This is an overview and guide to the Ostara season and the new in-game festival event in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Released on March 18, 20210, Ostara features a number of occasional non-combat quests and quests involving combat while enjoying the lavish springtime festivities taking place in your Settlement Ravensthorpe. Find out how to start the event, how to participate and how to complete all activities such as Egg Hunt, Queen of May, how to protect the village from evil spirits, how to help decorate and earn Festival Tokens to get them new cosmetics and cool items for Eivor!

What is the Ostara season in AC Valhalla

The Ostara season in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla began on March 18, 2021. It will run for three weeks and feature occasional activities such as egg hunting, finding a new crown for the Queen of May, protecting and decorating. of the colony and much more.

What is the Ostara season in AC Valhalla

Participating in Seasonal Events will earn you Festival Tokens, which you can use to redeem cool new items at the Ostara Seasonal Vendor.

AC Valhalla Festival tokens

Ostara Season is a free update for all players who own the original game. It is available on all gaming platforms at the same time.

The event becomes available once you complete a story arc in England – Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire

What is Ostara in Viking mythology

Ostara is part of the Wheel of the Year, which is an annual cycle of events, celebrated by many pagans even today. It’s not just the Vikings who are central to the history and narrative of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Ostara is the second of three spring festivals on the wheel of the year. Between Imbolc and Beltane, it’s time to celebrate the balance between extremes that is found throughout the seasons. Although it can still be cold in many areas, it is the official start of spring in the northern hemisphere – it is the vernal equinox (spring), the time of the exact balance between light and l ‘darkness.

Although it is usually celebrated on March 20, the exact time of the equinox varies from year to year. This is due to a slight misalignment between the Gregorian calendar and the actual rate of rotation of the Earth around the Sun. The equinox also occurs at different local times, so depending on where you live, it may fall on the day before or the day after the date shown on a given calendar. For this reason, a date range of March 19 to 21 is often cited in the sources on the Wheel of the Year.


How to start the Ostara season in AC Valhalla

The season started on March 18, 2021 and will last exactly three weeks. During this time, you will automatically receive a notification as soon as you log into the game.

You must have your game updated to patch 1.2.0 or higher in order to participate in the event. This patch also brought the Transmog feature to the game, which allows you to change the appearance of Eivor’s armor and weapons.

Ostara Season Quest Guide

There are a number of quests you can complete during the Ostara season in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Some are repeatable, while others can only be done once.

Each activity you participate in will earn you Festival Tokens, which you can use at the Ravensthorpe Seasonal Vendor to redeem cool tattoos, stand decorations, bird skin, and more.

Some of the quests and activities return from the previous season – the Yule in-game event, but many are brand new and are themed around the Ostara season, like the Egg Hunt and the May Queen Crown.

Quest giver NPCs are located in the eastern part of Ravensthorpe. Talk to each of them to start the corresponding quest or activity.

Ostara Season Quest Guide

Below I have a detailed overview and walkthrough of each of the quests – how to start them, how to complete them, and what reward you get from them.

Let’s be festive

When you arrive at the Ostara Festival grounds, stop by the Norvid vendor for a quick orientation class and browse the items you can redeem your Festival Tokens for.

Norvid will also give you a mini quest – to decorate the colony. Place five Colony Decorations around Ravensthorpe. The decorations can be placed in the marked places of these pedestals:

It doesn’t matter if you are replacing an existing decoration or placing one in an empty place. Placing different decorations in the same spot more than once does not update or advance the quest, but there are plenty of places around the colony that you can use to place decorations.

When finished, return to Norvid to get your 50 Festival Tokens.

The queen of may

To start the Queen of May, talk to Mayda, the girl next to the Wooden Throne. It was my favorite quest, simply because of its whimsical nature and the laughs it inspired in me!

Mayda is unhappy with her crown and asks for a new one. Eivor must go hunt down a “mighty” wild beast to get a better crown, more suitable for the May Queen.

The Quest Market takes you west of the settlement. When you get to the location indicated, start searching for the beast using your Odin finder.

Moments later, you’ll find this man, curled up on top of a large boulder.

