Reda is back in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and brings a lot of goodies with him to redeem. Contracts are also back. Who is Reda the Black Market Merchant, what you can buy from Reda’s Store, and how to get the Opal currency he trades with – all in today’s guide! Let’s go!

To identify and explain Reda’s appearance, this guide offers even the slightest reference to a quest from the main storyline. Nothing is really spoiled, but to give you a better understanding of how and when this merchant appears in the game, I had to mention it.

What is the Reda Shop at AC Valhalla

Reda is an NPC who appears in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It brings a lot of mystery with itself as well as an interesting collection of unique items that can only be found in the crate. Reda also makes an amazing reference to Origins of Assassin’s Creed.

Who is Reda

Reda is a Black Market Merchant, who will stop by your Settlement Ravensthorpe at some point during the main storyline (more info below). He makes a return of his first impression in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Reda is part of an organization known as “Thousand Eyes”.

Allegedly an orphan, Reda traveled all over Egypt with his camel, mainly selling rare and legendary weapons and carbon crystals. Also a gamer, Reda offered customers to purchase the random contents of the Heka chest, a mystery box. In 48 BCE, Reda met the Medjay Bayek from Siwa to Yamu, who was passing through the village towards Alexandria. Reda presented himself to Bayek, offering to sell his wares to the Medjay if he needed them. – quote from Wiki.

It is not yet clear why and how he is back in the 9th century and still a child. Either this is a problem in the Animus, or there is a bigger secret going on here.

How to find Reda

You can’t find Reda. He finds you. Reda appears with one of her colleagues in your colony when you have completed the “Heavy is the Head” mission, which is part of the main storyline. There is no way to spawn this merchant anywhere in the game before this.

My rule was level 2 when it appeared. I don’t know if it depends on that, but it’s more likely to happen after the aforementioned mission.

There is no specific notification or update when it appears in Ravensthorpe, so you’ll have to manually go back to your village and check it out.

Reda's Shop in Ravensthorpe in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Reda’s Shop is set up right in front of you when you land. It is large, reddish, and easy to spot. Beyond the first conversation you introduce yourself, there are no other requirements or quests to do before you can start trading with Reda.

What can you buy in the Reda store

In your Colony’s Reda Store, you can find various rare items, including cosmetics that are otherwise available for real money (via Helix Points) in the Ubisoft Store.

Reda keeps its offers fresh and updated frequently. It has one item that refreshes daily and three more that refresh each week. The weekly reset is Tuesday.

reda valhalla shop

In the upper left corner you see how much opal you currently have. Opal is the only currency that interests this black market merchant. There is no way to buy his goods with anything else.

The content in the Reda Store is randomly generated and may vary depending on equipment, decorations, mounts, tattoos, and anything else you can buy from the Ubisoft Store.

Reda’s prices aren’t cheap, however. A tattoo would usually cost you 50 opals. A weapon or shield will be in the range of 120 Opan and a mount would be 150 Opal. Prices may vary depending on the rarity and quality of the items of course.

When you buy something, you’ll find it in the right place. If it is armor or a weapon item, it will be available in your inventory. If it’s a raven’s mount or skin, look for it in the stables. If it’s cosmetic or tattoo, check the corresponding house in your colony for it.

How to get Opal in AC Valhalla

Among the many different materials, opal is the rarest of all. His only use is to trade with him at the Reda store. Opal can be obtained in different ways.

reda valhalla shop

You can check how much of this precious resource you have if you open your inventory and then open the bag (on the right side).

Your first conversation with Reda will energize you with 50 opals. Kind of like a teaser to try out a trade if you want to. My advice is to keep your opals until you spot something absolutely amazing or must-have in the store. There is however no guarantee if or when this could happen.

As the inventory of items in Cash stores grows with Ubisoft releasing more and more packs, the chances of getting a specific item decrease.

There are two methods of obtaining this extremely rare and valuable currency. Both are described below.

Get Opal by exploring the world

When moving around, you may very rarely come across small amounts (usually only 1 per node) of Opal. The nodes are usually located in places that you would not normally visit. To make things easier, you can also send your companion Raven to explore the area looking for the Opal sign on the map.

Get Opal by completing contracts

This is the main method for obtaining Opal in AC Valhalla. Contracts become available as soon as you meet Reda. He will usually only give you a few each day. Contracts appear as missions in the specific region in which they are located.

To get a contract, just talk to Reda and choose the second option “I want a contract”

reda valhalla shop

Here is an example of the three contracts available at the time of this publication:

reda valhalla shop

Even if you collect all the contracts, the option will still be yellow and active. Reda will greet you and thank you for your desire to land a contract, but the menu would open empty.

Sometimes the contracts are in areas that require a higher power level. Check your Quests tab to see which contracts you have available and what their requirements are.

reda valhalla shop

The objectives of contracts vary from non-combat to the assassination of a target. It’s hard, crazy work most of the time, but it’s not a bad thing. Usually contracts aren’t the thing you would spend most of your time with in AC Valhalla, so don’t try to farm Opal.

Contracts will be marked with a green square quest icon with a question mark in the middle on your map:

reda valhalla shop

Reda is part of an important side mission

As a follow-up to my Set of Hidden Elements and Guide to Codex Pages, let me show you how to complete the mission you started there.


Once Reda is in your colony, you will be able to speak again (i.e. if you did the Codex pages before Reda appeared) to Hytham. You can now continue the quest “A brief history of the hidden“.

The quest was left hanging until Reda appeared in Ravensthorpe. Now you can check in with Hytham, who will send you to Reda, who will show you something really cool – Bayek’s letter to his beloved.

Reda, it seems, has a piece of paper written in the same language as the Codex pages. It is available next to him in his shop. When you open it you hear a narration from Bayek!

The video below will show you the conclusion of the quest “A Brief History of the Hidden”. One big question remains: how did Reda come to life in England for so many centuries?

If you can’t see the video, please check if your AdBlocker is running on the site. This may prevent some elements of the pages from displaying correctly or not at all.

This concludes my Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide on Reda’s Shop and how to get the Opal guide. There is a lot more to do and discover in the game, so check out the rest of the Valhalla Guides here on!

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