This guide will show you the locations of the six lost Drengr warriors in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, along with tips on how to defeat them and the rewards you’ll get for doing so!

What are the Lost Drengrs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A drengr is a glorious and honorable warrior, one who is willing to go to the ends of the earth in search of righteous glory. The term can literally be translated as “badass,” the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla codex lore patch tells us.

These warriors were the elite and would have stood by Ragnar’s side under any circumstances. Now they are somewhat lost, but still crave Valhalla.

In the game you will meet six lost Drengr warriors in England and Norway. They will each tell you their short stories and why they seek a glorious death at the hands of a mighty warrior, after which you can accept or refuse to fight them.

If you decline, they will stay there and be available to fight later. When defeated, they will give you some nice and rare loot.

Where to find the six Drengr in AC Valhalla

The Six Lost Drengr Warriors are one of eleven types of Mysteries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They are always located in the marked locations described in this guide below. Most of them share the same abilities and skills, but with a few differences, mainly based on the weapons they use.

I ordered them based on their power level requirements from easiest to hardest. Still, even the simplest can be a tall order if you’re unprepared or low-level. For every boss fight I have a recommendation what skills and abilities to place.

Where to find and how to defeat Erik Loyalskull

This lost drengr is in a cave. The place is called Hildesvini’s Crag, in the south-eastern corner of the Rygjafylke departure region.

Erik Loyalskull lost his drengr position

This is probably the easiest drengr fight, although Erik is not a weak opponent. Erik fights with a hammer and ax and often spins them in his hands.

His special moves include a throwing ax motif, which you must dodge, and a light, heavy attack overhead. You can dance around him with Brush with Death or choose to parry or block his attacks until he gets tired.

Hitting his weak spots with a bow and arrows will trigger a stun attack, which deals massive damage.

If you find out about Erik early on because you thought about exploring Rygjafylke, don’t be in a rush to face him. It will be way too powerful for your current level, despite being in the starting region.

Your reward for defeating Erik Loyalskull is a spear called Fafnir! I also listed it in the Guide to weapons and shields.

Where to find and how to beat Thor the Fishmonger

This Drengr is located on a small farm near a small lake in the middle of East Anglia, just north of the River Wensum. Its recommended power level is 100 or more.

Location of Drengr Thor the Fishmonger

Thor fought in the great war alongside Ragnar’s army and gained fame for himself, but now feels lost. You find him as he explains to his little boy his desire to leave this world and join Ragnar in Valhalla. It’s up to you to help him send him there by beating him.

You’ll face off against Thor the Fishmonger in the middle of the lake, which means you won’t be able to run fast, but the same goes for him. He fights with two spears and his special attacks include pushing you with the spears as well as leading high in the air and landing in your position. Fire / Poison is working on him.

His weak points are his right hand, his left shoulder and his right knee. He is sensitive to Harpoon and Rage of Helheim. Both work very well. If you are fighting it with higher difficulty, I strongly suggest you choose Grit and Brush with Death. There are mushrooms and flowers around the lake, so you can eat them to replenish your health that you lost during the fight.

How to beat Thor the Fishmonger Guide Drengr

For defeating Thor the Fishmonger, you receive +2 skill points and the following two square runes:

  • Emergency Smoke Rune (Weapon Rune)
  • Swift Joint Rune (Weapon Rune)
Emergency smoke rune
Quick common rune

Where to find and how to defeat Nokkfylla Shine-Eye

This type is available far in the cold north of England – at the Brunton Turret, near the spawn point, in Eurvicscire. Its recommended power level is 270.

Nokkfylla Shine-Eye Lost Drengr location map

Nokkfylla is a bit crazy and you can tell from the environment alone before talking to him. He seeks fame and access to Valhalla and admits that he is vile and should not be allowed to continue his life in Midgard.

Immediately when you agree to fight him, expect him to send you away. When it does this near an edge it will knock you out. However, you will not take damage.

Nokkfylla fights with a long ax in both hands. You can and should parry its normal attacks to have a small window of opportunity to fight back.

Once again Harpoon and Rage of Helheim will come in handy if you have any. This boss has the same weak points – right hand, left shoulder and right knee. Use them to unleash a crippling attack.

