Ubisoft adds new premium items to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla checkout every Tuesday. In this wrap-up article, I’ll show you the new store items for December 1, 2020! There are three new weapons and a shield that I have highlighted here!

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What is the Ubisoft store and how to use it

First off, let me tell you a few words about the Ubisoft store, as this is the first post in a series I’m starting this week – reviews of new items added to the store.

This is a premium in-game store that offers high-quality gear and cosmetics for your character, for your colony, and for your mount and raven.

To access the Ubisoft Store in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, click the “Store” button on the home screen as soon as you load your game and before loading your current save.

You can also access it anytime from the game. Press ESC (or whatever Pause button on your controller) to enter the menu and locate the Store button on the left side among the other buttons.

Finally, you can open the store from the top navigation bar of the game, which is available while browsing Capacities and skills, Inventory, Quests, Order and Codex – in the upper right corner there is a button for this.

All items available in the Ubisoft store cost real money. You can buy anything from the Ubisoft store for Helix credits. It is true. Every game with an in-game store likes to have a dummy currency that you buy with your real money and then exchange that currency for premium store items.

Ubisoft calls out the premium currency in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Helix credits. Here is the price ration for these:

  • 500 Helix credits = 4.99 Euro
  • 1050 Helix Credits = 9.99 Euro
  • 2300 Helix Credits = 19.99 Euro
  • 6600 Helix Credits = 49.99 Euro

Price tags may differ depending on your local currency. These standard packs gradually offer more “bonus” Helix credits. The larger the pack you buy, the more “free” Helix credits you receive.

Prices of Helix credit packs on the Ubisoft store

What’s new in the Ubisoft store for December 1st

The new picks I have for you include all of the new weapons in this week’s update and new additions to the Ubisoft Store!

Please note that the stats you will see for each weapon when you purchase it are for your own build. They will be quite different from the stats you can see on the same item on your friend’s account. It depends on what you currently have equipped.

Ukonvasara hammer

The collection of hammers in Assassin’s Creed Valhalal isn’t great right now and your best option is to get Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir, but it’s a real EndGame item and you will need to invest a lot of time and effort into it. get.

If you’re looking for a decent replacement that can be yours right now, priced at 350H (H = Helix Credits), the Ukonvasara Hammer is a good option.

The description of the hammer is:
A replica of the thunder god Ukko’s magic hammer. Not to be confused with Thor’s equally magical hammer.

The benefit reads as follows:
Increases high damage when dodging
Duration: 2.5 s
Bonus: +20.0 heavy damage

  • Category: wolf
  • Location: 1 hand
  • Ubisoft Store price: 350H

The hammer is level IV and level 7. Find out more about how gear works, check out this user-friendly guide for beginners!

Ukonvasara hammer
Ukonvasara Hammer Top

Celtic cross shield

This is a lightweight Wolf category shield with an interesting design and a curious edge that could come in very handy in certain scenarios, especially against bosses.

Remember? You can use dual-purpose shields. This is a devastating combo and if you are in doubt of its effect, try it yourself or fight someone who uses two shields. There are some good examples among the Boss drengr lost it can show you how deadly this combo can be.

The description on the shield is:
A shiny metal shield with engravings recalling its Celtic origins.

The benefit reads as follows:
Blocking temporarily increases ability damage
Duration: 5s
Bonus: +25.0 ability damage

  • Category: wolf
  • Location: 1 hand
Celtic cross shield front
Celtic cross shield on the back

Holmegaard Bow

This is a Mythic (highest) level predatory bow. Its advantage is not among the most attractive, but the arch has a beautiful design and could be suitable for remote construction if not something else.

The description on the bow reads as follows:
The unique design of the Holmegaard bow makes it a formidable weapon for inflicting fatal wounds from afar.

The benefit reads as follows:
Consuming a ration temporarily increases crit chance
Duratoin: 5s
Bonus: +15.0 Crit Chance

  • Category: Raven
  • Location: remote
  • Ubisoft Store price: 350H

Learn how gear works, check out this user-friendly guide for beginners!

Holmegaard Bow

Lance Areadbhair

If you prefer to fight in melee, while keeping your distance from opponents, spears are probably one of your favorite weapons. The Areadbhair Spear is a good choice for any double-savage Viking, who likes to sting enemies with bot hands – a spear in each.

Speed ​​is very useful in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The more hits you get, the faster you fill your slots with adrenaline and the more flexible and diverse your performance and fighting style will be thanks to the higher number of abilities you can use in a row.

The description on the bow reads as follows:
Legends say that this spear has a life of its own and an insatiable thirst for blood.

The benefit reads as follows:
Increase speed after each stroke
Batteries: 10 times
Duration: 2s
Bonus: +1.0 to 10.0 Speed

  • Category: wolf
  • Slot: 2 hands
  • Ubisoft Store price: 350H

What’s new at the Reda store for December 1st

Reda’s Shop is the premium in-game store that offers a random selection of rotating items on a daily and weekly basis. These are the same items that are available on the Premium Ubisoft Store, but when they appear in the Reda Store, you can purchase them with an in-game currency called Opal, which you can farm for free.

To learn more about this store, see the AC Valhalla: Reda’s Shop and How to Get the Opal Guide.

Draugr Sail (daily)

The daily item for Tuesday, December 1, 2020 is the sail of the Draugr Ship Pack. Note that this is only the sail, not the whole boat pack!

  • Type: Boat decoration
  • Category: Packs
  • Cost of Reda’s Shop: 75 Opals
  • Ubisoft Store: 500H (for the whole pack)
Draugr ship pack

Hrimfaxi mount

This skin for your mount is available all week in the Reda store.

  • Type: frame skin
  • Category: Companions
  • Cost of Reda’s Shop: 150 Opals
  • Ubisoft Store: 500H (for the whole pack)
Hrimfaxi mount

Dreka Bow

This Wolf Hunter Bow has the following benefit: Increase ranged damage the heavier you are. It comes in the Mythic level and has one Square Rune slot and two Circular Rune slots.

  • Type: Bow
  • Category: Weapons
  • Cost of Reda’s Shop: 120 Opals
  • Ubisoft Store: 350H
Dreka Bow 1
Dreka Bow 2

Valkyrie effigy statue

The Valkyrie effigy is a statue decoration for your colony. It can be displayed at any of the predefined locations available all around Ravensthorpe. If you don’t know your own village yet, check out the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Settlement Guide.

  • Type: Regulation decoration
  • Category: Property
  • Cost of Reda’s Shop: 50 Opals
  • Ubisoft Store: 300H (for the whole pack)
Valkyrie Effigy Settlement Set
The Valkyrie effigy statue is on the right side of this image

Please note that VULKK.com and I (Vulkk) are not associated with Ubisoft in any way. This review is my own idea and creation and I have purchased the items included in it.