Can you believe it’s been a year since Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? It may not have been a typical traditional AC title, but it was certainly a huge success according to the players (myself included). The few controversies, bugs and problems in the game did not prevent me from enjoying the basic game with its extensions and its free mission DLC. Ubisoft has been updated regularly, added a ton of surprises and new features to the post-launch mix that I almost feel bad about because this is probably my last post on the game. October will host the latest patch fix for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but this is only a small part of all the new features in the game this month! Let’s take a closer look!


Most of the content in the October update is for a year’s anniversary and the first is a FREE ASSEMBLY! The creature is expected later this month and will be available in the game store. Most likely with the release of update 1.5.1. This final update will only be bug fixes and will arrive in October.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Melaina Mount for a year anniversary

The new skin takes its name from the playful nymph Melaina. As you can see in the image above, the mount will do everything possible to make you look like a God. He will not “transform any misthios into a flamboyant hero” in the most literal sense, despite what Ubisoft wants us to believe, eh.

To get this creature, all you need is the basic game from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


AC Odyssey is not the typical AC game, it’s clear from the start. His first birthday is also spectacular. Despite the regular hatred that Ubisoft receives for certain decisions and failures here and there, I think they deserve our applause for what the AC team has done with Odyssey.

Even if you did not cheer by reading the previous sentence, the following statistics will prove the success of the game. More than 20 billion enemies (with a B) have defeated the sand sent “down to Hades”. Over 645 million hours of reading on all platforms combined. Almost 50 million photos taken.

The latter … I am only responsible for a very small percentage, despite the fact that I have taken many photos for various guides and articles here on

When it comes to choices, things get interesting! Here is how we reacted to a difficult choice to make with our Kassandra or Alexios.

  • Friendly (68%) vs Aggressive (32%)
  • Untruths (34%) against truth (66%)
  • God (57%) against man (43%)
  • When offered, players chose to flirt 71.5% of the time

I have mainly chosen the friendly options myself, I have been honest almost all the time and I have not presented myself as a God. I’ve also passed on most of the flirting options, so I’m with the minority of players on this one. What choices have you made?

Although I personally did not spend more time exploring Greece under the eyes of Ikaros (apart from the required amount of testing grounds and fortresses), the numbers are impressive here too! Ancient Greece has been seen by Ikaros more than 1.25 million times, says Ubisoft.


The one-year anniversary brings a special calendar of epic encounters. Ubisoft will give us all a chance to complete our collections with missing Epic Enemies. Each week and each day, a different mercenary or ship will appear / return. Here is the calendar for the five weeks of the month:

Week 1:

  • October 1 – Abia the shadow
  • October 2 – Occylos the successor
  • October 3 – Polycaste the Jilted
  • October 4 – Edonos the charging bull
  • October 5 – Ruthless Shapur
  • October 6 – Perdix the traveler
  • October 7 – Okaleia the Lotus Eater

Week 2:

  • October 8 – Delos
  • October 9 – Palaityros
  • October 10 – Old Neurus
  • October 11 – Piraeus
  • October 12 – Keta’s Wrath
  • October 13 – Lakedaimonia
  • October 14 – Salaminia

Week 3:

  • October 15 – Ariathate the winner
  • October 16 – Astarte le marais
  • October 17 – Aretos helps him
  • October 18 – Harpina the Heavy-Hitter
  • October 19 – Testiklos the Nut
  • October 20 – Hygieia the sword
  • October 21 – Laches the Eternal

Week 4:

  • October 22 – Black Wind
  • October 23 – The Tyrant
  • October 24 – Shaded Nymph
  • October 25 – Hekate’s Grace
  • October 26 – Glory to the Law
  • October 27 – Fly Ikaros
  • October 28 – Lakonia

Week 5:

  • October 29 – Iaeira the winner
  • October 30 – Narkissos the Babbler
  • October 31 – Nanno the Abacus
  • November 1 – Nester the Great
  • November 2 – Thaleia the Talon-Hand
  • November 3 – Auxesia, the germ of chaos
  • November 4 – The least indifferent damais

Assassin's Creed One Year Anniversary Special Event

There is an additional reason to hunt and defeat these epic enemies! More Orichalcum! Ubisoft dramatically increases the amount you earn at this October event. Defeating an epic mercenary or an epic ship will give 15 orichalcos each day, giving you a total of 105 instead of the usual 40 per week.


Ubisoft is proud to have produced such a game and I am happy to have obtained the GOLD Edition as well as all the paid DLCs and free content added to the game. The Discovery Tour, Lost Tales of Greece and New Game + are more than enough for more than 100 hours spent in the game easily without even completing half of the side quests. It may have been a “$ 60 game”, but it far exceeded the standard “60 hour game time” that some sites are trying to pass for modern RPG standards these days.

Certainly I remained silent Before AC Odyssey for a few months. It’s not because the game has shut down or the developers have stopped posting updates. I paused a bit and focused on the other two main titles that I play and cover – SWTOR and Anthem.

This month, I came back to finish what I had expected. To be honest, it was the Discovery Tour feature that was most interesting when I decided to update the game and come back to it.

assassins creed odyssey main characters

By the time I started the game, however, I decided that there were too many fantastic missions and stories in Ancient Greece that I left unfinished, so I went back to do it before I sit down to enjoy the real story and legends of the Discovery Tour Tool, released about a month ago.

Now enough of my personal ramblings. I know you prefer that I focus on the October update, because that’s what the title says and you clicked here for that!

I wrote a ton of Press articles covering announcements, updates, and game changes in the past year, but my most valuable (and used by you) content is AC Odyssey Guides. As Ubisoft thanks their players, I would like to thank you, my readers, for having appreciated my Odyssey content. I look forward to the next title in the series and you can be sure that I will cover it even more in depth than this one.

My last question: did you enjoy Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? If you never understood it, why not? It’s pretty cheap now and offers