display anomalies
  • Fixed various issues with prints not increasing statistics as expected
  • Fixed multiple cases of incorrect burning formula applications
  • Fixed various display issues in the Detailed Statistics page
  • Fixed several issues that resulted in the non-application of control effects
  • Fixed synchronization and caption display issues
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect armor, weapon and item text
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from applying visuals from items acquired before update 1.0.5
  • Fixed an issue where the last level of proficiency apparently had no effect
  • Players will no longer see misleading warning messages when attempting to invoke Phobos in restricted areas
  • Fixed an issue where players could find adrenaline using a hunter ability
  • The menu of the visual personalization system can no longer be opened for categories other than equipment and weapons
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Tame and Crouch actions from being customizable with all control schemes
  • Fixed an issue where map skills were available when players had no adrenaline
  • Fixed an issue where fast movement was grayed out and players could not travel quickly outside of a conflict zone
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where the screen would not adjust after switching from full screen to windowed and vice versa using the Alt + Enter + Esc keys
  • [PC] Fixed several display issues with 21: 9 or 16:10 aspect ratios
  • [PC] M&K players will now find scrolling through the menus a smoother experience, much like taming a wolf over a bear
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where assigning / canceling capacity allocation using the middle mouse click did not work
  • [PC] VRAM counter will now display correct values ​​with different resolutions when using borderless mode

Ubisoft Club, achievements and trophies

  • The Ubisoft Club Window Shopping challenge will now be unlocked after a player has met the requirements.
  • The No Trace achievement will now be unlocked when a player qualifies
  • Fixed an issue with the Wrath of the Amazons achievement / trophy that could sometimes not unlock when conditions were met
  • Abilities acquired in the statistics page will no longer appear at 1% in the final phase