How to beat Nokkfylla Shine-Eye Lost Drengr

Defeating this drengr will reward you with the damaged Rune of Fury (weapon rune) and the usual +2 skill points.

Damaged Rune of Fury

Where to find and how to beat Gotafrid Fairrobes

Gotafrid is also located in Eurvicscire, southeast of Jorvik, near the banks of the Dervent River. Its recommended power level is 300+.

Gotafrid Fairrobes lost drengr location

This is arguably the calmest and most polite drengr you will come across. He is, however, quite tough in combat.

Gotafrid uses all kinds of weapons. In one of my tests he even fought me with a pair of round shields. He can approach one of the few weapon racks available around the edges of the arena and pick up a spear to throw at you or switch weapons.

He is most dangerous when using two shields. His ranged weak spots are again the same as other drengr warriors – right hand, left shoulder, and right knee.

Picking up Grit, Brush with Death is a must. The traditional abilities that I tend to use in my melee builds – Rage of Helheim and Harpoon work very well. I also recommend that you take the Crow Tree’s missile reversal skill to deflect any spears it might throw at you.

How to defeat Gotafrid Fairrobes lost Drengr in AC Valhalla

Your rewards for sending this warrior to Valhalla are +2 skill points and the deadly smoke rune.

Deadly Smoke Rune

Where to find and how to beat Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker

Skegjold can be found in Snotinghamscire in a freezing place called Thynghowe – ancient Roman ruins, just northeast of the legendary (future) Sherwood Forest. This drengr has a recommended power level of 300 or higher.

Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker lost his drengr position

There isn’t much to say about this fight. This drengr however has a unique requirement for you to fight. First you need to drink beer nearby. This, supposedly, puts you in a “frenzied” state and you are equal and worthy to fight Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker.

The Frenzied position is very similar to a drunk position. You’ve just had a fair amount of beer, after all.

Skegjold is indeed frantic and fast-paced. Harness his usual weak spots from a distance to unlock a stun attack. The arena is not very big and the boss likes to shoot arrows at you.

The Harpoon ability is useful here, as there are a lot of obstacles to break it against. Watch out for his leaping attack. It will almost hit you at the highest difficulty level. If you have enough Adrenaline Slots you can use Rage of Helheim and a stun attack to hit weak spots and you’re done.

Defeating this warrior grants you +2 skill points and the following square runes:

  • Chained Skillful Rune (Weapon Rune)
  • Spark Guard Rune (Weapon Rune)
Chained Skillful Rune
Spark Guard Rune

Where to find and how to defeat Orwig Neverdeath

The last drengr boss you need to defeat sends you back to the Norwegian area of ​​Hordafylke Power Level 380+.

Orwig Neverdeath Lost Drengr Location at AC Valhalla

Orwig was part of Ragnar’s famous shield wall. This is the reason why he will fight you with two heavy shields and no other weapons. Make no mistake about it. He is very deadly with these boards.

This is probably the most difficult boss. Quite simply because it is the highest health. I recommend that you face him with a properly upgraded bow and arrows.

His ranged weak spots are the same as all other drengr bosses, but the two giant shields he wields and covers himself make places hard to reach.

Still, the boss is relatively easy to defeat. Brush with Death is the best skill you can learn here. If you are heavy at range, consider having an arrow brace.

Rage of Helheim deals decent damage, but not as much as it does on other drengr bosses, as this one is of a much higher power level. Kick of Tyr is a good thing to have. You fight on flat, high ground, but there is a vertical slice on one of the sides and you can hit the boss to his instant death. It’s not very honorable, however, and steals the fun of defeating him in the normal way.

Orwig likes to rush towards you and he opens and knocks with both hands and both shields. The moment he opens his shields, you can strike. An ability like Focus of the Nornir would do a good job here, allowing you to hit the boss more times in their weak spots.

Orwig also swings a lot with his two shields. Do not stay near him if you have run out of stamina. Dodge is your best friend in this fight.

How to beat Orwig Neverdeath Drengr in AC Valhalla

Your reward for defeating the most powerful drengr is +2 skill points and the Dash Fury rune (weapon rune).

If you have any questions or would like to share additional tips and combat strategies, please leave a comment below. Hope you found this guide on how to find and defeat the Lost Drengr in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla useful and interesting!

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