This guide shows you where and how to find all weapons and shields in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It offers detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reach each item, its appearance, and its initial stats. There are no story spoilers in this guide. If an item is earned through a quest, I only mentioned its name to give you a reference as to when you can get it. Enjoy!

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The maps I show and the descriptions I give should be fairly easy to use. However, I suggest that you at least familiarize yourself with the map of Norway and England. It would help if you at least knew the major regions and kingdoms.

I’m adding more weapons and shields to the guide, so check back later for new additions too!

Yngling Seax Dagger

This Raven dagger is located in Norway, in Eikundarsund, in the southwest corner of Rygjafylke.

Yngling Seax Dagger Card

Inside the main village building, the chest is not guarded, but the area is restricted and you have to be careful not to go early. It’s at level I: fine, but you can update, of course.

War hammer

On the same island as the Yngling Seax dagger, in the middle between Eikundarsund and Nottfall is Marauder’s Den. This is where you will find the Warhammer.

War hammer card

Climb on the roof of the big house and jump on the platform. The trunk is on the suspended platform.

Bone-biting ax

This ax can be found on the small Ikken Oy island in Rygjafylke.

Bone-Biter Ax Card
Bone-Biter Ax Card

Recurve bow

In the Haervik shipyard, in the north of Rygjafylke.

Classic bow card

Find this hole and go underground. The chest is next to the wooden ladder as you slide down. The Raven Predator Bow is in it.

Iron-Star Scourge

The plague is in the fortress of Kjotve. You get there pretty early in the story and it will be available for exploration ever since.

Hrafn Guard’s Luminous Shield

This item can be found in Venonus in Ledecestrescire, west of your colony.

The chest can be found in the northeastern part, among the Roman ruins. Climb the wall of this whole building. Walk the rope to the wooden platform, then slide to the next platform.

Pull the locking mechanism of the interior door through the crack in the wall.

The chest is behind breakable items on a wooden platform.

Lance Fyrd

This spear is in Offchurch in the south of Grantebridgescire.

Go down to the crypt under the church. The path takes you underwater. The chest itself is underwater.

Sepulcher Ax

Again, in the Offchurch crypt, like the spear above.

Defeat the guard in front of the door to get the key.

Blodwulf Light Shield

You get this item as part of the main story of Grantebridge.

Blacksmith hammer

Located in Lunden, on the top floor of the Bodilsburg Garrison Tower, near the city’s western border.

Blacksmith's Hammer Card

Obtain the key from one of the captains.

Climb the wooden ladder.

Pull on the low wooden terrace to open the access to the upper floor and climb.

The chest with the blacksmith’s hammer is in the corner.

Blacksmith's Hammer Statistics

Illuminated Iron Cloud Arc

The bow is in a small room in a guarded area in the middle of Lunden.

Iron coated light arc card

To access it, you need two keys. First, going around the building, climb to the roof of the neighboring building and shoot the locking mechanism on the building’s front door with the chest.

To the left of the building entrance, inside, you’ll need to move a heavy object to clear a path to a small adjacent room, where the first key to the chest is.

The door to the room with the safe is also locked. His key is outside, at the back of the building next to it. On exiting, turn right and round the corner. There are three guards nearby sitting and chatting.

Now go back to the house with the chest, unlock the locked door, unlock the chest and collect your new bow.

Suttungr’s Claw Dagger

I’ve covered this one in my hidden set locations guide, but I’ll include it here as well, for your convenience.

It’s on the southwest end of the map in Wincestre. In Venta Belgarum’s office.

When you jump, swim underwater until you find this part:

At the end of this hallway you will see a section of breakable wall. First move the heavy object to your left to uncover the door behind it. Break the lock on the door to your left. Go through the door to the other side of the next room and take a flaming vase. Bring him back down the hall to the explosive room on the wall as shown in the image below:

The last page of the Codex and the dagger from Suttungr’s claw are both here in this room. Congratulations, you now have a complete set of hidden objects and the dagger.

Skadi’s Light Bow of Wrath

The location of the chest is a little further south of the Sync Point in the town of Ledecestre, Ledecestrescire.

Skadi's Wrath Map

Enter the basement and follow the tunnel. The safe is at the end of the tunnel, on the left side.

Great Carolingian sword

This two-handed sword can be found in a forest hiding place in East Anglia. The safe is in the red hut. Did you know you can use two 2 hour guns? Check the AC Valhalla Abilities and Skills Guide for more information.

Heavy plank and shield shield

Located in Sutton Hoo in East Anglia

The entrance to the underground tunnels is on the east side of the camp.

Follow him until you reach the man-at-arms. Defeat him and take the key from him.

When you reach the stone wall, read the note to the left. This gives a clue on how to break it – throw a torch at it. Aim higher.

The trunk is just behind. Wait for the fire to go away and go get your new bear shield.

Kite shield

This heavy shield bear can be found in Wandrie, southwest of Grantebridgescire.

Inside the big hut. The entire camp is full of civilians as well as special types of enemies. You can sneak up quickly if you want to avoid a fight.

Housescarl’s Ax

This is located in the same place where the Hunter armbraces are, in Grantebridgescire.

Use the key you got there to unlock the trunk access.

British shield

In the same area where a story quest takes place. hard to miss it. I’ll reveal that later, giving you more time to enjoy the story before adding any spoilers to this post.

Shishi Guard’s Luminous Shield

Access to this is also tied to story quests. Will reveal that later, giving you more time to enjoy the story before adding any spoilers to this article.

Heavy Shield of the Sarcophagus

This one can be found in a cave in Dhustone’s Quarry in Sciropescira.

On the side of the cage (free those guys!) There’s a crack in the wall. Slide in, swim for a bit and surface at the other end to find the chest on a wooden platform.

What are the best weapons in AC Valhalla

It is difficult to say if and which weapon is better than the other in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In this game, Ubisoft has made everything revolve around builds and personal preferences. Still, there are a few special items that stand out from the crowd.

Spear of Odin is a special and unique find in its performance weapon, as it has a much longer range thanks to its advantage. This allows you to fight and defeat your enemies without ever allowing them to reach you in melee in an attempt to hit you. If spears are your thing, you should definitely get it

Another weapon straight from the Legends is Thor’s hammer. It deals bonus stun damage to enemies near you.

For regular play (because these examples above are really taken from EndGame), I suggest you stick with what makes you happy and lets you enjoy your build. I personally ran most of the game with a Raven version, using the Mentor set and Yngling Seax and Suttungr’s Claw of “A brief history of the hidden”History quest.

There’s also a very, very special sword, but I’m not going to spoil the fun on you just yet. When I stumbled across his puzzle in my own gameplay, it amazed me that it even exists here, but it makes quite a bit of sense for the tone and setting of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

There are more to come. If you have a location of something that is not yet included in this guide, please share it in the comments or via email ([email protected]). I still have a lot to add here and am still discovering new ones, so I might not have the one you want to share!

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