The one below is the BEAST! It’s fiery, be careful!

The Queen of May - stalk the beast

Seriously, the chicken won’t be a big deal to you. Defeat him and return to the farmer at the top of the big boulder.

Return to Mayda to bring her the new crown. This quest earns you 140 Festival Tokens.

Braun’s madness

Talk to Braun to start Braun’s Folly. This is a fairly typical quest and can be repeated. You’ve probably played it in other parts of Norway or England on your previous adventures as Eivor.

Drink faster and better than Folly to beat him and earn your reward. It is a typical Drinking game in AC Valhalla. Beating Braun earns you 10 Festival Tokens and you can repeat this challenge indefinitely.

Viking brawl

This is a typical melee combat mini-game. You have also done these types of fights before in your adventures. To start the quest, talk to Sunniva. She is just outside the battle ring in the middle of the festival grounds in Revansthorpe.

The new and unique element here is that for each defeated opponent you will earn Festival Tokens, but if you choose to continue fighting, you will need to wager the Tokens you earned in your previous fight. If you win the next one you win more, but if you lose the fight you lose all your winnings in this improvised tournament.

Between each fight, Eivor drinks beer, which helps replenish health lost during the fight, but also weakens their focus. After a few fights in a row, Eivor will no longer be able to concentrate his opponent and the opponents will become stronger and stronger.

Viking Brawl in AC Valhalla Ostara - loss of concentration

The image above is not of poor quality. This is actually how you will fight your opponents after a few beers :)))

To overcome them you need patience, quick reactions with dodge and parry, and you also need to get around them smartly and quickly.

Spinning targets

This minigame can be repeated over and over again and is familiar to those of you who participated in the Yule Festival a few months ago. Talk to Thyra to start the challenge. She’s on the wooden bridge at the north end of the festival grounds.

You have two minutes to shoot as many targets as possible as they spin towards you and vice versa. Only a few of the targets will face you at any given time. As soon as a lot turns to you, shoot them quickly. Each target you hit before going back earns you extra points.

Twirling Targets AC Valhalla Mini-Game

The smaller the target, the more points you earn for reaching it. It shouldn’t be a big deal to hit even the smallest target. You don’t need to aim for the center of targets. You don’t even have to wait for the late red marker to appear.

Winning this game will earn you 40 Festival Tokens. You can repeat it over and over, for as long as you want, while the event is live. Additionally, Thyra will become an opponent in the Viking Brawl minigame.

Spiritual defense

It is a mission that you can only start at night. You can use the game wheel to skip time and meditate until the cycle of the day changes. Talk to Alvis to start this quest.

The starting point is at the northern end of Ravensthorpe, on the other side of the lake. When you arrive there and wait for nightfall, someone else will introduce themselves – Ake. He will guide you instead of Alvis.

The first part of this quest asks you to light eight fireplaces. They are located around Ravensthorpe. Around actually means outside the settlers.

To find their locations you can use your bird to spot them or you can just follow the directions below.

When you’re near a fire pit, click to interact with it or just manually light a torch and stand close to start the fire.

The first focus is right in the middle of the lake a few yards south of where you start this quest.

The second focus is behind the old River Raid Building, right next to the river in the southernmost part of the settlement.

The third focus is on a cliff at the eastern end of the area.

The fourth focus is at the top of the hill on the opposite bank of the river, south of Ravensthorpe.

The fifth is next to the Blacksmith building on its south side.

The sixth hearth is next to the big tree in the cemetery.

Home 6

The seventh is on a cliff above the Seer’s Hut at the northwest end of the settlement. It’s right next to the waterfall.

Hearth 7

The final focus is directly east from the seventh. Jump off the cliff and go to the other side of the wooden bridge.

Once you are done with the fireplaces, return to Ake and follow him up to a nearby hill. Wait for nightfall again and talk to him.

Activate the fault totem and defeat the spirits that appear right after that.

Speak with Ake one last time to complete the quest and earn your 140 Festival Tokens.

Egg hunt

To start the Egg Hunt quest, talk to Alwin. It is also in the festival area.

Here are the two papers with puzzles: