This guide will show you where to find the armor and weapon pieces that are part of The Hidden Ones set – one of the best sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Obtaining Codex Pages is also included, as they are in the same places as the sets. There are no story spoilers here and you can pick up this set very early in the game! Do not miss!

What is the hidden set?

In Assassin’s Creed, Valhalla armor sets provide a unique look to your Eivor character, but also provide special and unique set bonuses if you equip more than one part belonging to the same set.

As soon as you set foot in England, you can start collecting all five pieces of armor from The Hidden Ones set. They are scattered across the country among the remains of former offices of the Order of the Hiden Ones.

The Hidden Ones set is among the best sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It offers bonuses and improvements to your stealth gameplay and also increases the power of your bow.

  • (2) Increases assassination damage while crouched and undetected for 10s
  • (5) Additional increased head damage

The numbers in parentheses indicate how many pieces in the set you must equip to get the bonus perks. It doesn’t matter which pieces of armor you install as long as they belong to the same set.

There’s a sixth office in England, he’ll give you a gun. But let’s take it slow and one by one. Let me show you where exactly to find each part in the set and how to get them without too much hassle.

Offices are usually found in towns and places where people live. Some of them are marked as a higher power level, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to get the items.

Note that if you get the parts earlier, they will ask you to upgrade them. Having a good set bonus to complete your Eivor build, however, is more important and fun, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble upgrading items through their levels later on.

Visual presentation of all hidden elements

The set makes you look more like an assassin, although still with a very heavy “Viking” style involved in the design of the outfit. Here are some pictures. And don’t forget to watch the featured video above for an even better look.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Set Appearance preview
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Set Appearance preview
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Set Appearance preview
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Set Appearance preview

Build the hidden office in your colony

If you choose to create an office for the Hidden Ones before you head out to explore the offices, you will be able to do two things in one go. It is not an obligation to do it for the whole.

Build the hidden office in Ravensthorpe

After building the office in your colony, Hytham will ask you to help him on a quest. He gives you the “A brief history of the hidden“. Hytham believes the forgotten knowledge is stored in the offices of the Hidden Ones. You have to research them.

A brief history of the hidden

These documents are usually found in the same place where you will find the sets. These Codex Pages are very easy to obtain and will grant you a nice Hytham Reward in return for bringing them back to him.

How to get the hidden set in A Valhalla

Mask of those who are hidden | Londinium Office

The helmet is hidden in the Londinium (power level 90 area), inside the Londinium office. In the northeast corner, among the Roman ruins, you will have to climb to the top of one of them and leap fate into a pool of water.

In the water, there are two additional chests with additional items. Pick them up. Break the wooden barricade and the surface puppy in the side room. Jump on the wooden platform and find a good spot to aim for those red vases.

To access the office, you must shoot the red vases placed just behind the rock wall. Then just enter, grab the key, the Codex page, and the mask helmet. Get the key to unlock the door and allow yourself easy access later, just in case.

Valhalla Hiden Ones' Mask Helmet Statistics

Hidden balaclava | Camulodunum office

The Hidden One’s Hood can be found in Essex, in Colcestre, an area with power level 160. The Office is in the south corner of town.

Among the Roman ruins is the entrance hidden on the ground. Nearby there are a few flammable objects (vases) that you can carry through the tree to the hidden door on the ground.

Place the vase on top of the entrance, walk away and shoot to detonate it.

When you reach the room from the image below, dive underwater.

Turn right to find the underwater stairs going up and around until you find yourself in this position (picture below). In front of you is the water that you just dived under a moment ago. Look up now, swing to the other side, be careful not to fall. Dive underwater again to find the key. Get up and go through the door using the key you just looted. Aim and pull the locking mechanism to unlock the door to the other side of the room.

Go back to the other side of the room and enter through the door. That’s it. Welcome to the Office and its treasures! The Codex page is on the opposite wall of this room (behind you).

Hidden dress | Eboracum Office

This one is quite easy to find the entrance. In the northern parts of the country, on the southern border of Jorvik (power level 190), just southeast of the Jorvik Theater, you will find a wooden plaza which is the entrance to the underground base.

Shoot the wood to reveal the entrance and jump down.

Dive underwater, swim in the next room. Sneak through the hole in the wall to find yourself in this room:

I’ll leave it to you to explore it and pick up the extra items strewn about and focus on the main objective – the chest.

From the entrance, turn right and then left to reach the far right corner of the room, where an object is blocking a small hole in the wall. Move it to access the hole and to the side. Follow the hallway to this door.

Welcome to the Eboracum Office! On the mini-puzzle of the keys. The first key is here:

Location of the encryption key

In the crypt you will find the robes of the one who is hidden.

Next to it is another key – for the trunk. The Codex page is also in the crypt, in the corner of a bookshelf. The chest of the previous room contains ingot.

Hidden gloves | Ratae office

The Hidden Man’s Gloves are hidden in Ratae’s office in Ledecestre, a power level 20 area. The office is in the northeastern part of town, in ruins, of course.

To access the dungeon, shoot this bag of rocks which will break the ground and reveal the secret entrance. It is on the west side of the circle of columns.

Slide twice to reach the last room. The Codex page is on the left, the gloves in the chest on the right.

Hidden Leggings | Ceres temple office

The last piece of The Hidden One’s armor set – the Leggings, can be found at the western end of the map, in a power level 220 area called Denu Forest. It’s west of Glowecestre.

The entrance to the underground facility is a small hole in the wall between two large statues (the small dark spot at the bottom of the image below).

As you enter, turn right and break the objects blocking the hole in the wall. Slide in. Green clouds are poisonous. If you throw a torch at her, she will erase it. Thanks to TonySk for the tip, by the way!

In the adjacent room there is a wooden floor that you can break and jump. Follow the path to the stairs. Take one of the flaming vases and bring it to the corner of the dark room at the end of the stairs.

Once through, simply open the chest and grab your piece of armor, then click on the codex page (on a board to the right) and exit. Do not rush to the chest of the fire of the explosion can burn you.

Suttungr’s Claw Dagger

The last piece is the weapon, and it’s in a 250 power level region called Wincestre. It’s at the southwest end of the map.

When you jump, swim underwater until you find this part:

At the end of this hallway you will see a section of breakable wall. First move the heavy object to your left to uncover the door behind it. Break the lock on the door to your left. Go through the door to the other side of the next room and take a flaming vase. Bring him back down the hall to the explosive room on the wall as shown in the image below:

The last page of the Codex and the dagger from Suttungr’s claw are both here in this room. Congratulations, you now have a complete set of hidden objects and the dagger.

A Brief History of the Hidden Ones Walktrough

The most difficult part of this quest has been explained in the above sections of this guide. After you have gathered the six Codex Pages from all the offices spread across England, return to Hytham to tell him the good news.

To be able to complete the quest, you need to speak to Reda, the Black Market Merchant, who will be available as soon as your Settlement Ravensthorpe reaches level 3.

Here. This is my complete guide to the Hiden Ones sets for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Hope you found it easy to follow, interesting and useful! Enjoy your new set! You have also completed the quest “A Brief History of the Hidden” for Hytham.

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